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Chapter 815: Let's Have A Go At It, Then

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After returning to the Black Fog World, Gao Peng sensed that something was different this time. He saw many people in the Black Fog World hunting down and capturing monsters at every turn.

Although they were few in number, this was already a very good start.

After all, they were pressed for time, and the Earth Star Colonists also needed time to progress.

Gao Peng and his troop did not stir up much of a storm. They flew right across the sky silently such that the people down below could not even see a trace of them. Because the speed of the G.o.ds had already surpa.s.sed the speed at which their eyes could distinguish.

Gao Peng returned to the Sky City. After catching a whiff of his master's aura, h.e.l.l's Three-Headed Dog Sahara rushed excitedly towards him while shaking his nine tails.

Goldie lifted his right leg and swung it directly at him.

Sahara took a tumble. His stomach faced upwards, and he kept twitching on the ground.


"Ruff, ruff!"

He retracted the spines on his back like the quills of a porcupine laying flat at rest. Sahara did not know when it had awakened its second phase. It had also broken through to Level 91, surmounting the Quasi G.o.d Tier.

Goldie stooped down to rub Sahara's belly. Sahara's three heads perked up and started licking Goldie everywhere.

Olu quickly jumped down from Goldie's back. He glanced with disdain at the saliva on Goldie's arms and legs. He stood on his tiptoes to keep up with Gao Peng's strides. "Olu thinks you're filthy."

"Da Zi, are there any monsters hiding in the shadows?", Gao Peng asked Da Zi.

A well-hidden layer of light-purple waves appeared around Da Zi. The body surfaces of all the living things were covered in a thin layer of static electricity. Through this layer of static electricity, Da Zi could observe if there were any monsters in hiding nearby.

"None." Da Zi shook his head slowly.

After crossing a road, there was a factory just in front.

At the moment, the factory was in operation, black smoke rising from the chimney.

Although this could easily cause pollution, the Black Fog World was in a phase of rapid development. They could not take into consideration so many things.

Thud, thud…

The solid sounds of footsteps traveled from the road ahead.

The ma.s.sive Blood Eye Bearded Vulture curled his spine, his neck dipping downwards. His slightly oversized body swayed left and right as he walked. He looked a little bloated because his figure was excessively robust and not because he was plump.

"Long time no see," the Blood Eye Bearded Vulture waved at Gao Peng in greeting.

Gao Peng checked up on the attributes of the Blood Eye Bearded Vulture. He was still of Epic Grade, but he had already reached the Saint Tier. The Blood Eye Bearded Vulture did not have external support in the form of Dark Child. He had attained each level with his feet firmly planted on the ground.

"Goldie's over there. He's at the gate right now," Gao Peng smiled at the Blood Eye Bearded Vulture and said.

Upon hearing the two syllables Goldie, the Blood Eye Bearded Vulture paused. He straightened his body out of habit. "Alright."

Gao Peng nodded smilingly at the Blood Eye Bearded Vulture and led Da Zi and the rest into the distance.

The Blood Eye Bearded Vulture stood rooted to the ground and watched Gao Peng walk away. Only then did he turn his head in the direction of the gate.

"Goldie…" The voice of the Blood Eye Bearded Vulture was laced with complex emotions.

Back then, he had been even more powerful than Goldie. He had trained and honed his skills together with Goldie. Those were the sweat-filled and hot-blooded days of their youth.

However, as time pa.s.sed by, Goldie's strength would substantially increase each time he returned after venturing out with Gao Peng.

It was truly a remarkable improvement…

As if he were sitting on a rocket, his strength would increase at a minimum by a huge grade each time he returned.

Initially, he could at least see Goldie's rear view. Later on, even Goldie's rear view seemed so far away.

He was already a Quasi G.o.d before this… this time, he had probably broken through to the G.o.d Tier, right?

If it were anyone else, he would definitely treat it as a joke. The gap between a beginner-level Quasi G.o.d and a G.o.d was even larger than the disparity between an ordinary monster and a Quasi G.o.d. One could not make a breakthrough just because he wanted to. But the Blood Eye Bearded Vulture had unexplainable confidence that Goldie and Gao Peng were capable of this.

"No harm in taking a look." The Blood Eye Bearded Vulture relieved himself of some kind of burden, turned around, and headed towards the gate in large strides.

Outside the Southern Heavenly Gate, Goldie was crouching on the ground and stroking the Three-Headed Dog. His expression was solemn as if this was a grave matter.

Sahara's tongue lolled out of his mouth like a piece of red cloth as a snore emanated from his throat.

When he noticed the Red Eye Bearded Vulture approaching, Sahara opened his eyes before closing them again.

"Goldie, shall we have another friendly match?" the Blood Eye Bearded Vulture asked.

"Sure." Goldie looked up, his eyes filled with excitement. He clenched his fists and unclenched them thereafter. Goldie was a little hesitant. "But…"

Goldie did not finish the rest of his sentence. He was afraid of accidentally injuring the Blood Eye Bearded Vulture.

"Have you become a G.o.d?" Although the Blood Eye Bearded Vulture was asking a question, his tone was extremely resolute.


The Blood Eye Bearded Vulture was stumped for words. "As expected."

"In that case, let's train together." The Blood Eye Bearded Vulture liked challenges, but he did not enjoy meaningless suffering.

"Sure!" Goldie sprang up from the ground and said with a silly smile.

"Grandfather, what happened?" Gao Peng sat on the couch. He knew that his grandfather would never take a shot in the dark.

"Previously, some people from the Mutated Tribe barged in by accident. Even though Sir Azure Dragon captured all of them alive, there's still a risk that they will be exposed." Ji Hanwu sipped a bit of tea. "Just recently, there were people from the Mutated Tribe near the exit of the Spatial Tunnel. They seemed to be searching for something. Even though there were Illusion Type Quasi G.o.ds who created an illusory environment, there is still a very high risk of them being exposed."

"I see…" Gao Peng nodded. This was indeed a serious matter.

Although they had not been exposed yet, there was always a possibility that they would be exposed anytime. It was always good for them to be prepared for that eventuality.

"It's not an issue. Even if their location is actually revealed, at the worst, a fight will just break out," Gao Peng said languidly.


Ji Hanwu looked at Gao Peng.

Gao Peng sat upright, straightening his back. "There is continuing internal strife in the Mutated Tribe. Even if we are exposed, it won't trigger a full-force attack from the Mutated Tribe. At most, we will only have to face the alliance of countries near the Spatial Tunnel. Furthermore, even if there's a powerful opponent beyond what we can handle, I have a trump card too."

Ji Hanwu's brow furrowed before relaxing thereafter.

Since even Gao Peng had said so… he chose to believe his grandson.

"My Familiar had reached the G.o.d Tier," Gao Peng said.

"I know." Ji Hanwu knew that Dumby had attained the G.o.d Tier.

"Not just Dumby. There are many others."

Many others!

Ji Hanwu drew in a deep breath.

He gazed at his grandson for a long time. His expression was one of relief and satisfaction too.

"If your mother could see you… she would probably be proud of you too."

On the Earth Star, a Giant Buddha was walking on the Qing Tian Plateau.

The Giant Buddha did not take very large steps. He was just like a young lady, walking with his heel to his toe.

His head was continuously buried in his chest, but he would glance left and right from time to time.

"What are you doing?"

The Giant Buddha stopped in his tracks.

He said in a clear voice, "Green Dragon, you must be reasonable too. Back then, I only agreed to protect them until the day they're discovered. Now that they've been exposed here, I've already done what I promised to do, so I have to leave!"

The Giant Buddha spoke in a resolute manner.

"Alright, go ahead." The Azure Dragon occupying the sky vault moved his body to make way for a pa.s.sage allowing him to pa.s.s through.

The Giant Buddha was stunned. It seemed that he had not expected the Azure Dragon to move aside like this simply.

"Go. I won't stop you this time," the Azure Dragon said calmly.

The Giant Buddha hesitated for a moment. Then, he stood on his tiptoes, bent down at the waist, and dove into the Spatial Tunnel.