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After retrieving his sword, Su Yang narrowed his eyes at one of the bandits.

The next moment, he made a tossing movement.

A light flickered in the sky, and at an incredible speed, the sword in Su Yang's grasp flew towards one of the bandits.

However, n.o.body from below noticed this sword that was flying towards them from the heavens.

A few seconds later, before the bandit that was holding one of the Junior Disciples could even react, a sharp sword tore a hole in his head, instantly killing him.

The bandits did not immediately realize that one of their men had died and continued to capture the Junior Disciples.

It was only when the Junior Disciples started screaming frantically did the bandits notice the corpse on the floor that was missing a face.

"B-Brother!!! What happened?!"

The bandits began looking around in a panic, trying to figure out where the sword had come from.

In fact, they still haven't fully comprehended the situation, especially not the sudden death of one of their men.

"I-It's an ambus.h.!.+ Watch out!"

"Coward! Come out, you coward!"

When the bandits began provoking Su Yang, who threw the sword, Sun Jingjing asked him, "What are you going to do now?"

"What? That's simple."

Su Yang then raised one of his legs and took a step. However, this single step was outside the boat, so his entire body plunged downwards the next second.

"S-Su Yang!"

Sun Jingjing felt her heart skipping beats when Su Yang jumped from the boat without any warnings.

At this height, even a Heavenly Spirit Realm expert will die if he falls to the ground!

However, in the middle of his fall, Su Yang activated the Nine Astral Steps, which allowed him to step on air and navigate his ways to the ground safely.

In Sun Jingjing's eyes, it seemed as though Su Yang was walking down an invisible stair.

Feeling disbelief, Sun Jingjing instinctively rubbed her eyes.

"What kind of movement technique is that?" she stared at Su Yang, who was literally traveling on empty air with his own feet, her eyes filled with admiration.

"Over there! In the air!"

The bandit with the highest cultivation base there noticed Su Yang first and immediately warned his fellow men.

"He's… walking in the air?"

Everybody there watched Su Yang approach them from the heavens with wide eyes, feeling as though they were watching a G.o.d's descend.

"His clothes! He's an Inner Court disciple from our Profound Blossom Sect!"

The sect elders were ecstatic to see that backup has arrived. However, none of them had expected it to arrive so quickly, as they gave the signal just a few minutes ago. What's more, n.o.body there recognized Su Yang's face — n.o.body except one individual.

"Senior apprentice-brother Su…"

The girl that had been captured first looked at Su Yang with eyes that were filled with admiration. In fact, this is not the first time that she has been saved by him but the second.

Upon landing on the ground, Su Yang picked up the sword that was beside the bandit's corpse.

"Brothers, he is also from the Profound Blossom Sect!"

"But he seems to be alone! Even if he killed one of our brothers, it was a sneak attack! If we band together, we can easily take him down!"

Five of the remaining nine bandits quickly grouped up and encircled Su Yang, who stood there was a nonchalant expression, his gaze not even on the bandits.

Seeing Su Yang stand there silently, one of the bandits yelled, "Get him!"

At the exact moment the bandits rushed at him, Su Yang activated Nine Astral Steps, disappearing right before the bandits' very eyes.

"Where did he go?!"

Shocked, the bandits stopped their movements and began looking around frantically.


Suddenly, the sound of clothes ripping apart resounded, and the bandits turned their heads to the direction of the sound.

What they witnessed afterward was nothing short of terrifying, as Su Yang, with a single sword strike, sliced one of the bandits in half from top to bottom.

After killing the bandit and without allowing the others to react, Su Yang used Nine Astral Steps once again to get behind another bandit.

A second later, another bandit falls to the ground without even being aware that he'd just died, reducing the total amount of bandits to seven.

However, Su Yang was not done yet, so he continued to use Nine Astral Steps six more times, killing six more bandits in the timespan of a few seconds.

In the blink of an eye, before anybody there could even react or comprehend the situation, Su Yang had killed off nearly every single bandit, leaving one left.

What's more, Su Yang did not utter a single word this whole time, almost like he had nothing to say to these bandits.

The remaining bandit fell to the ground from shock when he realized that he was the only one left alive, even p.i.s.sing his own pants.

The sect elders and Junior Disciples looked at Su Yang with wide eyes, seemingly in disbelief.

Since when did they have such a powerful disciple in their sect? And how is he only a mere Inner Court disciple? The strength displayed by him today even most of their Core disciples!

After killing all but one bandits, Su Yang turned to the sky and made a beckoning motion with his hands.

A few moments later, a wooden boat descended from the sky with Sun Jingjing standing on it.

"Disciple Sun!"

Although they did not recognize Su Yang's face, the sect elders immediately recognized Sun Jingjing.

Once the boat fully descended, Sun Jingjing stepped out of the wooden boat.

However, she was clueless as to how to react in this situation, especially when she's currently as shocked as these people by Su Yang's performance.

She turned to look at Su Yang with eyes that seemed to be asking for help.

Su Yang casually smiled and said, "You can return to the sect with them first. I still have some business here."