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Tang Xi frowned. She didn't expect He Wanzhou who always remained genteel would ask her such a mean question and belittle Qiao Liang for his ident.i.ty as a bodyguard. Maybe in his eyes, a bodyguard wouldn't have too much of a future. Only people from poor families would choose this job… However he went too far saying this in front of her and Qiao Liang.

Ning Yan and He Wanyi also thought He Wanzhou's words were inappropriate. Ning Yan frowned and tugged on He Wanzhou's arm, saying in a low voice, "Hey, He Wanzhou, calm down."

He Wanyi also frowned. "Brother!"

Tang Xi looked up at He Wanzhou and smiled. "Mr. He Wanzhou, even if my grandfather doesn't agree for us to be together, I won't give up on him. As for you, Mr. He, you're not my type. Even if my grandfather tries to bring us together, I wouldn't choose you."

He Wanzhou paused. It was the first time that he wanted to marry a woman and spend the rest of his life with her, but she refused him!

When he saw Tang Xi yesterday, he really had the feeling that only this woman deserved to be his wife. She was just his perfect 'Miss Right', but it had only been a day and his dream had been smashed and torn apart by her!

Tang Xi knew her words were harsh, but if she didn't make it clear to He Wanzhou, there would be big trouble for her in the future, and if she was honest with herself, she didn't want to face that awkward situation in the future.

He Wanyi looked her brother who seemed to be hurt by Tang Xi's words, and she pursed her lips and didn't say anything. Miss Tang didn't even like a man as excellent as Xiao Yao. How could she choose her brother? She knew what kind of a man her brother was, a typical dandy and playboy who had countless girlfriends and was never refused by a single girl before…

Looking at Tang Xi's resolute look, He Wanyi suddenly felt envious of her. If only she could forget Xiao Yao as easily as Tang Xi forgot Qiao Liang.

According to what Xiao Jing said, she was sure Tang Xi and Qiao Liang used to love each other very much. She heard that Tang Xi was depressed for a long time after breaking up with Qiao Liang and the latter also suffered a lot during the past five years, but now both of them were seeing new people.

Qiao Liang looked at at He Wanzhou who looked sad, and he sneered and suddenly said three names, "He Xiao, Yang Qingyang and Qiu Ge."

Tang Xi gave a questioning look to Qiao Liang. Who are these people?

However, He Wanzhou, Ning Yan and He Wanyi were all shocked when they heard the three names. These were the female stars that He Wanzhou was dating recently… He Xiao was a famous singer with an innocent and pretty face, Qiu Ge was a famous actress and Yang Qingyang was a popular new actress!

How did this bodyguard know about those three people?!

He Wanzhou looked at Qiao Liang, vigilance was clearly seen in his eyes. He had just started to hit on Tang Xi and this bodyguard had investigated him! He was dating the three female stars secretly and no one else knew about this except his good friends! He was just a bodyguard. How could he find out about his relations.h.i.+p with these women?!

Tang Xi looked at them and immediately guessed who these people were. She was looking for the endorser of The Queen recently, so she did some investigating on all the female stars in City A. Now she remembered who those people were. They were all famous stars and had a lot of fans. Qiao Liang said these names to He Wanzhou because He Wanzhou was involved in love affairs with them!

"Mr. He, perhaps he is not as rich as you, nor as successful as you, but he is loyal to me and will never cheat on me. That's why I love him and that's why he is better than you in my eyes." Tang Xi smiled and looked back at Ning Yan, asking, "Director Ning, are we going to shoot the film or not? If we are done I'll be going."

"Sure, let's get started." Hearing Tang Xi's words, Ning Yan patted his thigh and said, "Let me show you the script. Wanyi has read it. Let's begin to shoot the clip after you get familiar with the script."

Tang Xi nodded and Ning Yan began to contact photographing teams. Different from shooting photos, shooting a video required much more than merely makeup artist, wardrobe attendant and photographer. Even a short promotion clip needed lighting engineer, sound engineer, executive director, photographer… and so on.

He didn't contact these people in the first place because he thought he wouldn't have time to shoot the video today. Now he could contact the local teams that he had contacted before, when Tang Xi was reading the script.

Ning Yan walked to a corner to make the calls. Seeing He Wanzhou still standing there blankly, he raised his eyebrows, came up to him and patted his shoulder. "Don't covet Tang Xi. You can't even beat her bodyguard. Perhaps even Qiao Liang will beat you up. Don't play casanova. You look stupid when you do that."

"You…" He Wanzhou glared at Ning Yan and said angrily, "Can't I be sad? Her words hurt my feelings!"

"Sure, you can, but that's not something you will do." Ning Yan said and left to make his calls.

Tang Xi was reading the script. It was written by her, so she remembered every detail of it. She actually didn't need to read it… but to avoid unnecessary troubles, she had to pretend she was reading the script.

At this time, He Wanzhou came up to Qiao Liang and said with a straight face, "Let's talk."

If it was some other man, Qiao Liang would just ignore him, but He Wanzhou was different. He was his friend. Although he was 'Tang Xi's bodyguard' now, he didn't want to embarra.s.s He Wanzhou. Although he certainly wouldn't surrender Tang Xi to him, he could talk with him.

Qiao Liang stood up and walked towards him. "Okay."