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Chapter 501: Something to Tell You

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Ling Tianya laid in the hospital's VIP ward, her complexion pale. She remembered this ward. In the past, when Ruan Zeyan had suffered from the gunshot wound, he had been in this ward.

Now, she was back here, the difference being that the one laying here today was herself.

Ruan Zeyan sat beside her, his eyes red. Ling Tianya had never seen this man so vulnerable.

“I'm sorry.” Ruan Zeyan's voice was interlaced with an indescribable grief. He was blaming himself for all of Ling Tianya's sufferings.

Ling Tianya stretched out her hand and caressed the edge of the man's face, her heart hurting.

“There…” Ling Tianya mumbled, “There is something I want to tell you…”

Ruan Zeyan grabbed Ling Tianya's hand and pressed it to his face and kissed it. “What?”

“Actually, I was bleeding today because…”

“Yaya! How are you?”

Before Ling Tianya finished speaking, she was interrupted by Ling Tao, who had broken the door down while entering.

Seeing Ling Tianya lying on the hospital bed pale and feeble, Ling Tao rushed over, his heart hurting. “Yaya, where does it hurt? Tell dad, where does it hurt?”

Seeing how anxious Ling Tao was, Ling Tianya could only swallow back the words that she had started to say and began to comfort Ling Tao, “Father, it doesn't hurt anywhere. I'm fine.”

“How are you fine? Just look at your complexion!” As he spoke, Ling Tao glared at Ruan Zeyan. “I thought you were taking care of my daughter! I gave you my daughter and this is how you treat her?”

This was probably the first time that Ling Tao had ever gotten mad at Ruan Zeyan. He was furious.

At this moment, Ling Tao only had Ling Tianya on his mind. He didn't care about Ruan Zeyan's status or anything else.

Hearing Ling Tao lash out, Ruan Zeyan did not refute him but apologized in a heavy voice, “I'm sorry. It was all my fault for not properly taking care of her.”

“It is your fault! I allowed my daughter to marry you because I believed that you would provide her with a happy and prosperous life. Now look at her! If it isn't your fault, then whose fault is it?” Ling Tao was flying into a fit of anger. In addition to his worry for Ling Tianya, the more he looked at Ruan Zeyan, the angrier he got.

Seeing Ruan Zeyan apologizing hurt Ling Tianya's heart. “Father, stop reprimanding him. It wasn't his fault.”

“Even at a time like this you are on his side!” Ling Tao glared at Ruan Zeyan. “Yaya, don't worry. Dad is here. Now matter what happens, dad won't let anyone bully you.”

“No one's bullying me.” Ling Tianya paused. “Father, how did you know that I was in the hospital?”

Originally, Ling Tianya wasn't going to let Ling Tao know of this.

“It was your mother!” Ling Tao said, not in a good mood. Everytime he thought about Yu Meizi, Ling Tao would get so angry that his teeth would start shaking.

It hadn't been long since the incident with the scoundrel Zhang Cha. Today, Yu Meizi had gone to the Ruan household to upset his daughter. Is this the way a biological mother was supposed to act?

Yu Meizi had been at the hospital the whole time, so she knew of the doctor's diagnosis of Ling Tianya. She had called Ling Tao feeling extremely anxious and remorseful.

After Ling Tao heard that his own daughter had gotten a miscarriage and was now barren, he had rushed to the hospital, fearful that the Ruan family would bully her.

However, he saw that the situation was alright and that Ruan Zeyan's love seemed sincere.

“Anyways, Yaya. No matter what happens in the future, dad will always have your back. If you are bullied, come home. Dad will raise you!”