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Chapter 1143: Why Can't I (3)

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His cold expression toward her gradually softened and now when he looked at her, Annie could feel the warmth from his gaze.

Wait, wait. Snap out of it!

Annie stared blankly. When her finger touched his lips, she noticed that his lips opened and closed as if he were saying something.

“Ye Sijue, what are you trying to say?” She lowered her head to listen.

However, she heard nothing.

He seemed to be only moving his mouth without making any sounds.

However, she had the feeling that he had something to say.

The scene of him saying something to her flashed in her mind.

He said, “Do you blame me for not having said those words to you?”

Those words…

Annie pursed her lips and dried her tears.

She reached out and touched Ye Sijue's cheek, saying, “Don't you have something to say to me? Ye Sijue, can you wake up? I want to hear from you say those words. I want to hear them now. Stop sleeping, okay?”

Chris's expression was heavy. He turned to the doctor and gestured to him.

The doctor thought for a moment. Then he pretended to have a sudden realization, saying, “There is one more way to cool him down. Go and prepare alcohol, the more the better.”

After giving instructions to the helpers, the doctor walked over to Annie and said to her, “Miss Annie, you may need to leave for a while.”

“Why?” Annie looked up..

“Well… I have to wipe the patient's body with alcohol, so I have to strip his clothes. Miss, it's not very convenient if you stay here…”

“I…” Annie was going to say that she didn't mind it, but her etiquette training stopped her.

Chris coaxed her, “Be good. Let the doctor treat him. If you're here, it will only hinder the doctor. Don't you want him to get better soon? If his fever continues he might get pneumonia. It'll be very serious.”

Even if Annie was reluctant, she had no choice but to leave upon hearing him say that.

“Come on. You can go and drink hot soup. He wouldn't want to see you sick when he wakes up.” Chris held her shoulder and led her out.

Annie turned back to look repeatedly. Even with her hesitation, she still ended up leaving the room with Chris.

She went downstairs and the door closed behind her.

Chris held her as they entered the dining room downstairs. He pulled out a chair for to her to sit in. Then he gestured to the helper to serve her the hot soup.

Annie had no appet.i.te at all. She shook her head and said, “I really don't want to drink it.”

Ye Sijue was still unconscious. She was worried to death. How could she eat at a time like this?

“Drink a little. Drink with me, alright?” Chris's voice was gentle but he was unyielding as though he wouldn't accept rejection. He raised his hand and gestured to the helper to serve it.

Annie looked down at the bowl. The soup was steaming and looked very warm.

“Annie, come on. Do you want me to feed you?” Chris said, his eyes fixed on her, as though he would really do it if she didn't obey him.

Annie knew his personality. Chris was gentle but he also had a commanding side of him.

She hesitated for two seconds before picking up the bowl and drinking from it slowly.

Watching her finish the soup, Chris was finally satisfied.