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As such, Zhao Fu taking his woman was perfectly justified. The Charm Devil young man did not take Zhao Fu's women seriously at all as if he could play with them as he wished. Now, Zhao Fu would play with his woman.

Zhao Fu quickly started to ravage her, and the Queen was incredibly lewd like a beast in heat and disregarded everything.

Soon, the Charm Devil young man returned and hearing the sounds from within the hall, fury swelled up in his heart. He kicked open the door with a savage expression and saw his Queen moaning under Zhao Fu.

The Charm Devil young man directly released his aura and blasted the two people away, preparing to kill them. Even though he wanted to play with Great Qin's women, he did not want to have his women be taken by someone else.

Of course, this was unless it was a woman he was bored with; otherwise, no man would do such a thing. The Queen under Zhao Fu was his most beloved woman, and he showered her with a lot of affection.

He had never thought that she would engage in illicit relations with that man not long after he left. He understood the nature of Charm Devils, but they definitely would not be crazy enough to do something like this. It must have been the man who did something.

However, since she had been taken by another man, he did not want her anymore, so he prepared to kill them both.

However, the Charm Devil young man had miscalculated – Zhao Fu's strength was far above Stage 5. Seeing the young man attack, Zhao Fu exploded out with his full power. He had wanted to kill the young man earlier, and he did not hold back.

In front of Zhao Fu's ma.s.sive power, the Charm Devil young man was completely defenseless and his attack was shattered. The young man's body was sealed by an enormous power. Just as he wanted to use his Nation Armament, a ma.s.sive energy slammed into his soul.

The young man's consciousness was destroyed and his eyes became empty, and his body stood there like a corpse. He did not even have a chance to use his Nation Armament.

It was primarily because he had been careless and thought that Zhao Fu really only had Stage 5 cultivation. He did not know that this person was Great Qin's Emperor, and given how terrifying Zhao Fu's true power was, he could easily take down the young man.

The shockwaves here caused countless soldiers to rush over. Zhao Fu immediately controlled the Charm Devil young man to order them to stand down; this was why Zhao Fu did not directly kill him.

Hearing this order, the soldiers felt quite confused, but because no one dared to disobey the King's orders, so they all retreated.

Zhao Fu continued to do it with the Queen, who glared at him and said, "I knew your ident.i.ty was not simple!"

Following this, the Queen fell to the ground, completely drained. Zhao Fu was not done yet and called over the group of female soldiers, the Charm Devil young man's concubines, and his sisters and mother, and he started to go about it with them.

By now, the Charm Devil young man's consciousness was gone, so he was more or less dead. Right now, he stood there, looking like a corpse.

Zhao Fu, unlike his usual self, went on a rampage. It was primarily because of how l.u.s.tful the Charm Devil women were, making him sink into indulgence.

"Did you take control of my son? His father is still in closed-door seclusion; you should get rid of him as soon as possible," a beautiful and graceful woman in Zhao Fu's arms said.

Zhao Fu looked at the woman in surprise because the woman was that young man's mother, the Empress Dowager. Not only was she not angry about Zhao Fu taking control of her son, but she was also telling him to get rid of her own man. Zhao Fu had never thought such a thing would happen.

"Do you have great enmity with him?" Zhao Fu asked the woman in his arms.

The woman lightly laughed, "There's no enmity, but now that you've taken our bodies, if he found out, he'll kill us all. As such, it's best to act first; I don't want to die.

"Also, for the Charm Devil race, as long as you can make women feel pleasure that goes to their souls, you will be able to conquer us, and we will truly serve you. Look at these female soldiers and concubines; that includes me, too."

Zhao Fu had never expected her to say such things; the Charm Devil race's women were incredibly licentious and savage, completely widening Zhao Fu's eyes. However, Zhao Fu quite liked this.

"If someone is able to make you feel more pleasure, you'll betray me, right? You'll treat me just as ruthlessly," Zhao Fu said calmly.

The beautiful woman did not try to lie to Zhao Fu and said, "But of course; we Charm Devil women will never develop feelings for anyone or be eternally loyal to them. We only have a purely physical connection."

Hearing these words, Zhao Fu frowned and felt quite displeased. No man wanted to hear such things.

Seeing this, the beautiful woman understood and kissed Zhao Fu as she said, "Don't worry, the pleasure you gave us is not something anyone else can do. I'm afraid that we'll belong to you for life."

"That's right! This Concubine can't ever leave you. I just want to be your servant forever. Also, hubby, just who are you? I'm sure you're not simple!" a concubine said as she happily hugged Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu did not bother hiding his ident.i.ty and he told them. After hearing about this, all of them were quite shocked; they now understood why it was said that beauties were as common as clouds in Great Qin's harem – everything had a reason.

"Then what is your goal in coming here? Is it to take control of our Kingdom?" After realizing how terrifying Zhao Fu's ident.i.ty was, the beautiful woman's expression became quite serious, as this could affect the entire Charm Devil World.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed, "I didn't have such plans; I just wanted to come over to have a look. Who would have thought such a thing would happen?"

"Then let's hurry and take control of the Gurao Kingdom so nothing unexpected happens! The Gurao Kingdom will be of much use to you." the beautiful woman said, feeling slightly surprised.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu smiled – the beautiful woman had started to think of his best interests. Even though the Charm Devil race's women were quite l.u.s.tful, they had good hearts if one could conquer them.

Following this, the beautiful woman led Zhao Fu to a palace, which was where the Emperor Emeritus was cultivating.

The beautiful woman told Zhao Fu that the Emperor Emeritus had Heaven Realm Cultivation and told him to be careful. In order to avoid making a ruckus, she had provided a dagger with lethal poison, which could easily kill those of the Heaven Realm.

After being disturbed from his cultivation, the Emperor Emeritus came out, furious. Seeing the beautiful woman, he felt less angry, but just as he was about to ask what was going on, Zhao Fu attacked with his full power, even using the Six Paths Demon Images' power.

The Emperor Emeritus had never expected his Empress Dowager to bring someone to attack him. He was caught off-guard, and given how strong Zhao Fu was, he was able to successfully stab the dagger into the Emperor Emeritus' chest. The lethal poison quickly spread, and the Emperor Emeritus' life force was quickly devoured.