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Chapter 525: Body of the War G.o.d

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An Lin continued to fly around with Xue Zhantian. A battle as intense as the one they witnessed was very likely to attract other powerful beings to the scene, so they had to leave as soon as possible.

An Lin wandered aimlessly for a few dozen kilometers before finally discovering a small mountain. With a spell technique, he then blasted a hole into the small mountain, in which he took refuge.

"Hmm… it's time to check my spoils of war," An Lin muttered with a buoyant grin.

An Lin was very thankful to the Dark Wing Tribe cultivator. After all, he had slain the crimson bird at the price of being severely wounded himself only to then leave all the spoils of war to An Lin… What a good person!

That Dark Wing Tribe cultivator really was a good person!

An Lin brought out all his recently-acquired spoils of war, which consisted of a snow maiden's storage ring, two Dragon Tribe's storage rings, and one crimson bird's spatial storage device.

As usual, he began with the snow maiden's storage ring as that was most likely the one with the least amount of value.

The result was… he wanted to swear out loud. F*ck… there were only one hundred and twenty thousand spirit stones, two intermediate-rank spirit tools, one spirit fruit, and a bunch of other c.r.a.p… There wasn't even a single Realm Essence Crystal!

What a beggar!

How could a Soul Formation Stage snow maiden be so poverty-stricken?!

The spirit fruit was a fourth-grade ice-type spirit fruit. An Lin thought about it for a moment before feeding it to Xue Zhantian.

He then refined the two Dragon Tribe's storage rings, upon which he received a huge shock.

There was a total of one million two hundred thousand spirit stones, fifteen spirit tools, twenty spirit fruits, two seventh-grade immortal fruits, one golden Realm Essence Crystal, one red Realm Essence Crystal, ten green Realm Essence Crystals, and fifty-two white Realm Essence Crystals!

The two seventh-grade immortal fruits were known as Raging Dragon Fruits, which had the effect of fortifying the consumer's const.i.tution as well as the temporary effect of boosting the consumer's stamina in a battle.

These Soul Formation Stage lizard dragons were as rich as Return to Void Stage snow maidens…

An Lin was starting to feel a bit of sympathy for Hong Dou and Ling Ying. They had so eagerly pounced on their respective snow maidens' storage rings, but they were probably going to be extremely disappointed once they refined the rings…

It was now time for the main event. An Lin's eyes shone with excitement as he refined the Return to Void Stage crimson bird's spatial storage device.

The crimson bird was most likely a Return to Void Stage mighty figure from the Southern Heavenly Wing Nation, which was an opposing power to the Heavenly Court, so he didn't have any sympathy for the creature. Instead, he wore an eager expression as he refined the spatial storage device.

One million and sixty thousand spirit stones, six high-rank spirit tools, twenty-one spirit pills, one immortal pill, two immortal fruits, two golden Realm Essence Crystals, nine blue Realm Essence Crystals, twenty-five white Realm Essence Crystals, and a bunch of tool refinement materials as well as other miscellaneous items…

The immortal pill was a type of sixth-grade immortal pills, True Astral Soul-Restoration Pill, which had extremely potent consciousness-restoration effects.

The immortal fruits were a type of fifth-grade immortal fruits, Six Turn Phoenix Fruits, which could a.s.sist consumers with fire-type bloodlines to observe the Dao of fire as well as to purify their fire-type bloodlines. They were a suitable present for Xiaolan.

After wandering through the Ancient Tai Chu Realm for so long, he finally had a present he could give to Xu Xiaolan…

Lastly, and most importantly, he had gathered all the golden Realm Essence Crystals he needed!

There were two from the crimson bird, one from the Dragon Tribe, and three in his own bag. In addition to the four he had absorbed at the central city, he had ten golden Realm Essence Crystals in total, which meant he could finally complete his mission.

An Lin raised his head to the sky as tears of joys almost flowed from his eyes.

The threat of becoming a eunuch… was finally dispelled!!

Was the prospect of becoming a eunuch for a hundred years a scary one? Of course it was! How could one not be fearful of such a ghastly notion?!

"Little Tian, protect me!" An Lin eagerly gathered all his golden Realm Essence Crystal to begin the absorption process.

Xue Zhantian pursed his lips with displeasure but still obediently positioned himself directly in front of An Lin as he dutifully scanned their surroundings with a cautious expression.

There were six golden Realm Essence Crystals in total, each of which required roughly an hour to absorb, so An Lin would require six hours to fully absorb all six crystals.

Time pa.s.sed by slowly, and An Lin could feel a special type of energy circulating around his body. However, he wasn't able to consciously manipulate this energy and could only let it run its course through his body.

The absorption process was extremely smooth with no unforeseen mishaps.

After absorbing the final golden Realm Essence Crystal, a "Ding Dong" sound came from his system.

"Congratulations, mission successfully completed!

"Now initiating materialization of the embryonic body of the War G.o.d."


Ma.s.sive amounts of power burst forth within his body as the energy from all ten golden Realm Essence Crystals were activated at once. At the same time, all his cultivation methods also began to self activate!

Thunder Essence Cultivation Method, Earth Lotus Supreme Skill, Wind Spirit Technique, Evergreen Technique, Divine Liquid Creation Technique, Wings of True Fire… How did it feel to have all these cultivation methods activating at once? It was awesome! An Lin felt like all the power within his body was being activated at once!

He had never had the ability to activate all these cultivation methods at the same time in the past, but he was able to take advantage of the materialization of the embryonic body of the War G.o.d to do so now. He felt extremely powerful at this moment!

The Five Elements began to manifest themselves; the true intent of metal refined his ligaments and bones, the true intent of wood refined his internal organs, the true intent of water refined his blood, the true intent of fire refined his meridians, and the true intent of earth refined his skin.

The Five Elements each served a different purpose, yet their functions were able to fuse together as one as an extremely vast aura began to radiate around An Lin's body.

Xue Zhantian was given a huge fright by this aura. He turned around to look at An Lin to discover that he was meditating while five different types of energy revolved around his body, giving him a mystical aura that made him appear as if he had merged with the Dao of heaven and earth.

And that wasn't all. The true intent of wind and lightning began to flow into An Lin's sea of vital energy, and his sea of vital energy began to expand after a storm of wind, rain, thunder, and lightning. The quant.i.ty of vital energy within his body also began to drastically increase as An Kirin danced for joy. This was the feeling of satisfaction and joy one was struck with after having their eighty square meter house expanded to a hundred square meters.

At the same time, a divine power flowed into his consciousness, making his divine sense even more powerful.

An ancient golden seal flashed on An Lin's forehead as the overpowering aura of an omnipotent monarch burst forth from his body, striking Xue Zhantian with the sudden urge to kneel down.

"My master really is the most powerful cultivator! This peerless aura, this disposition of an invincible monarch, all of it makes me want to weep in awe and reverence…" Xue Zhantian's body trembled as tears swam in his eyes; he didn't even know whether he was thrilled to the point of tears or moved to the point of tears.

The ancient golden seal disappeared.

An Lin opened his eyes, which were as bright as a pair of stars, as he exhaled and experienced the new power flowing through his body with a slight smile on his face. "I… am invincible!"

Xue Zhantian was extremely worked up. "Master! When are we setting off to conquer the world!"

An Lin: "…"

"Hit me." An Lin twisted his neck from side to side before ushering for Xue Zhantian to attack him.

Xue Zhantian's body trembled. "Master, I'm not mentally prepared."

An Lin's lips twitched. "What kind of mental preparation do you need to hit someone? I won't retaliate."

"Oh… so you're not going to retaliate. You should've said that first." Xue Zhantian heaved a sigh of relief as his aura began to increase explosively.

A frosty aura enveloped Xue Zhantian's entire body as he flew toward An Lin's chest as an unstoppable blue streak.


An Lin's body crashed through the entire mountain from the force of the collision before emerging out the other side and flying back for a few hundred more meters.

"Ouch! My head hurts!" Xue Zhantian shook his round body as he grumbled.

An Lin's blood also churned in his body, and he sustained a slight injury.

However, his eyes were extremely bright. In the past, a full-power ram from Xue Zhantian would've ruptured his organs, resulting in him directly vomiting blood, but his much-improved const.i.tution allowed him to come out of the collision with only minor injuries…

This type of const.i.tution was definitely invincible compared to the rest of the Soul Formation Stage cultivators!

An Lin raised his fists to the air as he chortled with glee.

"Ah… I'm so powerful!"