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Chapter 446 Lowly Half-Breeds

A long line of carriages stopped in front of Chaos School, and Arthur jumped down from one of the horse-drawn carriages. He left his longsword on the carriage, and quickly made his way over to the school gates as he said, “ am the servant of Master, Arthur, and I request entry into Chaos School for this group of carriages.”

Anthoine made his way toward Arthur, and asked, “What's on those carriages?”

Arnold also followed behind him, and looked at the group of carriages with a curious expression.

Not long ago, Arthur had been responsible for transporting to the school every day, so both Anthoine and Arnold recognized him. However, they had to verify what the carriages were carrying before allowing them into the school. That was part of the school's safety protocol.

“Everything on those horse-drawn carriages is a present to Master The first 10 carriages contain gold coins, silver coins, and dragon coins, while the last five contain magic items. You can check the contents of the carriages if you'd like,” Arthur replied.

“10 carriages filled with gold coins?!” Anthoine and Arnold were both shocked to hear that. They stared at the long line of horse-drawn carriages, struggling to comprehend that the first 10 were filled with coins. Those carriages were all very large, and if the coins were to be unloaded, they would definitely be able to fill a large room.

“If they're presents for Master, then there's no need for us check the contents. Do be careful that you don't into any students with your carriages, though.” Anthoine shook his head, and allowed the carriages to pa.s.s through. However, his gaze then fell upon the last dozen or so horse-drawn carriages, and he asked, “Who are those people?”

“They came here with me from Rodu. However, they're not guests of Master They're most likely here to cause trouble for your Chaos School,” Arthur responded with a smile before directing the line of horse-drawn carriages into the school.

“What's that supposed to mean?” Both Anothoine and Arnold were rather confused upon hearing that. However, they soon caught sight of the small tower badges on the robes of the magic casters on the carriages, and their brows furrowed in unison. “They're from the Magus Tower!”

“Looks like the Magus Tower is sending people to challenge our school again.” Anthoine wore a slightly grim expression upon seeing that, but he remained unfl.u.s.tered as he stopped the line of advancing carriages, and said, “Who goes there? This is Chaos School, and outsiders are strictly prohibited from entry during school hours!”

“We were sent here by the Roth Empire's Magus Tower and the Advanced Imperial Academy. We have come to Chaos City as part of an exchange program. This is an exchange letter with the stamp of the Roth Empire Education Department; please pa.s.s this on to the” A middle-aged man wearing Roth Empire official robes emerged from the second horse-drawn carriage, and handed a purple and golden letter to Anthoine.

“So this is Chaos School?” George peered out from within the first carriage, and looked around at the slightly dilapidated school gates, upon which a hint of disappointment appeared on his face as he said, “It's so old and damaged. I thought a school that can rank alongside our Advanced Imperial Academy would be a really awesome one, but it doesn't look like it's anything special.”

“This is just a c.r.a.ppy school for peasants; what did you expect? Even lowly half-breeds can study at this school. I wouldn't come to study here even if they begged me.” Hank scoffed as he looked around with a disdainful expression. He then looked down at Anthoine in a high and mighty manner, and said, “Oi, old man! Are you blind? How dare you block a carriage from the Magus Tower? Aren't you afraid of losing your job?”

Anthoine, who was just about to take the exchange letter, looked up at Hank with an indifferent expression, and said, “These are the rules of Chaos School. I don't care if you're from the Magus Tower or the Advanced Imperial Academy; everyone receives the same treatment here. If I don't stop you here, I would be known as the cowardly gatekeeper of Chaos School, and in that case, I really would be in danger of losing my job.”

“How dare you speak to me like that, you old fart? Do you know who I am? I'm a 4th-tier magic caster, and I can kill you in the blink of an eye!” A cold smile appeared on Hank's face as green magic light s.h.i.+mmered on his right hand.

“Brawls and usage of offensive magic spells are strictly prohibited within Chaos School. That is also one of our rules.” Anthoine looked at the magic light gathering on Hank's hand, but his expression remained calm and collected.

Arnold also looked on with an indifferent expression. Both of them were already used to this. Every year, the Roth Empire would sent some people to Chaos School to cause all kind of trouble. In particular, those from the Magus Tower were especially arrogant.

“You!!” Hank raised his hand, about to unleash his magic spell. As one of the most talented young prodigies of the Magus Tower, he had never been looked down on by a gatekeeper before.

Right at that moment, another middle-aged magic caster emerged from the second carriage, and coldly scolded, “That's enough, Hank! You're a representative of the Magus Tower; don't ever forget that!”

“Yes.” Hank was reluctant to do so, but he still withdrew the spell. However, a cold look s.h.i.+mmered in his eyes as he thought to himself, You're but a mere 7th-tier magic caster, Abbott. I'll be able to surpa.s.s you in no time!

George took a glance at Abbott, and also chose to remain silent.

Abbott turned to Anthoine with a serious expression, and said, “Please notify Novan that Abbott is here with some younger disciples of the Magus Tower, and that we would like to issue a challenge to Chaos School. This will be a good opportunity for our young magic casters to spar and learn, so I hope the can accept the challenge.”

“Alright, please wait here for a moment. I'll pa.s.s on this letter and your challenge to the As for whether you'll be allowed to enter Chaos School, the will be the one to decide that.” Anthoine took the exchange letter,

and turned to depart.

Meanwhile, Arnold stood at the school gates with an alert expression, clearly not intending to let anyone pa.s.s.

“Master Abbott, we were sent here by the empire, and we're the representatives of Magus Tower, so why are we not being granted entry?” George was rather perplexed as he turned to Abbott.

Abbott turned to George with a serious expression, and said, “Don't underestimate Chaos School, George. Their facilities may not be very grand and lavish, but that has nothing to do with the power of their students. You have to make sure to take this challenge seriously. In the past 50 years, the number of magic casters that emerged from Chaos School is only second to our Magus Tower.”

“Is that so?” George nodded with a thoughtful expression.

“They're just a bunch of trash.” Hank pursed his lips in a disdainful manner.

Abbott took a glance at Hank, but didn't say anything.