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Chapter 449 Is This the Monkey King's Golden Staff?

The purple wand had grown to over twice Amy's height, and atop the smooth and perfectly straight wand was a purple crystal ball that was about the size of a fist. Purplish-golden lines criss-crossed along the surface of the wand, creating a series of mysterious symbols. Purple light flashed and circulated within the crystal, lighting up the dim magic potion shop.

Amy held the wand tightly in both hands, and stared up at the beautiful purple crystal with an adorkable expression. Her purple magician robes perfectly complemented the wand in her hand.

The sight of her tiny stature next to the ma.s.sive wand created a charming contrast.

“It can even change its form!” Xixi's mouth gaped open in surprise; she was at a loss for words. As a 7th-tier magic caster, she had an extensive understanding of magic, and had never seen any magic caster's wand capable of transforming into a ma.s.sive magic staff.

Furthermore, the materials used to make the staff were just as valuable. The body of the staff was constructed from purple sand gold, which was generally only reserved for the weapons of high-tier knights. Furthermore, even they would only use a small amount of that material in their weapons as it was simply too expensive.

As for the purple crystal on the tip of the staff, if she wasn't mistaken, then it was most likely the legendary oracle stone.

The oracle stone was imbued with the source of the Norland Continent's magic, and it was said that it fell into Urien's possession several decades ago. It was rumored that the oracle stone had fortune-telling abilities, but that wasn't verified. However, one of its abilities was verified, and that was its ability to randomly enhance the power of a spell by severalfold. For that ability alone, it was seen as a holy item among magic


Many large wars had been waged on the Norland Continent for the oracle stone, and the fact that Urien was willing to make it an accessory on Amy's wand showed just how important she was to him.

“As expected, it's most perfect in its staff form. At this height, Little Amy will be able to use it even after she grows up.” stroked his bear with a pleased expression. Without Amy messing with his beard recently, it had considerably grown in length.

Amy raised her wand and waved it in front of her, and it whistled through the air, sweeping up a gust of wind. Her body was quite small, but she already possessed considerable power.

“This is awesome! Both forms are pink! I love it! Master, Master Urien, you're the best! I really love this wand!” Amy was overjoyed as she swung her wand around.

“I'm glad Little Amy likes the wand. I heard that you're going to compete against those little brats from the Magus Tower tomorrow. Use that wand, and show them the power of the flames of extreme frost.” A kind smile appeared on Urien's face.

“No, no, you should use the staff to smack their heads. Show them the power of a melee magic caster.” also wore a smile on his face, but figurative sparks were flying as his gaze met Urien's.

“Heh, Little Amy has only been learning melee magic for a month. If she does as you tell her, then she would be knocked down before she could even reach her opponent. I won't allow Little Amy to take such a risk.” Urien's expression cooled, and the temperature in the room also began to plummet.

“I have absolute confidence in Little Amy. There's no way that those little brats would be able to even touch Little Amy. Among magic casters of the same tier, melee magic is invincible.” Scorching heat began to emanate from's body to combat the plummeting temperature in the room.

“Tch, invincible among magic casters of the same rank? When have you ever defeated me in the past century? Invincible, you say? What a joke!” Urien pursed his lips with disdain.

“How about you stand still, and let me knock you on the head with my staff? You're constantly scampering around like a little rat during our battles!”'s brows furrowed with displeasure.

The two of them continued to glower at each other, and it appeared that another epic battle was brewing.

“Don't worry, I'll use both types of magic tomorrow, so please don't fight. I'm hungry, so I'm going home now!” Amy positioned herself between the two of them with a serious expression on her little face. and Urien glared at each other one last time, but they still backed down in the end, and the temperature in the magic potion shop returned to normal.

“Little Amy, in order to make it more convenient for you to carry this wand, I also created a miniature version of it. You only have to chant the minimizing spell once, and the wand will a.s.sume its smallest form. That way, you'll be able to carry it in your pocket with ease.” Urien turned to Amy, and a benevolent smile returned to his face.

“Really?” Amy's eyes lit up upon hearing that, and she immediately chanted the minimizing spell twice. The ma.s.sive staff first reverted back to its normal size before shrinking even further to become a small wand that was about 10 centimeters in length. Even in Amy's little hand, it appeared to be quite pet.i.te.

“That's awesome! Master Urien is the best! I'll always be able to carry my wand with me now.” Amy was elated as she looked at her miniature wand. She then placed it in the pocket of her magician robes with a smile, and said, “Thank you for the wand, Master Urien and Master, I really like it. I have to go home for dinner now, and I'll be sure to show my father the wand.”

“Go on.” Urien nodded with a smile.

“I'll have some dinner too. I'm in a pretty good mood today, so I'll get a braised chicken and rice.” followed Amy as she rushed out the door.

Amy ran into the restaurant, and immediately rushed into the kitchen as she yelled excitedly, “Father, Master Urien and Master gave me a super awesome wand. Would you like to

see it?”

“Of course. I'd love to.” Mag was holding a platter of spicy grilled fish as he emerged from the kitchen with a smile on his face. He was also looking forward to seeing the wand that and the others had created for Amy.

Sally and Yabemiya also gathered around with curiosity on their faces. Amy had mentioned the wand to them on many occasions in the past few days, so they were also very interested in seeing what the finished product looked like.

“Look! This is my wand.” Amy put her hand into her pocket, pulling out a wand that was about 10 centimeters in length.

“It's so short!” Mag was a little surprised at the sight of the tiny wand in Amy's hand.

“It can become longer.” Amy shook her head as she recited a spell in her heart, and cried, “Expand!”

A purple light flashed, and the wand suddenly became about 30 centimeters in length.


Expressions of surprise appeared on the faces of Mag, Miya, and Sally in unison.

ome ev

“It can become even bigger!” Amy was very pleased with everyone's reactions, and she yelled once again in an elated voice. “Expand!”

A magic staff close to two meters in length appeared in Amy's hand.

“Is that the Monkey King's golden staff?” Mag's eyes widened in shock.