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A memory Buried....

"Empty her bag! Hey! You, go and stand at the corridor! Send the signal if you spot any of the teachers walking by!"

A fierce looking teenage boy in uniform flexed his muscles threateningly at a timid plump girl.

"If you scream or shout! I'll punch you in the face! Did you hear me?!"

Terrified out of her mind, the then young Zha Luyu whimpered while nodding in agreement.

"Where is the money?!"

"I-I don't...have....any money."

Before she knew what was happening, Zha Luyu began seeing stars. Her bully lost his patience with her, sending his fist to her face.

"My nose!!!!!....Y-You broke my nose!!!!"

Scared and in so much pain, the teenage girl who was a tad shorter than her bully, clutched at her nose which was bleeding from the blow she received. Tears flowed down her cheeks taking with them some of the blood stain.

"Mui Lun! We need to go now! The science teacher is making his way towards us!"