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Chapter 200: Gu Siting and A Child

Fu Hanzheng took her out for lunch, after seeing that she had been trapped in the office for the entire morning.

However, he didn't know very much about the restaurants in the neighbourhood, so he asked his brother Fu Shiqin to come along.

Fu Shiqin recommended a private restaurant, and he started to order food as soon as he sat down because he always visited here.

“Give the menu to her.” Fu Hanzheng glared at him.

He was taking his girlfriend out for lunch, not him.

Fu Shiqin gave the menu to Gu Weiwei obediently and asked his brother, as he gazed at him, “Brother, have you been possessed?”

“What do you mean?” Fu Hanzheng asked.

“She was being so flirty just now and no one was able to stand it, but you still allowed her to make a fuss in the meeting room.” Fu Shiqin felt ill when he thought of what had happened.

However, unlike him, his brother wasn't disgusted and enjoyed her flirtiness.

He seriously suspected that his brother had been possessed by this woman.

Gu Weiwei was reviewing the menu as she said, “Second Master, I think that you are definitely going to be a very promising miner in Africa, what about staying there for a few more months?”

“Me…” Fu Shiqin pointed at himself and swallowed down all of his complaints.

Gu Weiwei ordered a dish and glanced at Fu Hanzheng.

“Honestly speaking, you were not disgusted?”

Fu Hanzheng raised his lips. “I think it was lovely.”

Especially when she called him 'honey, darling'.

“…” Gu Weiwei's lip corners twitched.

The dishes were soon served. Fu Shiqin was about to reach out for the ribs, when his brother removed the dish and placed it in front of Gu Weiwei and replaced it with a dish of sliced meat and bittermelon.

Fu Shiqin bit his chopsticks. He should have stayed in the company for takeaway.

Throughout the entire lunch, all the dishes that had been reached for by Gu Weiwei over three times, had been placed in front of her… whilst those that were not touched by her came to his side instead.

Gu Weiwei finished her food and went to the bathroom.

He had just gotten two pieces of ribs into his bowl when the phone rang. He wiped his hands instantly and answered the call when he saw the incoming caller.

After the phone call, he looked slightly serious.

“You were right. The project has run into a problem because of Gu's Enterprise.”

Fu Hanzheng's face dimme and he fiddled with the teacup.

“Who else dares to fight against the Fu Family except for him.”

The Fu Family and the Gu Family were always on bad terms with each other, and they were each other's worst enemies in the business field.

Fu Shiqin drank a mouthful of water and complained, “Gu Siting must be crazy! He keeps causing us trouble these past two years and he always wants to have a hand in whatever we are doing!”

Fu Hanzheng glanced a look at him. “Anything else?”

Gu Siting was a sneaky man, and he had to be careful in case he took advantage of the situation.

Fu Shiqin thought for a while and said, “The information says that Gu Siting is seeking a child.”

“A child?” Fu Hanzheng frowned.

“Yes, someone around three or four years old, but I'm not sure who it is.”

Fu Hanzheng lowered his gaze and said after some consideration, “Keep up with the investigation, better find out who he is looking for. Find that child before he does.”

The child Gu Siting was seeking must be of great importance to him.

Fu Shiqin nodded and mumbled as something flashed across his mind.

“Do you think it is a child from an affair?”

Gu Weiwei had just come back from the bathroom and was about to enter the room, when she heard the name of Gu Siting.

She stiffened as she stood outside the door, feeling faint as she heard the conversation between Fu Hanzheng and Fu Shiqin.

She had once thought that she knew Gu Siting well.

After rebirth, she realized that actually, she did not know him that well at all.

Who was the child he was looking for?