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Since then her friend had been withdrawn and a bit sad. She was sure that the reason they couldn't get pregnant was her fault. Doc had taken some more test two weeks ago and sent them off to a lab in the city to see if there was something that could be done to help them conceive. Molly was pinning all her hopes on those tests. She really hoped that they were able to find a solution. She wasn't sure that Molly would take being unable to have children very well.

Racheal felt a little guilty that it had been so easy for her and Tiny. They had gotten pregnant on accident after all. And to their shock they were having twins. Tiny was scrambling to get the addition to their cabin done by the time the babies were here. Which was still about five months away. She'd just started feeling the babies last week and it was so exciting to know that soon they'd have a family. A year ago she'd been a broken woman, but Tiny had fixed that.

He'd held her when she'd cried and waited until she was ready. The man was amazing. He was s.e.xy as sin and always there for her when she needed him. She was happy when she'd never thought she would ever be happy again. She barely even remembered that shithead, Eugene at all. She smiled. Molly was up directing the children now. She watched her friend laughing at the kids. She really hoped they figured out this mess with the pregnancy for her friend.

She felt arms slide around her and a male hand landed on her stomach. Racheal smiled. Yeah her man was always laying his hand over their babies. It had become a greeting of sorts. She thought feeling her babies kick at their daddy. She'd knew he couldn't feel them yet, but she was waiting for it to happen. She knew her man would be gaga over them when it happened. Not that he wasn't already gaga over them, she thought a smile of satisfaction curling her lips.

"Hey darlin's." Tiny whispered against his old ladies ear. His hand was possessively resting over his babies. He loved this woman more every day, he thought as he kissed her ear.

"h.e.l.lo, lover." Racheal purred, making his d.i.c.k stand to attention. She'd been insatiable lately, not that he was complaining. But he couldn't really do anything about this hard on she inspire with that tone here. Not with all the children running around the clubhouse. Well he could take her upstairs to one of the rooms and take care of it he supposed, but he'd wait. She was always hotter when he made her wait. He thought with a smug smile.

She leaned back into him, and he groaned a bit as her voice dropped to a s.e.xy whisper that reminded him that she was a minx.

"Wanna take me home, lover. I need some attention I think."

"Aren't you supposed to be helping with this pageant darlin'" Tiny asked in a low growl.

"There breaking up for the day. The kids are getting restless." Racheal said and Tiny saw that it was true. He grinned.

"Fine, but I am not sure that my c.o.c.k isn't going to fall off if you don't stop abusing it so much." Tiny whispered into her ear.

Racheal let out a laugh that brought several adult eyes their way. Smiles and waves were exchanged as he heard her whisper as her hand slid down cupping his c.o.c.k between them.

"I don't think that it minds as much as you think, darlin'" She told him mockingly. Tired of waiting he lifted his woman, waving to the others as he carried her out the door and towards their cabin. He needed inside her, and soon.