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Ooooopppsssss…. My bad.. They’re still in preparation…

It’s not the tournament yet… Sorry bout that…

73 Final Battle Preparation

After the orphanage, I went to [Paradise Pavilion], Bernt-sans’s shop.

Mitsuha: 「Bernt-san, please cook this dish and advertise it!」

Bernt: 「As usual, so sudden, Mitsuhsan……」

Bernt-san came out of the kitchen with an amazed face, followed by his daughter Arena and the cook Anel.

Bernt: 「What do we have here? Are these, mushrooms? They’re dried….」

As expected from a chef, even if you didn’t know what is shitake mushroom, you know the mushrooms in general.

Mitsuha: 「It’s very delicious! It’s best to put it into the water and boil it. The boiling water will have plenty of umami taste as a dashi. For now, let’s soak it in water and use it for tomorrow’s dishes! I’ll drop by tomorrow! 」

As I said that, they soak the dried shitake mushrooms in a sufficient amount of water, after that they returned to their work, and Bernt-san has a blank expression while facing the customers!


This time I will return to a shop in the capital, my house.

And when I arrived…

Sabine: 「Mitsuhnesama, too slow!」

……Where do you get these information, Sabine-chan?

Sabine: 「And here I am waiting for you. let’s go to the Castle together! ..Say, is this fascinating-looking horse-drawn carriage, something you made?」

Sabine-chan, while saying so, she’s loading the mountain bike in the carriage.

You’re overwhelmingly excited of riding an unusual coach, I see.

No, I never heard of this, you want me to accompany you, is that so?

It was too cruel that the debut of the child from the orphanage is to go to the royal palace, so I served as the coachman myself.

Sabine-chan sits inside the carriage just as a test ride and speaks loudly from inside.

Sabine: 「What is this! This carriage is amazing! My b.u.t.t doesn’t hurt at all! 」

Well, as soon as you get in, you’ll understand.

Sabine: 「Where did you made something like this……. Oh, do I even have to ask …」

Yeah, don’t ask…..

Sabine: 「Hey, Mitsuhonesama. Next time, lets play a game of Shogi…….」

Mitsuha: 「Who will challenge yooouuu ~ ~ !~!」

Well, it was a bitter experience. I have to work with a gun once, I should get it a little dented. (一度ガツンとやって、ちょっとへこませてやらなきゃダメかな。)


In the royal palace, the usual members are present, the King, the Prime Minister, Marquis Icebringer, plus a few people like, Prince Lionel, the Minister of Finance, and so on.

Since the summary report on the radio and detailed report from Marquis Icebringer have already been completed, there is no need to talk about the events after the Marquis departed.

I explained the situation after that and the future prospects.

Mitsuha: 「… So that’s why, most of the former POWs are cooperative. First of all, we’ve been taught about the operation of the ships and the cannons by them and also, we learned the mechanisms of the ships and the cannons at the same time, we aim to construct those ourselves. Because we can not catch up with their technology, by merely mimicking the technology, we will try develop grenades and also explosive bullets as the main trump card.」

In my explanation, the King and the rest are nodding quietly.

Mitsuha: 「Even if you only make a ship and a weapon, it is just a temporary surpassing. If we cultivate more fundamental scientific and technical skills, but we didn’t have the basic skills, we will not be able to develop further from there, and eventually we will be left behind. Anyway, now I must desperately catch up……. For the time being, there is a method of [The Investigation Fleet is Missing Again] as a time-h.o.a.rder, in case where the next fleet visit was earlier than I thought……」


Everyone seemed surprised.

Mitsuha: 「No, the next fleet may be missing again for unknown reasons, as well. There were unfortunate incidents such as [There was a problem with the water that was picked up from friendly local people on the land we stopped by] or [There was surprised attack on the ship at midnight when we were resting after receiving a big welcome] for example……」

Everyone, is in deep thought…

[[[ I don’t want to turn this kid into an enemy. ]]]

Mitsuha: 「In addition, I might try to land in another country next time. It just happens that I came here by chance. I will notify you after we land on a continent as soon as possible.」

King: 「Fumu, it’s difficult, but there’s no choice but to do it. Well, I’d like to ask Mitsuha for cooperation…」

Marquis: 「It can’t be helped, I will accompany you to persuade each country.」

King: 「Please.. Also, it is hard to say, but regarding Mitsuha’s homeland……」

I understand what the King wishes to say, but that is not good.

Mitsuha: 「It’s useless… The distance is too far and there is no benefit to help. The distance is too far as a trading partner and there are no goods to trade. As an ally, they have neither the strength nor the influence. Other than the fact that I happen to live, my home country does not show any interest in this country. On the other hand, if I die prematurely, this country will be recognized as [A country that overworked Mitsuha and let her die], and then there is a high possibility that they will be [Interested] in a bad way. It’s better not to get involved.」

The King and the Prime Minister, lowered their heads at the same time.

Mitsuha: 「Anyway, it’s not yet decided that it will definitely be a war…. No, right now, it is formally in the middle of a war, but it can be cleared as an [Unfortunate misunderstanding because a mere merchant tried to impersonate]. However, it’s only possible when that country admits that we’re equal competitors, not merely as [A weak country that is easy to defeat.]」

After the completion of the shipyard, the rumors of the first prototype, a small ship, and then the plan for the construction of a formal warship, etc., were discussed and proposed, and the rumors settled down.

Mitsuha: 「Well then, my King, I have accumulated a lot of lending so far. I would like to have it back.」

King: 「Wha, what kind of thing?」

The King is a little scared.

Mitsuha: 「Actually, I would like you to lend me a large number of soldiers on the day of the decisive battle …」

King: 「Eh, would it be a matter? Of course we’ll do everything we can to support the crew and the onboard forces.」

Mitsuha: 「Ah, not that one, it’s a decisive battle in the kingdom. Right here, for the Oth.e.l.lo and Shogi tournament. It seems that there will be too many partic.i.p.ants and it might get serious…… Oh, pardon me but, the function of the kingdom may be paralyzed on 2 or 3 days. 」

King: 「Eh….?」

Security guards for the tournament were safely secured.

With this, I feel safe.


Oh, right, I remember that he was on his way to the Kingdom.

I told him that I will tell the King, I have to keep my promise.

However, he said that it was just a runaway vassal and that he did not think that the Lord had issued a wrong order.

The bad thing is the one from the inn, gave him the key.

Perhaps it was really just a desire to invite me for a chat.

My skin felt cold after going on frenzy, I felt sorry for that Lord however, to barge into a maiden’s room, whoever it is…..

Perhaps, he might have been chasing me for an apology, but I have teleported.

If you make an apology at a later date, I will accept it pleasantly.

The reason I spoke to the King was so that the Lord of that place would not be blamed if the rumors spread from the guests of that time and entered into the ears of n.o.bles and King. It’s not about being harassed.

It is a territory on the route connecting us with the kingdom, so we have to get along with them somehow.

But, feeling a little cautious about this thing, it would be profitable if you concede in some negotiation. I might as well ask for the maintenance on the highway.


The next day.

We showed a variety of dish using shitake mushrooms at the [Paradise Pavilion].

Bernt-san, starts to rave reviews from everyone!

And immediately the prototype of shitake mushroom dishes began.

With this, the regular transportation by Pez-san’s caravan is set in stone. If the other restaurant chefs ate here, and they know that shitake mushrooms are being sold, there is no reason not to buy it. If you can eat at restaurants all over the place, the Housewives of your household will also buy it.

…So, Marcel-san, the head chef at Adelaide-chan’s house, why are you here?………。


And then to the mercenary guild.

I thought that I would hire a poor mercenary with empty pocket to help out at the day of the event.

Mitsuha: 「People won’t gather? Only on that day? Well then, if I change the day……」

Receptionist: 「People will not gather on that day.」

Mitsuha: 「E~eh, why!」

When I try to make a request, the receptionist told me that, that day would be difficult, so I said that I wanted to change the day but, as I thought it was useless after all.

Why is the day that I specify one after another is not available!

Receptionist: 「That’s because most of the mercenaries will join the tournament. So, no matter how much you try to change the date, people will not gather on that day.」

I see, I’m convinced!

That’s right!

d.a.m.n It!


What do I do….

Ok this time it’s for real The Tournament Starts!!