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Oh no, she didn't just do that.

"Well, don't give it to me, babe!" She instead planted a kiss on his forehead and wrapped her arms around him. "I'll look after you, honey. Let's go get some hotdogs inside of you."

"Now that's what I'm talkin' about.

Conner took her by the hand, dragging her away. He made sure to give the other guy a warning stare as they left. He wasn't about to have some old pervert chasing after his woman all week.

"Jesus Christ, I feel like I'm dying."

Conner looked at Mike and frowned. "Don't be such a p.uss.y." Secretly Conner felt just as bad. He looked down at the flesh of his arms and saw that they had gone an unhealthy grey. His nose dripped constantly a green and foul liquid. His eyesight blurred.

Conner and the lads had been drinking in the High Spirits lounge for a couple of hours now but no amount of booze had made him feel any better. There was currently a c.r.a.p comedian failing to make everybody laugh. Claire had gone to get some food in the Lido.

Miserable cow can stay there for all I care.

She'd had a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp all day and Conner was getting pretty sick of it. He didn't know what she wanted from him. He was just trying to have a good time with the lads and he'd been nice enough to bring her along.

She should be grateful.

Conner downed his double whisky in one, enjoying the brief moment where the burning of the liquor replaced the burning of his infection. He looked across at Mike and Steve and thought they looked like terminal cancer patients. It was almost as they'd lost pounds of weight in just the last few hours. Their eyes were bloodshot and swollen.

What the h.e.l.l is wrong with us?

Conner now felt so bad that he was actually worried. He'd never been truly ill before and in comparison this was probably the worst he had ever felt. His current thinking was that he might go and seek out the ship's doctor, but now his thoughts were distracted by someone who had entered the room.

Sitting several tables away, nursing a drink, was the guy who had been trying to chat up Claire.

Looks like the perv's here all alone. He's probably come on board just to pick up young birds.

Conner had a feeling he and the other guy were going to have a problem before the week was over. In fact, Conner felt...enraged.

A coughing sound distracted him. Mike was spluttering and shaking. Blood shot out of his mouth and splattered his teeth and lips.

"What the h.e.l.l, dude?" said Steve, leaning away in his chair.

Conner went to say the same, but he was suddenly wracked by coughing of his own. Blood shot from his mouth as he felt as though his vocal chords were passing up through his throat. His vision spun all over the place, and he felt...angry.

So f.u.c.king angry.

Conner looked across the room at the man who had been trying to chat up his missus and stood up from his chair. His vision went red as liquid fell down his cheeks. He stumbled between tables and other drinkers, his arms outstretched towards the man named Jack.

I'll kill you.

Then Conner was lost forever in a maelstrom of anger and rage.


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