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So last night, in fact, it was Yan Yuqin who was “happy” all night alone. Su Rui and Su Wan were discussing the next step in the study together until the middle of the night. In the end, the two directly hugged and fell asleep in the warm room.

As for the bloodstains on the dragon bed, that was specially prepared by Steward w.a.n.g. As the extremely competent all-rounder steward of the inner palace, Uncle w.a.n.g will always be great……

The back palace was a place where there were no secrets and where secrets could not be hidden forever.

It was just midday when the news of how the Emperor bestowed favor onto a palace maid, instead of Liu Giuren, had spread to every corner of the back palace. He had gone to the Cultural Affairs Bureau and had given the t.i.tle of 'Beauty' to the little palace maid.

At this time, there were people watching the excitement, there were also others who took pleasure in another's misfortune, and there were even people who felt sympathy, and of course, the most anxious and fl.u.s.tered was Liu Guiren, she didn't expect that she would be made a fool by Yan Yuqing —

Did that d.a.m.ned girl really think she could always be favored because of her youth and beauty?

How dare you have the audacity to step on me to get promoted! One day, I will drag you from the heavens and throw you into h.e.l.l and let you know the fate of a traitor…..