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However, inside the room was as silent as if one could hear a needle drop. It was fortunate that Claude seems to be a heavy sleeper because he is not aware of the sounds .
Wait. Now that I think about it, do I really have to wake Claude up? If nothing is happening for a long time, wouldn't Felix come in to see what is happening?
That thought made me decide to wait until Felix comes in.
I looked around the room, it has an emperor feeling in it..... Only large in size
Is this really the emperor's room? Why is it so simple? It is even simpler than my room in Ruby Palace.
Weird. Is this not the room the previous emperor used? Well, from Claude's personality, he isn't likely to use a room other people had used.
The room was very large like a field. It was also very empty so I was able to spot the bed right away. I couldn't see the insides because the curtain was long though.
But wait. Isn't it dangerous if the bed could be seen this easily? Isn't it supposed to be murderers if he's 'that' emperor? This is just like 'Try to catch me~~!' game show.
Whatever, it is none of my concerns if Claude dies or anything. Anyways, that thing on the wall... A map is getting my attention...
I slowly walked to the map that was catching my attention for a while.
I couldn't help but to bring my two hands to my mouth to keep the sound inside.
What was it? I keep staring at it no matter how much I looked at, yet I couldn't take my eyes off from it. The frame of the world map was all made of shiny and pure gold. It didn't look like it was only the surface but the whole thick frame.
Wow, what the! I didn't see anything like this before. This is so touching... Kyaaa, of course! This is the emperor's palace! To keep this kind of thing on the wall. I don't need gold candles or gold toys when I have just one of this! Is that thing on the wall also made of gold?
I was so excited that I ran across the carpet to the other side.
Claude, he must have some kind of thing for collecting art works. The room contained no decorations, but frames with arts in it. Even though most weren't as big as the world map one, it was still big and valuable.
There were arts with very pretty sisters with angels, the arts which look to have memorable moments drawn in it.
Ah! This art stores the moment of the greatest Empress Embrose in her coronation! I saw something alike from a book Lilly had got me to study before.
Anyways, the arts were all very big making them to need bigger golden frames. Is it enough if 3 men widen their arms and connect the arm lengths together? And to see that this is all gold! Even the broken frame in the corner was also gold.
Huh? But why aren't you throwing these dusty frames out? If you are going to throw it away, can you give them to me.....?
Licking my lips for desire, I once again turned my way to the world map to have a good look at it once more. No, I was going to. If there wasn't anything that had caught my eyes.

I took a step forward to the frame I just saw. To examine it. Unlike the others that hanged on the wall, the dusty and broken one was in a corner of the room.
That was a woman's portrait.
The smiling face was not the prettiest, but it was beautiful and charming enough. She probably liked to dress herself pretty, she had a lot of accessories from the top to the very bottom.
From that you could even believe if she was to be an empress. The hair tied up was in colour of chestnut sweet brown. The eyes which complimented her smile was grass green.
I have only read some explanation on the novel and had never seen her before, but......
I could tell who this women was.
Was it because of that? For this dirtily stained black frame to catch my very interest. 
I shouldn't have seen it. I frowned from the feeling of dissatisfaction.
I felt like I saw something I was not supposed to see. Ha, I'll just act as if I didn't see it. I didn't look at anything just now. I don't know anything. It's real, it's true!
And when I closed my eyes and shook my head... No, when I turned around to move away...
Surprised, I held on my beating heart and took a few retreating steps. 
Why, why, why, why is Claude here instead of the bed!
Silky golden stuffs were laid, not too organized, on the black leather sofa.
Claude was lying there, on the sofa, with closed eyes. Because of my location from the golden frames world map, you could only see the backside of the sofa. However, from the other side, I could see Claude lying down so clearly.
Hah, Haahhhh. My heart's gonna fall. I thought he was sleeping on the bed but how dare he do this kind of.... of.... fishy thing! You fishing me?! What do you think would have happened if I got a heart attack! But unlike me, who didn't succeed in calming my heart down, Claude was sleeping peacefully without moving an inch.
Urrrrgh, I hate him. I want to slap him once. I want to punch him once. Just once, can I?
Feeling unfair, I approached the sofa where Claude was located. And I felt weird looking at his face from my height. 
Hah. Sleeping like a prince.
Claude sleeping looked unbelievably innocent and kind. Of course, after thinking I had gooseb.u.mps and shivered. Did my eyes go crazy just now? Now who looks innocent and kind? This kid? Not any other person but this psycho Claude?
But it was believable that this sleeping face looked like one of the art works on the wall.
If he stays like this, he is pretty much my style. Can you just stay like this, never waking up?
Feeling weird again, I used my hands to wave above his face. 
Seeing no reactions from Felix's call from outside and my approach, I was sure he was deep in his sleep. What would you do if I was a murderer who came to kill you...
Whatever, it is good. Get slapped for once.
I don't know when I would have another opportunity so this was my chance. I didn't forget about the lake incident! I'm a girl from a far back place unlike you who is at a far forward! Y U DO DIS?!
(Note: 'Y u do dis?' Is not a mistake.)
I was thinking of where I could hit. The face would be too showy so I held both of hands up, and aimed at his body.
Whoos.h.!.+ Tic....
But just then, something fell from inside my sleeve. And that thing fell on Claude's face and then it dropped to the ground, on the carpet. Then it rolled. Roll, roll, rolllllll......
That was the choco I sneaked and hid from the kitchen this morning.
That was the choco I hid from Lilly! I forgot because I was busy greeting the new maids! And I had not changed the clothes today.
I stayed silent in case Claude woke up from my chocolate.
Just then, with out a sound, Claude's eyes opened quickly like a ghost.

I was frozen in place with my two hands still in the air.
Claude blinked twice, slowly, then stared at me with no emotions in his eyes. His eyes were very open, it could make people not believe he was asleep just a moment ago.
Then I took my hands, put it in the air and hit him gently on his chest. I awkwardly patted his chest and opened my mouth.
"Dare dare......." 
Can you tell me just what I am doing......? 
Realizing what I have and am doing, I screamed mentally.
Wahh, waaaaah! What kind of situation happening here? What does it want me to do?! I just woke the sleeping lion, right? This is an emergency, you agree!?It would be better if he talked but he didn't mutter a sound. From his stare, I was already going to have a mental breakdown.
"The moon is smiling. Bye bye, today. Baby smiles too looking at the star."
Sob, wahh, this is crazy! Why does my mouth move by itself whenever I am panicking. Just what kinda sh*t am I muttering right now?! A lullaby to Claude?! Please, just make it stop!
"More shiny and bright morning will come tomorrow. Only have sweet and pretty dreams. Sleep well, our little baby."
(THE MOMENT OF CRINGE. Go on, get to the next part if you stopped cringing.)
I patted him with all my strength and might, scared he'll realize I was about to slap him.
Now I'm curious. What kind of expression did I make when Claude opened his eyes? Oh my gosh, if I was making a face saying 'How should I slap him? He needs a really good slap!'..... Sob. Why do these things happen to me...
"And what song is this?"
Claude, who was just watching me do stupid stuff, finally opened his mouth. I answered right away.
"It's a song that helps you say bye bye to bad dreams."
This dude, does he not know what lullaby is? From the sister maids, I heard every citizen in this country grew up listening to this song. It was too, well, awkward to just say it is a lullaby so I explained it the way my head wanted to explain. I smiled, hiding my pitch black head and mind.
"Papa, good morning!"
Claude, then, made a face weird. It was for a split moment though. The words Claude spoke with an emotionless face made my smiling face twitch a bit.
"It's not morning."
"Good dinner time!"
Can't you just deal with it.
"Did Felix send you in?"
He sat up and swiped his hair that was covering his eyes with his hand.