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Wu Ruoyu, who was wearing a coffee-coloured windbreaker, made a few foreigners' eyes brighten up. The initial inattentiveness on their faces was now filled with a peculiar expression.

However, Wu Ruoyu soon committed an action that disappointed them. She naturally walked over to hold on to Chen Fan's arm. He had his hand in his pocket at the moment. Although she this was not a clingy act, their relationship was obvious now, even to a blind person.

The two Europeans probably did not know how to speak Mandarin, so they kept on standing there silently. This made Chen Fan unsure as to which country they were from. He only could see that the Korean was talking non-stop!

Their intention was simple. Baoxin Port was a bi-purpose port for both cargo and oil. Although there were a lot of docking areas at the port, they were quite diversified. There was a bulk cargo area, a natural gas area, a container area, a crude oil area, etcetera. Thus, there was not a lot of s.p.a.ce for each set up. 

Chen Fan's five tankers were docked side-by-side at the port. The first three were at the tanker's dock area, the fourth was at the container pier, and the fifth was at the bulk cargo area.

This group of foreigners also had a cargo ship on the verge of entry into the dock. They had reserved a dock, but because the tower crane that was ash.o.r.e had broken down, they were unable to unload their cargo. As the other container areas did not have any vacant s.p.a.ces, they wanted to have a discussion with Chen Fan, asking him to move his ships away and lend them his container docking area.

Once the tanker's fuel-transfer hose was connected, it would be a hassle to cut and reconnect it. This was because it was first necessary to seal off the connector with a blind f.l.a.n.g.e in order to to avoid any oil leakage from the oil pipe. Then, it would have to be retrieved, using the crane on the ship.

Not only was this a waste of time and energy, but it would also halt the entire oil pumping process! Moreover, the pipes would have to be reconnected. Then, the newly joined oil pipe would have to be pressurised. Also, as the ships' tonnage was too big, it would take great technical skills to maneuver in that port, which was filled with ships that were constantly moving around!

Although the tanker was only at dock currently, the fees for its place was already paid for! That was why Chen Fan had told them that he could only offer them the position after these five tankers were done pumping the crude oil. However, for the five tankers to complete the pumping of the crude oil, it would take them roughly one to two days.

"This cargo ship carries a batch of machines that our company urgently needs. Can you make way for us? The relevant fees are not an issue." The Korean introduced himself as Xun Jinjun, a Korean enterprise's purchasing manager. Although the words he used made this a simple discussion, his tone was very stiff, like he did not know how to speak casually at all.

"I am really sorry. This batch of crude oil is also quite urgent. Our factories are waiting for it to go be sent back and rescue them!" Chen Fan shook his head, showing that there was nothing that he could do. If the opposite party had been Chinese and had spoken politely, Chen Fan might have agreed to it, but this foreigner…Why would Chen Fan want to help them?

Xun Jinjun got a little anxious. Only after saying a bunch of words in his mother tongue, did he remember that this was China. He then changed to speaking Mandarin. "What if I pay you double the docking fee?"

"This is not an issue of money! There are only a few people looking after the machines on the boat, while the rest are on vacation." Chen Fan looked around once, then waved his hand impatiently. "Go and look for the staff at the dock. Ask them to solve your issue!"

"We looked for them, but the other container areas are all unloading cargo. Only your tankers can be moved." Both of Xun Jinjun's small eyes were almost fixed together, as he loathed that he could not personally drive the tankers away.

As for this matter, the port's management did not have any method to request other cargo ships to leave, as they had already paid for their s.p.a.ces. So, they could only tell them whose ship was more convenient to request relocation. As to whether they were willing to leave or not, that would depend on the requestor's own eloquence.

"Just because my tankers are the most convenient to be moved, you expect me to give give way to you? You guys have a lot of money, right? So, just go find some other container areas! I will never hand mine over to you," Chen Fan was getting angry now.

"We already said that we are not handing it over, so why are you guys being such a bother?" w.a.n.g Bing also irritatedly waved his hand at Xun Jinjun.

"h.e.l.lo, beautiful little lady! Could you help us to persuade him?" One of the foreigners directed a smile at Wu Ruoyu, who was standing beside Chen Fan. He spoke in English. "Such a beautiful lady like you, I am sure your boyfriend would definitely listen to you!"

"Sorry, I am afraid I can't help you with this." Wu Ruoyu shook her head, which was a sign that she could not help, even if she had wanted to. Although tankers were relatively more convenient to move than cargo ships, moving them would still be troublesome. Thus, she did not want to help these outsiders, especially under such circumstances.

"What is this guy talking about?" Chen Fan had a puzzled expression, but judging from that guy's angry look, he knew that it was definitely not something good.

"He said that he really feels like dumping this group of monkeys into the sea!" Wu Ruoyu furiously translated. The Korean language was derived from Mandarin, so it was not hard for her to learn it. Also, Wu Ruoyu used to have a Korean housemate, so she could roughly understand what the opposite party was saying.

"What nerve!" w.a.n.g Bing took two steps forward, his back straight, while he stared at Xun Jinjun from the side of his eye. "Go ahead and try us!"

If this would have happened at any other normal time, Xun Jinjun would have just grit his teeth and bore it, as he was no fool. With the opposite party's luxurious car and tankers displayed over there, it was obvious that he was someone influential. Otherwise, he would not have used Korean to scold him. But, he did not expect the pretty lady to actually also understand Korean!

There are some things that, when done in front of an especially gorgeous lady, would make a man's ego become as fragile as a chicken egg, and make him lose all rationality. Undoubtedly, Wu Ruoyu was precisely such a supreme beauty!

Xun Jinjun heard this, then raised his legs and kicked towards w.a.n.g Bing's chest. Of course, this kick did not even touch a single strand of w.a.n.g Bing's hair. w.a.n.g Bing merely needed to suck in his abdomen to easily avoid it.

"Hpmh!" w.a.n.g Bing raised his eyebrow, then turned his head to look at Chen Fan. After seeing him nod his head, everyone's vision blurred for a moment. Then, suddenly, they heard a loud crispy sound. They then saw w.a.n.g Bing standing there, as if nothing had happened.

Xun Jinjun's face swelled up quickly. Half a second later, his eyes went wide, as he held onto his cheeks with both hands and squatted down. He then vomited a mouthful of blood and even coughed up a few teeth!

He had never been treated in such a way! Feeling furious, he wanted to rebuke them, but suddenly, he felt a sharp pain on his cheeks. As the pain was unbearable, he instantly kneeled on the floor, then covered his mouth and rolled on the floor, while making a terrible moaning sound.

w.a.n.g Bing's slap was aimed at his facial nerves. The pain was enough to make a person go crazy. Yet, no one could blame w.a.n.g Bing for being so cruel.

As a foreigner, they had insulted someone as a monkey in front of them. How could anyone not burn in anger at these words, which were clearly discriminatory and covered with many hidden meanings? If this had happened in the wilderness or a more remote place, no one would have cared, even if they were murdered or buried!

Once the two foreigners saw how things had escalated to the current situation, they stood there speechless, not knowing what to do. They were just ordinary technicians, who were in charge of helping the factory fix the machines. They were not experts in combat! Besides, they did not have the obligation to do so!

"Stand up!" w.a.n.g Bing walked right up to him and squatted down, full of provocation.

"Ah!" Xun Jinjun immediately let out a miserable shriek, just like a pig being slaughtered. He stuttered through his teeth, which were now filled with cracks from hits, "Ah! You stepped on my hand!"

"I did that on purpose!" No matter how hard he struggled, w.a.n.g Bing did not lift up his leg.

Looking at w.a.n.g Bing's arrogant face, Xun Jinjun felt like he had just chewed a mouth full of iron teeth. Of course, it was just his teeth chattering, which were making the sounds.

"How dare you glare at me?" w.a.n.g Bing moved his leg, which made Xun Jinjun's eyeball nearly pop out, due to the pain.

The fight was too sudden, so the staff at the port could not come to help in time. Only when Xun Jinjun was rolling on the ground, did they quickly rush over.

w.a.n.g Bing saw this, then thought that it was not a good idea to continue beating him, since the beatings thus far were definitely enough to make him go home and suffer in pain for up to six or seven days! He would even have to go to the dental hospital to replace his broken teeth.

"Go to the car and wait for me!" Chen Fan smiled at Wu Ruoyu. He then walked to the front of w.a.n.g Bing.

"Great job!" Chen Fan patted him on his shoulder. That guy really had deserved a beating.

"What happened? What happened?" The port's security personnel came rushing over. Looking at the person, who was speaking in Korean on the floor, and then at w.a.n.g Bing, Chen Fan, and the two other golden haired and blue-eyed foreigners, he suddenly felt a headache coming on.

w.a.n.g Bing stood up, then told the whole story, careful to add details and emphasize that it was the opposite party that had started this fight first!

"I want to call the police!" Xun Jinjun crawled up from the floor, blood on his head and face. Maybe it was because of the presence of the public personnel, but he now had the courage to point at w.a.n.g Bing's nose and scold him, hoping to get back some of his honor. "How dare you beat up a Korean..."

His sentence could only reach its halfway point, before it suddenly became an "Ugh… Ugh…" sound. This was because w.a.n.g Bing had kicked him in the stomach, right in front of everyone, which had immediately made Xun Jinjun curl up like a dried shrimp!

He instantly fell to the floor, his mouth wide open. 

The port's security guards immediately called for the police's help. After all, they were not in a position to settle matters like this!

A group of policemen rushed over quickly. When they saw the scene, they also had a headache instantly.

On one side of the debacle was a foreign company's personnel, while on the other side, there was a tyc.o.o.n from Zhongyun, who was worth a lot of money. So, they could only try to not offend either side. Thus, they used a relatively nice tone to invite both parties to the police station. Since both parties had their own cars, they followed the two police cars, which led the way.

"Chen Fan, do you need to call your uncle to inform him?" While seated in the Maybach, Wu Ruoyu brought out her phone, asking Chen Fan.

"No need. For trivial cases like this, we will just end up going to the police station to write a statement for their records, then be released after paying some under-the-counter money."

Chen Fan was pleased with himself, as he sat with his legs crossed. If the one that had been beaten was an American, things might have been more troublesome. But luckily, it was only a Korean. Since it was such a small country, nothing much would happen.

"You only know how to fight. I've already witnessed you fighting three rounds!" Wu Ruoyu pinched his arm, teasingly.

"But none of those were my fault!" Chen Fan said, defending himself.

In fact, this was pretty true. Upon their arrival at the police station, after the policemen were told the whole story, they started to joke around and play Tai Chi, then stated that both parties were at fault.

The Korean side should not have started beating people, whereas Chen Fan's side had been a little too brutal. But, as it was considered to be an act of self-defence, Chen Fan had to compensate the other party by covering 20 to 40 percent of all medical fees. Xun Jinjun was obviously not satisfied with this, as he kept making a ruckus, saying that he wanted to go to court to sue Chen Fan instead.

The policemen shook their heads, which was a sign that they were willing to help, but unable to do so. They simply explained that they were only in charge of investigations, and not responsible for handling cases like suing someone else.

In the end, one of the policemen got frustrated and glared at him. "Go ahead and sue, if you are capable, but don't say that we didn't warn you. By just looking at that display of splendor, with those cars and bodyguards, if you sue him, you will probably be the first to be out of luck. This place is a police station, after all. If you continue to make a ruckus, then I will make you sorry you were ever born!"

"Boss, how about we block that person here, then wait till he's out, so we can get our money back?"

Chen Fan and his people had just walked out from the main door of the police station, when w.a.n.g Bing secretly moved close to Chen Fan's ears to whisper his thoughts. He felt that the compensation of 5,000 Renminbi was really too much.

"How could you come up with such a bad idea!" Wu Ruoyu rolled her eyes, when she heard what w.a.n.g Bing had just said.

"We won't be able to look for such a place that easily, especially in broad daylight. So, let's just forget about it!" Chen Fan also felt a bit unhappy with such a silly thought.

"Sigh!" w.a.n.g Bing closed his mouth tightly, then shook his head, while letting out a sigh.

"Hehe… You did a great job today!" Chen Fan waved his hands, trying to boost his spirits. "Let's go! Let me treat you to a big feast to reward you."

"OK!" w.a.n.g Bing brightened up with joy, as he made some gestures before entering into the driver's seat.

Sitting in the car, Chen Fan embraced Wu Ruoyu. Although his mouth was talking about serious matters, his hands kept roaming across her body.

"Stop that! I'm ticklis.h.!.+" Wu Ruoyu blushed, as she reclined her body halfway towards the other side, while covering herself with her arms tightly.

"Then, tell me which area isn't ticklish, and I will touch that place!" Chen Fan shamelessly kept comin at her. Just when he wanted to do something bad, the ringing from the phone in his pocket disturbed his plans.

Taking it out and looking at the number, Chen Fan immediately was embarrassed. Noticing that Wu Ruoyu was not paying any attention to him, he quickly pressed on the accept call b.u.t.ton.

"Brother Chen Fan, will you still be coming back for lunch?" The little student Yun Meng spoke in a soft tone.

"I have something going on over here at the moment, which I am not able to walk away from." Maybe it was because Chen Fan felt guilty, but when he spoke, he sounded like he had something to hide. He wanted to let Yun Meng know his intentions, without Wu Ruoyu noticing that the call was from her.

"Oh…" Yun Meng sounded a little disappointed.

"Is that Yun Meng?" Wu Ruoyu turned her flushed face over, then pouted playfully. "Let her join us. How could you have the heart to leave her at home?"

Due to the Nokia phone's good audio quality and the fact that the car was so quiet that even the engine could not be heard, Wu Ruoyu had managed to hear the voice on the other end of the line. However, she had always thought that Yun Meng was just an adopted daughter, who was taken in by Chen Fan's family, so she didn't think much more about it.

However, Yun Meng had also heard the voices on the other end of the line…

"Are you together with big sister Ruoyu right now?" Yun Meng's voice had a sad tone to it, for seemingly no reason.

"Yup!" Chen Fan's throat and eyes started to turn dry. His scalp was getting numb, as his thoughts quickly operated at 1,000 spins per minute!

"Just now, I was with your big brother w.a.n.g Bing and big sister Wu Ruoyu. We were settling some troublesome matters regarding the ships at the dock. We just finished, so how about I come back to pick you up, then we can all go out for a meal?" Chen Fan was praying strongly that she would not accept, but his facial expression remained just as usual, without any irregularity to be seen, as he did not want to Wu Ruoyu to get suspicious.

He also wanted to be sure to let Yun Meng understand that there was nothing happening between them, other than just a normal business relationship.

"Now, because of business matters, I have to treat her for a meal. Since, Yun Meng, you are so understanding, I am sure you would not hold up beautiful big sister's time and make us to purposely return to pick you up, right?" he cooed into the phone.

"No need, no need. The rice is already cooked. It would be a waste for me to not eat it." Yun Meng really did not disappoint Chen Fan!

But Wu Ruoyu did disappoint Chen Fan…

"Let her come too, okay?" Wu Ruoyu shook Chen Fan's arms. "We shall go to the restaurants beside the Polan District. There are a few restaurants there that serve tasty food. It is also nearer to your home!"

How can you be so stubborn? Chen Fan helplessly thought to himself. What should I do now?

Saying any more would definitely result in a worse outcome, since it would seem like he was trying to hide something. Once she got suspicious, she would simply need to talk to Yun Meng for a while, then she would know everything!

After all, Yun Meng and Wu Ruoyu were not fools. There was a 100,000 percent chance that the both of them would understand the situation at the same time. He was having two lovers at the same time! The consequences were so serious, that the results of their both finding out would be extremely unpredictable!

"Yup, that's a good idea!" Chen Fan agreed with a smile, then said in the call, "We are going to eat at the district entrance. Wait for us at the main entrance of the district. We will be there in a while."

Hanging up, Chen Fan smiled in an extremely natural manner. "Later, don't tell her that we just had a fight with Koreans, because she would definitely report it to my parents."

"I know!" Wu Ruoyu intimately pinched Chen Fan's nose.

Chen Fan smiled, as he pressed on the control b.u.t.ton for the front mirror to roll down, so that he could tell w.a.n.g Bing to head back to the Polan District. Twenty minutes later, after the Maybach had just arrived at the main entrance of the Polan District, they could already see Yun Meng, who was waiting in her school uniform.

It was undeniable that Yun Meng could already make countless females jealous. Her tender white skin and slim yet curvy body could leave countless boys in awe. Her beauty was somehow innocent, attractive, and seductive.