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Chapter 1058 1054He thought that she would be infuriated because of this and on top of that, he also thought that she would treat him indifferently.However, none of his expectations were like what was happening now.

She seemed to have accepted everything calmly without any complaints.

His apology was of no use at all.

His explanation was redundant as he did not even get the chance to speak up.

It was all due to the fact that she was smiling as if nothing had happened.

The abrupt feeling of being obstructed from her heart was far more agonizing than her being indifferent toward him.

She probably had noticed his presence on the side. After all, those people were chatting and giggling while he stood there like a stickman, appearing rather eye-catching.

She glanced in his direction and thought for a while before saying, “Don't you need to accompany Ms. Xiao? You can actually bring her along when you pay me a visit next time.”

At that moment, he thought that he had misheard it.

However, her voice was so clear.

It was so clear to the extent that his ears hurt a bit.

Does she ask me to bring along another woman?

In other words, does it mean that she won't care who I will be with anymore?

Perhaps his expression was beyond her expectation, thus she continued to explain, “You don't have to worry about it. I won't break the relationship between you two. What I meant is, you don't have to force yourself to come here alone, you can bring her along too. I might have behaved a little bit mean before, but believe me, I will not impede you two anymore.”

He believed her and due to his trust for her, he was instantly numb toward the surroundings by her words.

In fact, Lan Ya had predicted that he would come here.

After all, it was him, who helped her during the evocation.

She thought that was good enough.

She also heard from her brother that her father intended to keep a distance from the Chen family.

She then understood the reason why he was here.

Firstly, it was because he was still slightly concerned about her.

Secondly, he was here because of guilt.

As for the third reason, she was thinking the same as him. No matter what happened to both of them, they should not affect the relationship between the two families.

However, he kept silent since he arrived as though he was being forced by someone to come here. Hence, she did not know how to deal with it.

At this moment, she could not tell to what extent he would believe in her.

However, it was rea.s.suring to know that so far he did not a.s.sume that everything was planned ahead by her.

In order to make him believe in her, she tilted her head to look at someone who was still feeding her soup. She pulled him over and uttered, “I'll probably mingle with this guy more often in the future so I will not have time to annoy you anymore. You can get along well with Ms. Xiao, and probably we can have a meal together in the future when the opportunity comes. So now you don't have to worry that I might embarra.s.s her again when I see her. Both Uncle Chen and Aunt Chen are aging, you should take her home, uh, seems like I've talked too much.”

“Now you know?” Someone rolled his eyes and put the soup bowl aside.

She knew she should not involve someone in this, but she did not know how to make him trust her if she did not do so.

To be honest, she could not avoid meeting him in the future.

He always said nothing, and this had caused her to subconsciously think of their past.

That was too tiring.

Moreover, his actions gave her a false illusion as though he still cared about her.

In fact, she knew very clearly how he behaved when he really cared for someone.

Especially when he was facing Xiao Qingqiu, he was extremely gentle.

Thus, she would rather disregard his worries as a buddy.

She thought there was something she had to explain clearly to eliminate his guilt, just that she did not know how to tell him because he was too quiet.

Chen Zhendong was indeed very quiet because he had never imagined how it would actually feel at this point.

She held the hand of another man right in front of him. She even revealed that she would pester that person in the days to come, and she would never bother him again.

At that moment, his throat was so dry that it induced pain.

He watched her turn to someone else before him with his bare eyes.

His heart felt as if someone had cut a hole in it with a knife.

The cold blood oozed out of his heart and spread across every part of his body.

She really doesn't want me anymore.

It's very normal, isn't it?

How does she transform into who she is today?

High fever, mood swings, and not being rescued in time.

Which one is not related to me?

She could still flash a smile at him due to their childhood relationship.

Other than that, she would not turn back again.

Chen Zhendong knew he was late, but he was not aware that he was late to this extent.

At this time, his heart experienced a complete hollowness.

All that was left was a terrible gastric pain.

She seemed to be concerned that he would not believe her words, hence, she added, “The store owner whom you've met should have told you everything I wanted to say, but I know you are still worried about it. I understand this is related to my previous records, however, I will go through the application process for going abroad after I am discharged from the hospital. I even have my visa already, you could check with your father, it's all true, I'm not pulling a smart trick.”

“I never thought that it's your trick!” He could not help it anymore, thus he growled, but obviously, the effect was always different than expected.

Silence reigned in the ward because of his unpleasant voice.

Her smile stunned for an instant. She then uttered, “Well, let's get along well in the future then. However, there is something I would like to make clear with you. Zhendong, a car accident is a natural disaster, no one can avoid it, it's just like death. King of h.e.l.l wanted to summon you at the third watch, he would never keep you till the fifth. Having fever and feeling depressed are just a coincidence along the time of the car accident, so you do not have to feel guilty. My car accident is not related to you, moreover, if it was not for you, there is no way I could return. I am well aware of the evocation. Zhendong, I'm grateful that you have stood out to help me. I really could not figure out where my home was at that time and I was wandering around for a long time. If it was not for your voice, I would not be able to wake up anymore. Thus, even if you feel that you are sorry for me, you've already made up for it. Chen Zhendong, I do not owe you anything, likewise, you do not owe me anything too, we do not owe each other. You really do not need to feel guilty.”

He wanted to refute her and wanted to tell her that he never did this because of guilt.

He appeared here simply because he felt the urge to see her.

Why does she let me off so easily? She did not even throw a temper tantrum at me.

Just like what she has just said, both of us do not owe each other anything…

Why, why is she acting so cruel?

Just as Chen Zhendong wanted to say something, Lan Shi chased everyone out of the ward on the grounds of doctor's inspection.

She did have a check-up to do. She smiled at him with pale lips, and her face even glowed with light. “Just so, Zhendong, although you may not trust my words, I sincerely hope that you will be blessed with happiness in the future.”

Upon saying this, she was carried and placed in a wheelchair by that man, and slowly vanished before him.

In the corridor of the enormous hospital, his presence was the least welcome…