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"We don't have time for this." He kissed her again to shut her up. But she pulled her head back. "Curtis, seriously, we have to hurry."

"I gave us plenty of time. I know how you are about getting somewhere on time. I set the clocks ahead for us." He lowered his head to her nipple and took the tip into his mouth. "Hum, just what I needed to start my day."

"I should be upset with-oh yes, Curtis, again."

He slid his finger into her heat and pinched her c.lit.

"Please make me come."

"Not yet. I want to drink from you when you do." Dropping to his knees, he turned her so that she could sit on the seat in the stall. "You should know that it was my plan to do this last night, but you were sleeping so soundly that I couldn't wake you."

"Less talking and more s.e.x." She leaned back and looked at him through hooded eyes. "Please."

He opened her thighs wider and kissed her gently. He pulled her forward on the bench seat until she was on the very edge. Water slid down his back and he wondered how much hotter it had gotten since they'd entered here.

Lowering his head, he slid his fingers into her again. She was wet and hot, tight and hard. Suckling her c.lit, he brought her to her first of what he hoped was many quick climaxes this morning.

Her nectar was sweet and spicy and he lapped greedily at her. When she started to rise up to try and get more from him he pulled her closer to him and ate at her. Christ, she was coming around his tongue. The more he ate at her c.lit and p.uss.y, the wetter she became and her climaxes were getting stronger as well.

Standing up, she reached for him. Licking her lips, she wrapped her hand around him and he nearly let her take him into her mouth. But he needed to be inside of her and if she even touched him, he was going to go.

Curtis sat on the bench when he stood her up. He noticed she was trembling and he held her while he positioned himself. Once he was where he wanted to be Curtis pulled her forward and helped her straddle his lap. Lowering her over his c.o.c.k, he nearly came when she brushed his mouth with her nipple. Grabbing a mouthful of her flesh he took as much as he could into him and nipped none too gently at her.

"Please, Curtis. Please?"

He moved her over him more and fisted his c.o.c.k. Sliding over him, she rode his thick head as he continued to take more of her. By the time she seated herself onto him he was ready to explode. When she didn't move he pulled her hips closer to him.

"I love you."

He stopped moving and looked at her. His mind was a blaze of lust.

"I love you very much."

Curtis leaned his forehead onto hers. "I love you as well. I've loved you forever and ever."

She lifted her head. "You should know that if I didn't need you as much as you seemed to need me I would have kicked your ass for lying to me."

He nodded. "Yes, ma'am. I'll remember that next time." He pulled her hips forward. "Do you think we can finish this before my b.a.l.l.s explode?"

She threw back her head and he took her nipple again. Standing, he pressed her against the tile wall and took her as gently as he could. Slow, even strokes filled her and gave him such incredible pleasure that he thought he could do this all day. When she nipped at his earlobe Curtis cried out and came.

There had been no warning from his body, only that sensation seconds before he came. He was still rocking into her sheath when she came with a scream. Curtis had to stand holding onto the wall for several minutes before he could move. Taking her to the sink, he sat her down and held her. His body was drained. For now.

They were walking in the door to the courthouse when his cell phone went off. He grinned when he saw who it was. Laughing, he answered his mom.

"We're here. Running just a tad behind." He looked over at Kylie and smiled. "Kylie was on time. It was me that was late."

"Get in here now. The judge doesn't have all day." She was laughing and told him she loved him. "Your brothers aren't as patient as I am."

He closed the phone and pulled Kylie into his arms for one more kiss. Then they went to the elevators. She had begged him for a courthouse wedding and he couldn't help but give her whatever she wanted. But that didn't mean he couldn't make it special.

As soon as the doors slid open the band started. They began playing the wedding march as they stepped out. His brother Royce took her arm and Curtis stepped away to move to where the judge, as well as a couple of Kylie's friends and Kasey, stood. Everyone was set.

As Royce brought her to him, both his brothers stood beside him. Curtis winked at his mom. This was all he could hope for. Especially when he thought of what might have been.

The money they'd found hadn't come easy. There were laws governing it, as well as the jewels. But after postponing the wedding three times they could no longer wait on the courts to make their decision. They wanted to begin their life as man and wife. Plus, his mom really wanted them wed.

"You happy?"

Curtis glanced at his brother Daniel who he knew had something to do with them being together all along.

"You love her, don't you?"

"Yes." Kylie was only a few steps away when he turned and looked at Daniel. "Why would I be marrying her if I didn't?"

"I was afraid that I'd called your hand."

Curtis looked at him, confused.

"At the dance. I wanted to make you jealous so...nothing happened between us. I knew then that you loved her."

Kylie stood before him and he looked at Daniel once more. "I have never loved anyone more in all my life as I do this woman." He hugged his brother before taking Kylie from Royce. "And I love you all as well."

Kylie kissed him and turned to the judge. "Can we get this show on the road before we have a crying fest with the Hunter boys?"

Everyone laughed as they took their places. Curtis leaned over and nipped at her ear. "You're so going to pay for that."

"I certainly hope so. I really do."

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h.e.l.lo! My name is Kathi Barton and I'm an author. I have been married to my very best friend Sonny for at times seems several lifetimes in a good way, honey. And together we have three wonderful children and then the ones we brought into the world - Paul and Dale Barton, Jason and Wendy Barton and Danielle and Ben Conklin. They have given us seven of the greatest treasures on Earth. They don't live at home seven days a week! No, seriously, seven grandchildren Gavin, Spring, Ben, Trinity, Sarah, Kelly and Kian.

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