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Huan Qing Yan gritted her teeth in anger, "Reincarnated girl, any ideas?"

"Nothing, my willpower is weaker than yours, so I will not be able to hold back the effects for even a minute…"

At that moment, 'Madam Huan' leaned against the side of the door, it seemed that she would act as a sentry for Huan Ying Hu; she even made sure to lock the door.

In her hand, was also a piece of image stone and it was aimed at Huan Qing Yan direction… they seemed to have come here with many plans in mind.

She urged, "Young Master Hu, go ahead, it is better to get this done as soon as possible."

Huan Ying Yu pounced towards Huan Qing Yan…

At that instant, 'Bang!' a loud sound was heard.

A large hole appeared on top of the st.u.r.dy roof!

A gentleman in white robes appeared and came from the heavens; the exquisite and handsome face that seemed as though it was sculpted by a master was showing a rare expression of uncontrollable rage!

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Ji Mo Ya!

When he first arrived at the gates of the Huan Estate, he kept having this weird sense of unease, so he decided to use his divine sense to sweep through the estate, focusing on Tender Face Pavilion first. That was when he discovered the situation…

He had always been gentle and graceful, and would not easily express joy nor sorrow.

But at this moment, he had lost control.

With a flick, the Cosmos Brush appeared and pierced through Huan Ying Hu's chest. Huan Ying Hu was unable to utter a sound before he fell onto the ground from midair.

The woman guarding at the door was disguised as Madam Huan, allowing Ji Mo Ya to hold back a sense of reason, preventing him from dealing a death strike. Instead, the brush pierced her tight, causing the woman to scream painfully before falling as well.

Ji Mo Ya looked at Huan Qing Yan. She was currently in a state of self-injury; her clothes had all been torn off, leaving nothing to hide her modesty, and a large amount of bleeding scratches appeared on her chest as well.

The drug was extremely potent; if the person was unable to get a man, she would begin to inflict injuries on herself. Consequently, the drug would cause an insatiable itch throughout the body, causing the victim to scratch frantically…

Ji Mo Ya's gaze darkened, he was feeling both anger and pain at the sight, so he quickly took off his outer robe and wrap her in it. Before the serving girls and maids arrived, he circled his arm around Huan Qing Yan's waist and left through the hole on the roof. Everything happened in a flash.

Huan Qing Yan only felt herself leaning on a cool jade-like thing, making her feel slightly better than before; however, the heat that was ravaging through her body did not reduce at all. On the contrary, it became even more intense.

She stretched her hands to feel that piece of cool jade while pulling her body towards it, to increase the amount of contact.


However, that was still not enough, so she used her legs and hugged it before she began to gently rub herself against it. All she noticed was that the jade became stiff for a moment, and at the same time, she also discovered a familiar fragrance, causing her to relax.

This led her to uncontrollably tighten her embrace against the cool jade; after a few moments, she felt that the cool jade slowly started to heat up as well.

Huan Qing Yan began to twist her body in discomfort and had once again tore the robe that Ji Mo Ya gave her into pieces…

Ji Mo Ya had just managed to bring Huan Qing Yan into the carriage when that happened.

"To the Aged Consulate."

No one replied, but the carriage began to move at a much faster speed than it normally did.

Huan Qing Yan was constantly rubbing against him while he held her in his arms, then she suddenly tore up the robe he gave her. Having an unrestrained view of everything, her proud peaks were performing crimes directly in front of him. This caused Ji Mo Ya's breathing to roughen by a few factors.

Ji Mo Ya was the heir of a top clan and had been educated on things regarding women and lust since young; it was to the point that he would not be easily be shaken even if a woman delivers herself to him. However, for some reason, he was beginning to lose his usual calm today.


This lass was really effective at grinding his willpower.

Not only did she remove her own clothes, she was also beginning to remove his; her pair of small hands had roamed through his whole body once already.

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