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His intention was clear; since he had already seen her bare naked, why bother to move away now?

Fine then, he wins!

Huan Qing Yan was not particular; she ran to a standing screen near her bed and changed behind it. She saw the injuries on her chest as well as the residual medicinal fragrance coming from it and the wounds had already formed scabs, she also remembered that these were self-inflicted.

The medicinal paste was applied by Ji Mo Ya?

Her face immediately heated up; she could not think further or her lovestruck symptoms would resurface.

While changing, her mouth did not rest, "That's right, Young Master Ya, have you met people with two spirit treasures before?"

Ji Mo Ya lazily replied, "This Young Master is one."

"Woah, did your spirit treasures get into a fight too?"

"What do you think…" To have one's own two spirit treasures fighting each other, he estimated that Huan Qing Yan was likely the only person in the whole world that would experience that.

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Huan Qing Yan suddenly remembered the hand she was sucking blood from, it seemed to be Ji Mo Ya's right hand.

Regarding spirit treasure imprints, it would normally be on the spirit master's wrist, males on their left hand while females on their right hand. Her first spirit treasure imprint was on her right wrist.

As for a man's first spirit treasure, it should be on their left wrist. When she drank from Ji Mo Ya's right hand, she remembered seeing a spirit treasure imprint on his wrist.

When her mind cleared up, she instinctively avoided asking about it as her instincts were telling her that it should be a very important secret.

Why did his blood possess such a strange fragrance?

That pure and large amount of spirit energy within his blood would not lose out in quality and quantity when compared to the rarest of food ingredients that could be discovered…

Just that fact alone would make people want to kidnap him, harvesting his blood daily for cultivation like an animal so that they could improve their cultivation rapidly…

In addition, she felt that the reason she was able to awaken a second spirit treasure might be related to drinking his blood.

Would she be silenced for discovering such a huge secret?

While Huan Qing Yan was running her thoughts wild, her vision suddenly blurred as Ji Mo Ya suddenly appeared in from of her. Huan Qing Yan was currently only in her underwear, so she frantically tried to use her clothes to hide her body; in the end, she tripped and fell, causing the screen to fall along due to her…

Huan Qing Yan screamed, "Hey, how could you do that? How could you peek at a girl while she is changing…"

The next second, she entered Ji Mo Ya's embrace, and a deep, elegant voice replied, "Am I peeking? I am looking openly."


That familiar fragrance had once again entered her nostrils; if it wasn't due to the fact that she was already full, it was likely that she would have wanted to drink more.

Other than the strange fragrance, there was also a familiar feeling - the unique manly scent of Ji Mo Ya.

While she was experiencing an steadily increasing beating heart, she also felt peaceful and stable, the two extreme emotions gave her an inexplicable feeling.

His hug was not as passionate as other men; it contained a small trace of coolness that would make the person unwilling to separate from.

Huan Qing Yan was unable to react for the moment. All she wanted was to continue be embraced by him till the end of times.

She seemed to have fallen for him, what to do?

This was a rather serious matter; their status was immeasurably far apart, so she might never have a good ending with him…

If there's no good ending, then she must not fall any deeper. There's still time for her to remove herself out of this.


Although Huan Qing Yan might be a lovestruck idiot at this moment, her logic was still able to function well.

She gently wormed her way out of his embrace and smiled, "Young Master Ya, you have saved Qing Yan repeatedly, yet, Young Master Ya is also a n.o.ble gentleman, there is no need for Qing Yan to marry you out of gratitude. Although words could not express my gratitude, all Qing Yan could say now is a word of thanks. In the future, if you have any use for Qing Yan, Young Master can tell me immediately; Qing Yan guarantees that she will do her utmost, even if it meant going through unforeseeable dangers…"

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