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A+ A- Chapter 319

The position of wife of the Ji Mo Clan’s Young Master was not something that a person like her could handle.

The Young Master was truly miserable this time.

This was his first time trying to kidnap a girl to go with him, yet he was plainly rejected.

Mo Si decided to treat the Young Master better from now on. He would no longer nag at him so that he could feel how loyal and caring his subordinate could be…

Idle talk aside, Mo Si followed the plan that was decided earlier on and took action.

After selecting multiple individuals with similar figures as Ji Mo Ya and disguising them to make them look similar to him, the individuals were then assigned a few Feather Guards before they left the capital under the cover of darkness, each heading towards a different direction.

The purpose of the group of demons that infiltrated recently had been confirmed; their target was the Young Master.

The demons had never held back their resources when it came to assassinating the young geniuses of the humans.

This time, a Demon King was said to be sent!

Only humans who have reached the level of King Spirit Master could handle Demon Kings.

And the King Spirit Master that was closest to the Hanging Cloud Empire was still a few days of travel away, so they had to come up with as many plans as possible to buy time.

Unfortunately, Little Xing Han did not awaken his spirit treasure after taking Ji Mo Ya’s drop of blood.

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But his body did have an obvious growth spurt while his strength and various attributes also improved.

Huan Qing Yan broke her usual routine today and did not enter the dimension to cultivate.

She simply laid down on her bed, twisting and turning as sleep eluded her.

The scene where Ji Mo Ya punished her with an aggressive kiss surfaced in her mind while in the next moment, she remembered that lonely back that walked away…

Her face blushed and paled from one moment to the other. It felt as though a wall was stuffed into her heart, making it exceptionally unbearable.

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She had rejected Young Master Ya, and looking at Young Master Ya’s emotionless reaction at the end, he must be very angry with her.

What would he think of her now?

The reincarnated girl sighed, “Huan Qing Yan, I thought you would agree to go with him and be his concubine, it surprised me…”

“Why would I? I have said before that I would never be a concubine no matter how much I like him. We are not fated to be together, so I should just let it be, and focusing on improving my cultivation is the supreme way,” Huan Qing Yan replied sadly.

“Right, you should focus on training. In this trip to the Surging Waves Academia, you can expect to find many rare spirit plants that could be used to improve the rank of the dimension. The academy also has True Spirit Grass which is an important item that needs to be consumed for breaking through and becoming a True Spirit Master. True Spirit Grasses are exceptionally rare, only the Four Great Academies grows them…”

The reincarnated girl also went to the Surging Waves Academia in her previous life, the Bai trash was the one that brought her along; by using her status as his fiancé, he used her to prepare spirit dishes, treating her like his personal chef and servant.

Although she was not considered an official student of the academy, she had a rather deep understanding and knowledge about their situation.

Huan Qing Yan also managed to learn some information from those memories of hers.

“I know.”

The reincarnated girl continued, “After witnessing so many things, my hatred has also reduced greatly. Huan Meng Yue is now locked in prison for death row, it is likely that she will not be able to escape this time. As for Bai Chen Feng, since he had viciously dumped Huan Meng Yue, my hatred and insistence of revenge against him had also reduced greatly as taking revenge does not serve much purpose anymore.”

Huan Qing Yan was both surprised and expectant at her words.

From the many telltale signs, she observed that the reincarnated girl did not really need Bai Chen Feng to die, she only wanted Huan Meng Yue to die.

Huan Meng Yue had caused her to suffer so terribly before. Now that her death was more or less decided while the crown prince had also died, it was true that there was no longer any need for revenge, that’s if Bai Chen Feng was taken out of the picture.

The reincarnated girl said, “My vengeance has been fulfilled while my family is also safe and fine, so you have my deepest gratitude and thanks. However, I was framed for colluding with demons during my stay in Surging Waves Academia, causing me to become the sinner of humans. I really want to know who is the person that made that accusation. Once we find that out, I will leave.”