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“I will also not be involved with the matter between you and Young Master Ya. After I leave, I hope you do not repeat my steps. Men are all unreliable; in this world, the only thing you can rely on is yourself! You have high potential and would surely achieve great things in the future, and when that happens, you can choose any man you like.”

Huan Qing Yan did not mention about the rough declaration of the reincarnated girl.

After a night of silence.

Dawn broke in a blink of an eye. Huan Qing Yan decided to enter the dimension.

The meal this morning would be the last, so she wished to make something good for him to eat.

Young Master Ya had treated her so well, she had no other way than to repay his kindness through making food.

There are only two rare spirit plants within the dimension.

The first is the Ink Jade Lingzi, the second is the Flower of Scavenging.

Huan Qing Yan decided to invest a big one this time. She dug out both ingredients and planned to let Ji Mo Ya taste them.

The Ink Jade Lingzi’s sprouts had reached waist high. Huan Qing Yan took a hoe and dug for half a day before she managed to retrieve the ingredient underground.

Huan Qing Yan was surprised, “Why does it look like potatoes? Multiple baby fist-sized Ink Jades could be seen growing from one root.”

“Is there something wrong? Ink Jade Lingzi is said to grow only within deep mountainous regions, so why did it turn into a potato-like plant when it is planted within my dimension? Is it due to the environment within the dimension?”

Huan Qing Yan was full of unanswerable questions.

With the suspicious feelings, she dug the largest piece out and buried the remaining ones.

The plant was not completely matured yet, so it should be able to continue growing.

When a rare spirit plant matured, the dimension would display a notification.

After digging the Ink Jade Lingzi, she looked at the direction where the Flower of Scavenging was planted. The Flower of Scavenging grew much faster than the Ink Jade Lingzi. Beside the main blooming flower, there were already many small flower buds growing.

Huan Qing Yan generously snipped the main flower with a pair of scissors without feeling any heartache.

She drew a basin of well water and soaked the flower in it.

After the two main ingredients were harvested, Huan Qing Yan went to the Medicinal Food Room to select a blood boosting medicinal recipe.

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Ji Mo Ya’s ginseng spirit treasure was constantly being targeted by people, so she wanted to help boost his blood just in case a worst-case scenario happened.

After some searching, she saw a Blood Enriching recipe: Red Date Lingzi Soup, ability to enrich and boost the blood…

When Huan Qing Yan saw it, ‘Lingzi?’

There are various kinds of Lingzi, Dragon Lingzi, Pill Lingzi, White Lingzi, Cloud Lingzi, etc…

Didn’t she possess Ink Jade Lingzi?

Huan Qing Yan immediately decided to try using the Ink Jade Lingzi to see if it could be used to create this medicinal food.

The Ink Jade Lingzi is a rare spirit plant that is useful even for someone who had reached the level of True Spirit Master. However, if it was eaten raw, there will be no boost to its spirit energy value; while her Inheritance Room was still at Basic Rank, so she had no access to related cooking recipes.

So why not use it to prepare medicinal food?!

Within the damp underground prison.

The smell of rot permeated the air while the light within was dull and suppressed.

Bai Chen Feng was wearing a red robe with white cloud prints, displaying a tyrannical yet devilish charm, showing the form of a king.

His presence was extremely incompatible with this damp underground prison, while his body was emitting a chilling emotionless intent.

Huan Meng Yue, dressed shabbily with messy hair, was clinging on to Bai Chen Feng’s leg for dear life.

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She was crying while begging.

“My lord, save Meng Yue! Meng Yue can no longer stay here another day…”

With his cold and emotionless voice, Bai Chen Feng pointed at the corpses within the prison and asked, “You did this?”