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She longer wished to be compliant.

Huan Qing Yan searched the library and was able to find books related to the topic.




And many others…

Only the first portion of each book was readable, once you've read about ten percent of the book the remaining information would be sealed and required the use of credits to continue reading.

Huan Qing Yan opened the first book, >, it disclosed the method of splitting your soul into two parts and implanting one of it into another body. After reading the first ten percent, Huan Qing Yan started the second book >  and jumped in shock when she read its contents.

It talked about embedding a weak soul into a normal person's body; the soul would absorb the energy of the host and nourishe itself.

Huan Qing Yan thought back to the time when she first encountered the reincarnated girl; at that time her soul was weak and incomplete but br.i.m.m.i.n.g with resentment. Only later on did she slowly remember many things, such as Ji Mo Ya being ambushed within the Five Black Mountains.Her thoughts and feelings no longer hindered by her malice.

Even now she was able to rob control of the body and engaged in a passionate conversation with Bei Chen Feng, for more than a few minutes.

In the past, she couldn't even last for a minute.

What does this mean?

Her soul was slowly getting stronger, it was very similar to the circumstances recorded within the dairy.

Huan Qing Yan felt even more unsettled, what is the reincarnated girl scheming?

The Soul Nourishing Diary also stated that if you encounter a soul using your body as a host, you need to banish it decisively when it was weak regardless of the reason.If the soul becomes powerful, its very likely that it would seize the hosts body for its own. As for the banishing method, it was at the latter part of the book and was unviewable by Huan Qing Yan .

The book required 500 credits to continue reading.

Huan Qing Yan felt frustrated, she had to think of a method to earn some credits as soon as possible.

Within an ancient palace made of bluestone.

Despite looking messy and irregular, it was in fact covered with all sorts of spell formations.

On the roof of this palace stood Ji Mo Ya receiving instructions from a mellow and rich voice from deep within the palace, "Little Ya, your injuries have yet to fully recover, why are you leaving again so soon?"

"There are incidents of students demonizing within Surging Wave Academy, as its vice headmaster I ought to go have a look. In addition, the Surging Wave Academy's Water Therapy Spell would also greatly improve the recovery rate of my injuries.Its effectiveness is comparable to our clan's Spirit Celestial Pond." Ji Mo Ya reported.

The voice pondered for a moment and approved his request.

Ji Mo Clan's Spirit Celestial Pond was a consumable type, its effectiveness would reduce every time it was used. Surging Wave Academia on the other hand was build on top of the rarely seen Spirit Energy Node, although the academy's Spirit Springwater Treatment was not effective as the Spirit Celestial Pond, but there was an unending amount of it.Thus, it was good place to healing injuries.

"Then go ahead, don't worry about the demon race and let it affect your cultivation state of mind.Every trial you encounter and face will become precious experience that will aid you in reaching the peak of humans. However, we have now increased the patrols along the borders of the two races, there will no longer be incidents of Demon Kings infiltrating into our territory."

Ji Mo Ya revealed a faint smile, "Thank you for your concern patriarch."

To be able to reach his current level, he had already seen through many things and learnt how to be insipid, the only knot in his heart was Huan Qing Yan.

"Then go."

Alpha Hall, Mission Lounge.

The place was bustling with activity, many people were moving about and checking out the missions.

At the front of the lounge was a Spirit Crystal Wall, rows of missions were being displayed on the wall…

Harvest food ingredients for the Dining Hall: One basket of Seaweed - 10 Credits; One Basket of Sea Silk - 15 Credits; One basket of Sea Urchin - 100 Credits…

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