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Teacher Kang was admonishing the new students of Alpha Hall.

"This Hall Master has discovered that a group of people have been spreading rumors; telling people that calling the plate spirit could enhance and strengthen your body and greatly increase your abilities, these are all complete nonsense! This is a forbidden spell in our Surging Wave Academia! Our Surging Wave Academia is constructed on one of the Spirit Nodes of the Spirit Treasure Continent…"

A student asked out of curiosity, "Hall Master, what is Spirit Node?"

"In the Spirit Treasure Continent, other than the Holy Court which is located on the center of a Spirit Energy Vortex. The Four Great Academies: Surging Wave, Nine State, Frozen Ice and Apex are all constructed on large scale Spirit Nodes, these locations increase our cultivating speed by more than three times as compared to other places, and the spirit plants that was nurtured here would also possess more than two to three times the amount of spirit energy. A good place like this, will also naturally attract the attention of the demons! What happens when we found out that demons have ideas of this place? Naturally, we will wipe them out!" Kang Hao Ming was speaking with great passion.

The new students that have gathered on the plaza of Alpha Hall were also listening with great excitement, everyone seemed to be imagining their great and prosperous future.

No wonder everyone fought with everything they had to obtain a spot in Surging Wave Academia.

It was unknown who shouted, "Wipeout the demons, glory to humanity."

Everyone began to pledge along as well.

Kang Hao Ming lowered his voice and said, "Some demons are special, they possessed a trait that prevents their souls from complete extermination, and as such, those that we cannot kill off completely, we sealed them instead. After sealing them for hundreds and thousands of years, the demon souls will be cleansed and slowly dissipate, turning into a cleansed energy that could be absorbed by the Spirit Node to increase some of its spirit energy. The so-called plate spirit that were summoned thru the forbidden spell, is in fact, the summoning of demon souls that were sealed underneath Surging Wave Academia! If you were lucky, the soul you summoned would have undergone cleansing, allowing you to obtain a boost in your abilities for a short period of time. If you are not that lucky, you would summon a soul that has not been cleansed, when it possesses your body, it would demonize you and turn you into a demon man!"

Upon hearing his words, some of the individuals went pale.

"So terrifying! I have heard so and so had used this forbidden spell…"

"Would they demonized during night while we were sleeping and devour everyone in the dorm?"

Kang Hao Ming gave his hand a wave, "The academia is currently taking strong measures against the forbidden spell, you must report anyone you know who have used the spell. As for those who have used the spell before, you better come out obediently and let us perform a check! If you are fine, you will naturally be released, if an anomaly is detected early, we can still give you treatment and save you. You should absolutely not depend on your luck!"

For a moment, there was an uproar among the 500 people within the plaza, and dozens of anxious people stand out of the formation…

Huan Qing Yan tested for another two days, trying to detect if anyone was monitoring her, before she entered the dimension.

She planted the three rare spirit plants she had obtained into the small stream within the dimension, now there were a total of five rare spirit plants within the dimension: Ink Jade Lingzi, Flower of Scavenging, Ocean Live Flower, Immortal Scarlet Root, Divine Ichthyosaur Scale.

The amount of Ink Jade Lingzi now was more than the others, so she can start having Ink Jade Lingzi.

As for the others, she needs to see if the rare spirit plants can survive and grow, if these can grow and multiply, then she would not have to worry about a lack of rare spirit plant ingredients of these types.

If they were unable to grow and multiply, then she would check if they were still edible and consume them!

In short, it cannot be wasted.

However, Huan Qing Yan was very confident in the mysterious abilities of the dimension, any living thing within it has grown and multiply so far.

When the Leaf and Pig Spirit Treasures both saw Huan Qing Yan's actions, they got unhappy as they both wanted to eat now. Huan Qing Yan took the opportunity to explain and educated them, telling them to be patient as well as describing the beautiful outcome in the future of doing this and only then did they stop making noise.

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