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Mo Si's heart stopped for a second, "Young Master, did your injuries get any better?"

Ji Mo Ya returned with a short, "To Surging Wave Academia."

His entire person had already left the mountain, heading towards and entering the Flowing Cloud Carriage that appeared in the sky.

Mo Si quickly sent out a whistle and multiple whistles immediately replied him.

The hundreds of Feather Guards that were hiding within the mountain range, immediately came out of camouflage, they quickly rearranged their gear before moving out…

Like an arrow out of its bowstring, they chased after the Flowing Cloud Carriage, if observers were to see them, they would feel awe at this unique and powerful looking sight.

When Mo Si finished the preparations, he entered the carriage and saw a calm looking Ji Mo Ya seated down, however, that unconscious act of Ji Mo Ya fingers tapping on the table top had exposed strongly fluctuating emotions deep within.

"Young Master, did you have something to do in Surging Wave Academia?"

"Mo Si, did you not notice anything strange on Yan Girl's body?" Ji Mo Ya suddenly asked a question.

Mo Si immediately knew that his Young Master's actions must be related to the little fat chick, that jinx!

He immediately replied, "Of course there is, her brain must be damaged, she abandoned a guy like Young Master for Bai Chen Feng. Erm, Young Master, Mo Si is just casually saying."

Ji Mo Ya seemed to be mumbling to himself instead, "That girl has too many anomalies on her, it is my fault for not paying attention, causing her more sufferings."

"Eh? Young Master!" Mo Si was unable to comprehend these thoughts, it was filled with pity yet one could notice the joy and happiness that was hidden within, what was happening?

Ji Mo Ya did not wish to explain further, there are many things that required him to verify first; he must first find her, "Use our fastest speed, to Surging Wave Academia."

Nan Gong Bei Cheng has been guarding outside the entrance of the Cliff of Reflection for many days already, each day went by boringly.

As a Nine-Star Spirit Master now, he could easily have moved to another Hall now.

Of the Seven Light Halls of Surging Wave Academia, the Beta Hall that he was currently at was considered a Basic Hall.

Most new students were Six-Star Spirit Masters when they first joined, only if they performed well within two years, would they be able to promote and enter Beta Hall.

Beta Hall was mostly filled with Seven-Star Spirit Masters, while Eight-Star Spirit Masters could be promoted to join the Intermediate Rank Hall - Delta Hall, while Nine-Star Spirit Masters could be promoted to join the High Rank Hall - Epilson Hall. When one becomes a True Spirit Master, they could join the Elite Hall - Gamma Hall, and when one becomes a True Spirit Master, they can be promoted to join either Zeta Hall or Eta Hall.

However, he could not be bothered about Hall promotion. He was too used to his self-centered and unrestrained ways, how could a member of the Eight Great Clans have no character?

If he did not want to be promoted, then he won't. He was used to staying within Beta Hall and he found it troublesome to make new buddies and get used to his new environment when moving to a new Hall.

His current reputation could allow him to do whatever he wants in the first four Halls, anyone in these halls would have to give way for him if they do not want trouble.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng felt bored from guarding here for so many days, so he decided to start collecting protection fees.

All students from the first four halls that wants to leave the Cliff of Reflection must go through him.

"Brother, I congratulate you for leaving the Cliff of Reflection, you must be a better person from now on, this bro is here to receive you…"

When these students saw him, they all felt gratified.

However, that changed soon after, "Do you feel touched? There's no need to say any word of thanks! Use your actions to express your thanks instead! See how this bro has been waiting outside here to grandly receive you, won't you feel bad if you don't give me a ten or a dozen spirit stones before you go?"

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