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"Of course." Ji Mo Ya did not mention that both souls looked alike, neither did he mentioned the term, reincarnated girl.

Ji Mo Ya's instincts were telling him that something was not right somewhere, and this information might be related to some heaven defying secret.

It was not something that could be casually discussed with others.

He could just wait till Little Yan awakened to ask her.

Elder Snow rubbed his hands and happily said, "That's great! It is only because it is you, her conscious did not reject you instinctively; if it had been someone else who entered, it would have been difficult for them to enter. Only by her having absolute trust in you, were you allowed entrance into her sea of conscious. You should let this lass recover post haste, this old man can't wait to eat her medicinal food."

Ji Mo Ya's mood was also much relaxed than before, now that the greatest threat has been removed, Yan Lass's condition would at least not deteriorate any further.

It was fortunate that he entered her sea of conscious in time to aid her; if he had left the situation to be, the two souls would likely engage in combat again and should that happened, the consequences would be unthinkable.

"Elder Snow, what are the items under the heavens that heals and restores the soul?"

Having been a Half Sage back then, Elder Snow has lived for over a millennium and possessed broad knowledge.

Elder Snow pondered for a moment, "There are many things that might suppress or attack the soul, but items that could restore the soul were few, how badly damaged is the lass?"

"Nothing was intact, the shape of a human was already indiscernible…" Ji Mo Ya's irises shrunk as an invisible pain pierced his heart.

"That… that is too serious, if it were an ordinary injury then the soul stones used within the Tyrant King Lizard Cave would sufficed. Those stones could be used to form a spell formation that could nurture and heal the soul."

Elder Snow thought for a while longer, "This old man still has this faint impression that the root of a Nine Star Treasure Vine have a powerful ability of nurturing and healing the soul. This vine is a rare spirit plant that could be grinded into powder and mixed with water for consumption. Other than that, this old man did not think of anything else."

Ji Mo Ya carried the still unconscious Huan Qing Yan, this Nine Star Treasure Vine must be quickly found and obtained, "Thank you Elder Snow, this junior shall take his leave."

Elder Snow added, "You can try the Holy Court, their treasury might have some stored."

Ji Mo Ya had already disappeared, with Huan Qing Yan in his arms.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng had been guarding outside the Spirit Spring Forbidden Grounds for over half a day.

The Spirit Spring Forbidden Grounds was not a place where ordinary people could enter whenever they please, so he could only stand guard outside impatiently.

When he saw Ji Mo Ya carrying Huan Qing Yan, exiting, he immediately stood up, "Young Master Ya, what happened to the little beauty? How come she has fainted?"

As he spoke, his entire person drifted closer to them.

Only when Ji Mo Ya glared at him, did his lanky body halted its approach and glanced at Huan Qing Yan who was embraced within Ji Mo Ya's arms.

Ji Mo Ya raised an eyebrow as he saw that, had it was someone else who tried to block him, he would definitely ignore that person.

However, he had witnessed how this Nan Gong Bei Cheng had protected Huan Qing Yan during her imprisonment underground.

If Nan Gong Bei Cheng had not been around, there was no doubt that Huan Qing Yan would already be in the evil hands of Jin Da Zhong.

Ji Mo Ya tolerated his unhappiness and lightly replied, "Her soul has been greatly injured and needs to heal, there's no other problems other than that."

When Nan Gong Bei Cheng heard him, he jumped in shock, "It must be that b*tch Jin Da Zhong who used the Soul Search Technique to injure little beauty, yet he still dared to deny it! This bro will definitely be there to witness his punishment when he is sent for Deep Fry Execution!"

Ji Mo Ya broke his speech, "I wish to thank you once again for helping Yan Lass, this young master has said before that I owe you one, you can come find this young master to redeem the debt."