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The sound seemed to be very similar to the summoning call of a Phoenix Emperor! No, this was not the voice of the Phoenix Emperor, just something similar…

Can it be that the Phoenix Clan still exists within Spirit Treasure Continent? Or maybe it was simply from someone closely related to the Phoenix Clan?

As the eagle demon pondered, he felt his soul was being pressured within Huan Jiu Li's body and Huan Jiu Li's soul seems to be getting uncontrollably big; as it getting bigger and bigger…

An oppressive and powerful aura was emanating from it as it grew stronger as well.

Huan Jiu Li's body also started to transform, his burly body begun to grow fine downy feathers while his limbs started to extend and grow longer…

The eagle demon very quickly lost control of the body and was also in great shock.

"Huan Jiu Li, what happened to you Brat? What in the world is happening?"

The Huan Jiu Li who used to look honest and sincere no longer existed and his voice was filled with a magnetic charm that felt like it came from the deep recesses of ancient h.e.l.l, "I am of the Roc Clan, little eagle demon should leave, this one does not wish take thy life."

(Cuppa: The Roc here is also a type of mythical bird of Chinese lore called a Peng)

The eagle demon paled in fright and asked in reflex, "The Roc Clan? You are sealed earlier on? Who sealed you? Why did you give yourself a human disguise and why did you infiltrated their lands?"

With the Phoenix Clan gone, the Roc Clan would have become the overlord of the birds; however the Roc Clan has not meddled in external affairs over the past dozen plus years while the Half-Emperor of the Roc Clan had also not shown itself for a long time.

And the one the eagle demon was faced with…

When that thought occured to it, the eagle demon was left with half its life from fright!

It stuttered, "You… You… you are the Roc Emperor? How come had such a perfect disguise? Even to the point that you were able to create the spirit treasure that is unique to humans?"

"An ancient sealing technique. It sealed my soul, my entire strength, and allowed me to imitate the traits of those weak humans." 'Huan Jiu Li' sneered in disdain.

If he had not done so, he would be have been unable to live amongst humans.

The Holy Court possessed many various methods to detect and identify demons, but the sealing technique that he used could evade all these methods and the only exception was actions by those Sage level old freaks.

However, a Sage Realm powerhouse have not appeared amongst the humans for a long time.

"You, why did you do this? Did you have a motive, entering the Huan Family?" the eagle demon was feeling regretful, why did it chose Huan Jiu Li's body to possess? Possession of anyone else would have prevented this outcome.

This also explained why it was never able to control Huan Jiu Li's will no matter how hard it tried!

This fella was the Roc Emperor, and even in a sealed state, was also an existence that it was unable to control…

There was also a great secret involved!

"Motive? You do not have the qualifications to know."

As he spoke, 'Huan Jiu Li' stretched his pair of wings which transformed into a great pair of golden roc wings that covered many miles!

Had anyone looked up, they would have been shocked by the view of half the sky covered by it!

From the deep forests of the demon lands, countless birds flew towards Huan Jiu Li's direction; demonic energy filled the air as the sky turned dark mysteriously as thousands of demons celebrated.

Aside from its uncontrollable worship of the Roc Emperor, the eagle demon only other thought was that he had finally reached his end!

"Roc Emperor, please let me off this time. Roc Emperor…"

'Huan Jiu Li' deep voice rumbled, "There has not been any sages or emperors appearing in Spirit Treasure Continent since a long time again. This king was once a Half-Emperor, but after being sealed, my powers were reduced and am only a King Rank now. Little Eagle Demon, this king wishes to completely unseal myself now; you should go now!"

He used a tone one reserved for talking to an ant.

During its peak, the Eagle Demon was also an early stage King Rank. Later on, it got greedy for the spirit treasures of humans and wanted to eat them to improve its cultivation; that was why it entered the human lands and ended up being discovered. The fight that ensued caused it to be greatly injured and made him hid within Hanging Cloud Empire to heal itself.

Yet now, he has been referred to as a small eagle demon by the Roc King; he felt vexed and chagrined at that thought.