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As a prank Ji Mo Ya placed his hand under her nose to let her have a whiff of his scent, yet she had no reaction.

In the past, she was so excited about his blood, yet now she did not move; it seemed that she lost  her sense of smell.

Ji Mo Ya deliberately waved his hand under her nose a couple more times and while looking at this lifeless looking little thing with shiny eyes, he spoke, "This is good, this young master would not need to worry that someone would sneakily drink my blood while I'm asleep."

At that thought, he laughed alone.

That smile froze on his face and he released a long sigh, "Little Yan, do you have to go so far? This young master only gave you a few days of freedom and you turned yourself into this state; you are too weak. When you recover, the first thing I will do is to increase your cultivation realm."

Mo Si was outside of the carriage, driving and at the same time non-verbally lamented, 'Young Master, that's enough! You have been talking to yourself throughout the journey. My pitiful young master, are you really pursuing the dark path and becoming a Wife Pampering Demon?'

'Where is that elegant n.o.ble young master! Where is that celestial-like poise!'

Mo Si was in an extreme state of awareness, he felt that his duty was to properly stand guard for his young master and to prevent outsiders from witnessing this awkward matter; else his Young Master's heroic image within Spirit Treasure Continent would be no more!

Just as Mo Si was immersed in his own thoughts, Mo Wu returned with several top-grade auction entry permits.

Mo Wu got them from Mo Qi who did not personally deliver them, her identity was to remain a secret.

The arrival of the entry permits will save his young master from that state of self-talk.

"Young Master, we have the entry permits here, we can enter now."

From within the carriage came Ji Mo Ya's lazy voice, "Then let's go in."

Upon their entrance into the auction house, a wave of heat greeted them.

Due to the overwhelming presence of too many people, the temperature within the building was much higher than outside of the walls.

The great central hall bustled with activity as the auction had yet to started.

However, Ji Mo Ya had a luxurious private room booked in advance and everyone felt much better  after they entered it.

This private room was sealed and protected with spell formations. From its window, the top view of the entire semicircle-shaped hall could be seen where rows of seats were arranged neatly along the circumference of the hall.

In the center was the auction stage.

A short while later, a scantily clad beauty walked up the stage, and swayed her hips as she did so.

"Dear esteemed guests, Du Jing City Auction House welcomes your arrival!"

Her voice was smooth and pleasant to the ears, it was sweetness that drilled into the hearts of its listeners. The entire hall turned silent as the partic.i.p.ants focused their gazes on this beauty on stage.

"This little girl is called Qing Jiao, it's a pleasure to serve all of you. For today, we have prepared several auction items with utmost care; these items includes spirit dishes, spirit plants, magic equipment, special items with unique effects and so on, I believe you will not disappointed!"

Small murmurs of discussion resounded; what a beauty, what a voice, this entry ticket was not spent for nothing!

Ji Mo Ya remained unmoved, he had seen too much of this type of professionalized tone, it was no longer something that would attract his attention.

"Ok, I believe the purpose of your visit is naturally for the items that will be on this auction stage and not this little girl's pleasant appearance, hehe. I hereby announce, the auction officially starts now!"

Her words naturally incited the hearts and eagerness within everyone, causing the atmosphere to heat up in antic.i.p.ation.

After Qing Jiao's words, the semi-circle stage turned half a round, placed the beauty Qing Jiao to the back and revealed a hole in the ground. From within the hole a platform rosed up, upon which a cage were lifted up by two men.

This method of entry was rather fresh and new, and that incited the interest of Ji Mo Ya.