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Ji Mo Ya's smiled even wider; the Five Star Treasure Vine's effects kicked in fast for sure!

She now spoke in complete sentences! Although he suspected that the first sentence she spoke might be flirtatious, she even touched him all over; truly a daring little thief…

However, he did not minded that at all.

In fact, he felt a slight sense of enjoyment from her handling of him.

It had been a tough half a month, while her took care of her, he needed to treat her with even more care than how others took care of babies. Now everything has finally ended.

With a gentle intoxicating voice he said, "Little Yan, how are you feeling?"

Huan Qing Yan suddenly withdrew her hand from his face, alarmed, and in a flash, she stood up from Ji Mo Ya's thighs.

She looked at Ji Mo Ya nervously, "Who are you? Why do you know me? Are you a bad person? My mother has instructed before that I must not play with strangers."

Ji Mo Ya's heart sank immediately; he had a bad feeling about it.

The lass does not recognize him?

There was quite a likely possibility that because of how damaged her soul was, she lost her memory after eating only the Five Star Treasure Vine.

However, it did not look like a simple memory loss as well.

"I am Ji Mo Ya, Yan Lass; take your time to recollect if you are unable to remember. I am your… friend." Ji Mo Ya placated.

Huan Qing Yan immediately pouted her little lips, with an angry expression, "You are lying, I do not know you. The kindergarten teacher has told me before that those who always call themselves my friend were all bad uncles…"

Ji Mo Ya, '…… What the heck is a kindergarten? This situation had completely fallen beyond his expectations!'

Huan Qing Yan's beautiful eyes looked at her surroundings; the more she checked the private room, the uglier her expression became and she hurriedly said, "This is not my home, I want to go home, I want to go home and look for mummy…"

Ji Mo Ya's eyes squinted.

She was not trying to joke with him… right?

Huan Qing Yan jumped off the table and attempted to escape by heading towards the door; she mumbled as she walked, "I want to go home, I want to look for mummy…"

Slowly, tears could be found gathering within her pair of beautiful eyes.

The gaze she used to look at Ji Mo Ya; it was as though he was a baddie who abducts children.

An indescribable emotion welled up in Ji Mo Ya's heart.

Ji Mo Ya took a deep breath, and then he took another deep breath.

Did the lass's intelligence regressed to the time when she was young? Mummy is mother, right?

The situation was getting quite troublesome; however he has ways to handle gluttons.

Ji Mo Ya took out several types of fresh and enticing spirit fruits, "Little Yan, do you want to eat something?"

As expected, Huan Qing Yan immediately stopped being on the brink of tears as her gaze fell on top of those fruits emitting delicious fragrances. She uncontrollably gulped her saliva before she meekly said, "My mother told me before, that I must never take things from strangers…"

Ji Mo Ya's mouth twitched, the aftereffect of consuming the Five Star Treasure Vine was turning him crazy as well.

But on the surface, he did not forget to maintain his kind and charming smile; he injected a bit of spirit energy into his voice to make it magnetizing, "I am your friend, it is just that you have forgotten about me temporarily, do I look like a bad person to you? Would a bad person look like me?"

Ji Mo Ya's looks could only be described as absolutely handsome! Combined with the smile he gave her, he look like a harmless angel.

Even with Huan Qing Yan's current intelligence of a three-year-old, it was sufficient to captivate her, and she had to unconsciously shake her head to clear her thoughts.

Ji Mo Ya picked a piece of fruit and as he ate it, he displayed an expression of enjoyment, as though the fruit was exceptionally delicious. This caused Huan Qing Yan to gulp down her saliva again, her intention to reject the offer was not as apparent anymore.

Once again, Ji Mo Ya offered the fruits to her and she nervously took it from him.