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Chapter 7: Dinner and Guests on the ship

Location: Taiwan Time: 2:38 PM

After watching the ship depart, I took advantage of the five-colored rooster head’s focus on the show to quietly slip away.

I heard that the show will take more than an hour, but I’m not very interested in those types of lively performance places–because oftentimes, the more people there are, the more unlucky I become.

After most of the tourists had gone up on the deck, the people downstairs became a lot less.

Following the path that we came from just now, I found our room’s number. After using the electronic card to open it, I suddenly found that Senior, who had been reading before I went out just now, was lying on the corner of the bed, sleeping for who knows how long.

Oh no, am I disturbing him?

At the same time that I was thinking about whether or not I should step back out again, the person on the bed had already gotten up first: “How come you came back so soon?” Yawning, Senior, whose whole hair and eye color had changed back, flipped over the blanket and jumped off the bed.

“Oh. I don’t like shows…” I don’t like having too many people around.

“At any rate, no matter how unlucky you are, you can’t be unlucky enough for the ship to sink. What’s not to see?” Randomly searching for something to tie his hair with, Senior poured himself a cup of water at the table and took a few mouthfuls on his own.

I’m very sorry, but I’m just afraid of being so unlucky that even the ship sinks.

“That attendant lady just now said there will be afternoon tea and snacks at the public restaurant later. Senior, do you want to go together?” Changing the topic, I flipped open the guidebook. It indicated that the public restaurant was downstairs somewhere on the fifth floor, and that this ship has nine floors in total. After the ninth floor, continuing up would be the deck from just now and the lookout and whatnot on the upper floor.

The map in the guidebook was actually quite detailed. The approximate locations of the entire ship’s facilities were presented very clearly, as if the back end of our floor also had a self-serving restaurant and a small bar, with an internet center a bit up ahead.

And the floor my family is staying on had clubs, saloons and the like.

The ninth floor was entirely composed of the sales department and some paid stores. You could even see a beauty salon and a sports center. Most noteworthy of all was that there was actually a theater.

It was my first time knowing that a cruise ship could have so many facilities, enough to dazzle my eyes.

“The current ships are probably all like this. Otherwise, has the ship in your mind always remained in the Middle Ages?” Senior gave me a glance and sat down on the nearby sofa.

Because this is a VIP room, our room actually had a mini refrigerator for us to use, and the whole thing was a lot more high-quality.

“Ahaha…I’ve always thought that there were only rooms and stairs below the deck…” How do you expect a person who has never been on a ship before to make that connection!?

“You thought we were going to be locked up for ten days?” Coldly snorting, Senior opened the mini refrigerator and took out a long-since-prepared beverage inside, smoothly throwing the can at me, “But that type of ship you mentioned, I have been on something similar in the sealed world before. It was the Fairies’ transport boat. It takes less than a few days to travel back and forth, so it only provides things for sleeping.”

The Fairies’ ship?

I suddenly thought of a certain picture book, of that pointy-eared little fairy rowing a little leaf boat.

“Not that kind of boat.” Senior threw over this sort of sentence.

“Oh…” Please forgive me for having never been in a fairy boat.

Looking around, at some point, our luggage had all been delivered. Basically, the large luggage were probably sent to my dad and mom’s room. The ones here were more scattered, only two bags that belonged to me and the five-colored rooster head, which he filled with who knows what.

“That’s right, Senior, you didn’t finish talking about that Angels’ thing that you mentioned in the car before.” As soon as I thought of this, I immediately turned to look at the person sitting on the sofa.

“…The Angels’ carols are not the same as the Elves’ poetry. Most of the incantations the Elves use come from nature, exchanging time and s.p.a.ce for power. The Angels’ come from the power of faith in God, and they use the power given by God to perform incantations.” Putting the drink down, Senior turned to look at me, then briefly explained, “So when you use the Angels’ incantations, your heart must have respect…Never mind, if you want a detailed explanation for something like this, you can go ask Andy yourself. He will tell you more about it. Anyway, when you borrow the Angels’ incantations, you can’t have other evil thoughts or impurities and curses etc.”

Which means that the mind has to be clear of all random thoughts?

In less than half a second, I instantly saw the empty can flying over. I subconsciously dodged right away, and the whole can fell to the ground with a few “kuang” sounds before sorrowfully perishing.

So close, so close, even though it was an empty can, it would still be pretty painful to be hit.

Rejoicing as I looked at the can that fell by the door, I secretly let out a sigh of relief.

“Looks like your neural reflexes are getting better too.” Senior was just sitting in the same place, revealing a smile that made my heart jump in fright.

Nonsense…Everyday in school, if I’m not running, then I’m hiding; spending every single day like this for half a semester, a typical person would probably become better, alright!

But that said, I also noticed that when I’m running away, I seemed to have really gotten faster.

It really is a change that makes one sad. Except for me, there’s probably no one else who became fast on their feet in order to escape with their life, right? Couldn’t this also count as some kind of skill?

“Even if that was the case, it still wouldn’t be up to you. There are already more than enough people who can run faster than you at school.” Senior, who specializes in knocking down my confidence, once again issued words that poured cold water on me.

“Wah…” I was stabbed so painfully, “Then, then what is that five-sentence Angel thing you spoke about?” Immediately changing the topic, I didn’t want to continue being stabbed again.

“That five-sentence thing is the beginning of the protection chapter. The entire protection chapter shifts from these five sentences about the elements to application, so after you’re interested, you can continue researching it further. It will be very helpful with spells.” Obviously also too lazy to continue stabbing me, Senior returned to the subject, “I only sang it once. This thing usually can’t just be taken out at will and treated as a song. It will be disrespect to the power of God.”

“Oh, I understand.” It’s the opposite of the Elves’ Hundred-Sentence Song; the Elven Hundred-Sentence Song seems to be intended as a children’s song. Taking out my notebook and pen, I stared at Senior with rapt attention, very afraid of missing a word.

“The guardian elements are divided into five in total. The first four are the ones an average person can comprehend: wind, fire, water, and earth. The last one is sound, which is a new word added in recent times. It’s also used to assist the previous four sentences. It was added because as the opponents gradually grew stronger, the incantations began to have re-enforcement changes as well.” Giving a little explanation about the five sentences, Senior thus sternly said:

“Ring of wind, poem of the atmosphere, I pray for the disaster to leave and protection to descend,

Fan of fire, poem of blazing sears, I wish for the wicked calamity to leave and new life to descend.

Rampart of water, poem of cleanliness, I implore the catastrophe to retreat and purification to descend.

Wall of earth, poem of the guards, I respectfully inform evil to stop and the guardians to descend.

Obstruction of sound, poem of transmission, I hope for loss to disappear and good news to descend.”

Senior’s voice was soft. In fact, he didn’t exactly seem to be chanting an incantation but instead actually singing a short song. For a second I almost blanked out, but after I came back, I hastily copied down everything I just heard.

There shouldn’t anything wrong, right…

If there’s something wrong, who knows what will happen when I read it out loud?

“Nothing will happen. At most, you just won’t be able to use it.”

Senior sent me a piece of nonsense.

Right after the entire room fell silent, the door behind me was suddenly pushed open by someone.

“Yang~Hurry! The afternoon tea is about to begin!” The five-colored rooster head, who didn’t use the electronic card at all, and who knows how he had opened the door, directly charged in. There were even ribbons hanging on his body, which may have gotten on him during the departure show upstairs just now.

“Oh, okay.” I glanced at Senior. He had already stood up, turning his hair black again, then walked to the side to fix his appearance, “That’s right, did you into my dad and mom yet?” Since the five-colored rooster head stayed upstairs to watch the departure show, he should have b.u.mped into my dad and them.

“Oh, I did, we even drank a lot of drinks upstairs. Then someone came to tell us the afternoon tea and snacks was about to begin, and that we can head toward the public restaurant.” The five-colored rooster head sat down on the nearby chair, “Your mom said to meet up later at the restaurant, so we have to hurry up and go.”

I looked at the five-colored rooster head for a moment, considering whether to tell him to change into something more normal.

But the tour guide doesn’t seem to have any special restrictions on what we wear in the restaurant…Apart from formal Western restaurants and some clubs, as long as we don’t wear something too exaggerated or revealing, it should be okay, right?

I guess we probably can…

“We can go now.” After sorting out his clothes, Senior walked over, picking up the empty beverage can from just now and throwing it in the trash can before stepping out the door.

After the five-colored rooster head also walked out, I pulled the door shut and locked it, then automatically put the card in my pocket; it’s been fully confirmed that the other two don’t need it, and that there’s no need to ask them.

The moment I locked the door, I suddenly felt as if there were eyes staring at me from somewhere, and the hair on my skin instantly rose up.

I immediately raised my head and looked around but I didn’t see a single person.

“Yang~What are you looking at?” The five-colored rooster head followed my action and looked around, then asked.

“Uh…I guess I’m just probably being over-sensitive…” I’ve stayed in the Black Dorm too long, and without realizing it, my sense of mortal danger had risen as well.

While thinking about how strange it was that Senior didn’t throw over any cold words this time, I discovered he had already reached the entrance of the stairs at some point.

“Senior! You’re walking too fast!” This time there was no one in the corridor. I hurriedly ran to catch up.

“Weren’t you just thinking about becoming fast on your feet? It’s only this and you already think it’s too fast. Maybe you still won’t be able to do it for another two hundred years.” With a cold laugh, Senior headed downstairs and said.

Wu…I was only thinking about it.

Not long after we went downstairs, we inadvertently b.u.mped into my sister who was also coming down.

“Eh? Where’s Dad and Mom?” Seeing her alone, I puzzedly asked right away.

“They should still be on the deck looking at the scenery. They just said they want this to be their second honeymoon, so I didn’t want to be a third wheel and went downstairs first.” Shrugging, my sister told me.

Uh, it does seem like something my dad and mom would do.

After going downstairs, the number of people gradually increased. The majority came directly from the elevators. There weren’t a lot of people taking the stairs, so we even had a relatively smooth time walking, without having to be squeezed in the elevator.

Coming out, the first thing we saw was the large restaurant entrance, which gave off a very strong totem-like feeling like that of some kind of ethnic group.

After the restaurant entrance was a huge s.p.a.ce. The tables and chairs had all been moved to the sides, and in the middle was a long parallel dining table. It was clearly in the arrangement of a self-service afternoon tea.

Placed on the table were many different little cakes and snacks, some that I’ve seen, some that I haven’t, and many New Year’s foods. Like the niangao, there was also no shortage of melon seeds, dried fruit, etc. Other than those, there were several different drinks and sweet soups on the table too. Just looking at them could make you feel full.

Many people had already entered the s.p.a.ce, and most of them were small families who even brought children with them. Quite a lot of them were holding a beautiful transparent plate and taking the desserts on the table.

Several kids stuffed their plate full and quickly ran off, and there were adults in the back stopping them from running.

Some people took a bit of each and sat in their seats, chatting and laughing, and some ignored the kids running past them.

As soon as we stepped into the public restaurant, this was the kind of scene we saw.

“Yang~let’s go get snacks.” The five-colored rooster head tugged my shoulder, then headed toward the snack area.

Oh no, it can’t be that he’s going to completely devour everyone’s afternoon tea.

Senior and my sister followed behind us.

Successively coming in after us were many guests too. Slowly, the restaurant that we originally half empty started to get crowded.

Taking the same transparent basket, I followed the crowd to the dining table and saw a few delicious-looking little cakes lined up. My sister specifically looked for unsweet or salty snacks.

Although it was afternoon tea, it felt more like a dinner party overall.

“I’ll go look for seats.” Probably after intending to take a few, Senior broke away from the group and left to find empty seats first.

Quickly filling two large plates, the five-colored rooster head ran off too, and after that, my sister who lacked interest in the snacks headed toward the seats as well.

I was still looking at the types of cake. It’s not often that we come to this sort of place; it’d be such a waste if I don’t look through all of them first before choosing. Many of the desserts seemed tasty. I saw that a little white square cake had a transparent layer of cherry blossoms, and without thinking, I directly put it on the plate.

I wonder what the others, who are also on winter vacation, are doing.

It’d be good if the desserts on the ship can be wrapped up for them to eat.

Looking at the exquisite desserts made me a bit unwilling to eat it. I kept feeling that it was such a pity the others weren’t here to enjoy them.

Just when I was thinking and being in a daze, the hand that was originally holding the tong was suddenly crashed into hard. A kid who had sprang out from somewhere forcefully squeezed in from the gap, knocking my tong to the ground. Without any apologies at all, the kid took the cookies on the table and ran away after squeezing through.

How come many kids these days are so rude!?

I stepped out of the snack group and a bit angrily went to pick up the tong that bounced off to the floor.

Just when I was about to bend down to pick it up, a hand had already helped me pick it up first.

Raising my head, I saw a stranger with a white shirt standing in front of me with a smile.

“Uh. Sorry about that, thank you for helping me pick it up.”

The person standing in front of me seemed strange somehow. What’s weird was that I kept feeling there was something about him that made me feel he was familiar, but I was very certain I’ve never seen this person before.

Who is he?

Black neatly-arranged short hair and a handsome face, a type that I’ve never seen before…the clothes he was wearing gave off a sense of good quality, unlike the cheap clothes that ordinary person would wear. It felt like he belonged to some kind of high class.

Shouldn’t this sort of person go to an exclusive restaurant!? Why did he go to a public restaurant?

“It’s no trouble at all.” That person smiled a little, not giving the tong back to me but rather to a nearby waiter instead, “Are you also here on vacation?”

Nonsense, if I’m not here on vacation, it can’t be that I’m here for work?

“Ye, yeah, our whole family came here to celebrate the New Year.” Gingerly answering, for some reason, this person gave me a strange pressure, making me a bit unwilling to keep talking to him.

“What a coincidence.” The man said something strange, “I decided to temporarily go on vacation.”

“Oh…that’s good. Vacations can help you relax, reduce stress.” I shouldn’t know him, right? No, I definitely don’t know him. Why does he talk as if he knows me?

Could it be this is the legendary demon who pretends to be familiar?

[T/N: 装熟魔人 Basically someone who has his/her own sense of justice/morality and acts friendly to strangers but may be mistaken for having other intentions]

Wait, or maybe he’s actually someone from the hospital or my former school?

Perhaps he really does know me but I forgot who he is. Seeing how his outfit really is kind of similar to a doctor…

That person smiled a bit, not saying much: “Then I wish you a happy vacation. That’s right, there are paper lunch boxes at the front. I guess you guys might want to bring some snacks back to your rooms.”

Saying that, he walked away at a very leisurely pace.

Such a weird person! I met a weirdo in the normal world.

…Wait a minute, it can’t be that he’s also from that world?

It does seem possible if you think of it like that, because there really are a lot of people who know me there but whom I don’t know.

Thinking while following what he said, sure enough, I found small lunch boxes at a place a bit near the front. After easily taking some, I looked around for our seats.

In fact, I didn’t need to specially look for them, because the five-colored rooster head’s head was simply too golden and shiny. I saw him at just a glance.

I immediately walked over with the plate.

“Yang~you’re so slow!” As soon as he saw me come over, the five-colored rooster head immediately waved and said. “I’m going to get seconds. The snacks here are too small, not enough to eat.”

Basically, I think they’re already very big!

“Get them slowly…” Not knowing what to say to him, I randomly added a sentence before sitting down in the empty seat beside the table.

Senior, who probably only ate a little, still had some food on his plate. My sister’s was already empty, and she was currently drinking the hot coffee that was provided with the meal.

“What did you get the lunch boxes for?” Putting down the cup, Sis saw the empty boxes in my hands at first glance.

“Uh…I want to take some cakes back as dessert…You know I really like this…” The more I spoke, the more timid my voice became. In fact, I wanted to secretly pack some to see whether or not I can use an array to send them to Chifuyu and the others.

“That’s true, I think it’d be better if you pack some more. That classmate of yours seems to get hungry easily.” Not doubting my words at all, my sister continued on very naturally.

“Oh, nn, that’s right.” I smiled awkwardly.

Sitting next to me, Senior didn’t say a thing. I bet he knew exactly what I wanted the paper lunch boxes for already.

With a cold snort, Senior turned his gaze away.

“Here.” My sister suddenly reached out to me.

“Wha, what is it?” She’s not going to slap me all of a sudden, right?

“I have nothing to do right now anyway, so I’ll help you pack some.” Unexpectedly, the witch actually issued angelic words.

“Is that really alright?” I got scared, I really got scared.

“Are you giving it or not!?”

I gave her the boxes right away.

Then, my sister left her seat with the lunch boxes. She hadn’t walked far before I saw a bunch of unfamiliar guys following and surrounding her.

“Chu.” Just when I was thinking about how my sister’s popularity still hasn’t decreased, sitting beside me, Senior suddenly opened his mouth and spoke. “Who did you meet just now?”

Whoa, sure enough, Senior is still so Godly; he even knows that I met someone, “It’s not exactly someone. It was just an unfamiliar mister who helped me pick up my tong. Is something wrong?”

“Nothing wrong in particular.” Saying that, Senior took the cup but didn’t drink it, just slowly rubbing the white glass cup with his fingers.

“I don’t know if that person mistook me for someone or knows me, but I don’t remember ever seeing this person before.” Poking the small white cakes on the plate, I felt my mind becoming full of question marks just thinking of that person from just now, “Is it possible that he’s also from that world…probably not, right…”

After Senior looked at me for a while, he said nothing.

“I’m probably just overthinking.” Awkwardly smiling, I hastily scratched my head.

Right after the conversation was more or less over, the five-colored rooster head ran back holding his second round of full plates, “Yang~they just got new snacks in.” Saying that, he pushed over one of the plates in his hands.

I saw multicolored toasted rice b.a.l.l.s that were about five centimeters big on that plate.

Ah, Ryan will like this.

“I have something to do so I’ll be leaving first.” After eating the last tiny snack on his plate, Senior said this.


We just got onboard; what could have happened? It can’t be that Senior, you’re going to continue going back to the room to crawl back to sleep?

“Sleep your head.” Glaring sideways at me, Senior issued a chilly tone. “When I went to the ship company to verify, their director requested me to do something. Since we’ve already used the room, I’ll just go take a look while I’m here.”

Oh, handling it based on the method we used in the huge hotel last time.

“There seems to be something in the ship.” After swallowing the shortbread with one bite, the five-colored rooster head told us this, “When I was on the deck watching the departure show before, I sensed something weird, but it came from below, so I’m not sure about the exact direction.” Saying that, he continued swallowing down a small square cake again.

It can’t be that there are members of the Ghost Tribe onboard again…I really don’t want to see the same weird things twice in a row within a single day.

“It’s not the Ghost Tribe. The aura is different.” Senior glanced at me, shrugging, “It shouldn’t be a big problem, otherwise I would have received a mission inquiry from the Guild.”

“Inquiry?” I felt curious about this word.

“Nn, during a robe level’s teleportation, if there are any accident sites recorded by the Guild in the vicinity, they will receive an inquiry from the Guild to see if the robe level wants to take up these missions along the way. Usually this type would be some small missions, like the c.o.c.kroaches from last time or the Beast of Scroll; those don’t have inquiries, directly designating a specialist to handle them instead. But it’s just that you’ll still be warned when you approach those sites.” Briefly describing it for the two of us to hear, Senior folded his arms.

It felt like the Guild is pretty busy…

“Then I’ll take a look at the nearby area first.” When Senior was about to stand up, Ming Yue suddenly came back.

“You’re leaving?” Glancing at Senior, she said.

I noticed that she was empty-handed, “Where are my lunch boxes?” It can’t be that they’re gone?

“A bunch of people volunteered to help me pack them just now. They’ll be sent over later.” Shrugging, my sister sat down next to me.

“I’ll be leaving first. You guys take your time to eat.” Not chatting any longer, Senior quickly left.

Then, sure enough, just as my sister said, in less than a few minutes, a couple of unfamiliar guys popped up and piled several meal boxes on the table. After sending away those people, Sis stood up too, “I’m going to the relaxation center. You two enjoy.”

She walked off once she finished talking.

Left beside me was still a colorless rooster head who was madly eating.

“Ziray. I’ll take the dessert boxes back to the room first.” Not being too confident myself, I felt it would be better to ask Senior to help me with the transfer array a bit later.

“Nn nn.” The five-colored rooster head who was working hard on eating nodded.

At this time, the public restaurant was already crowded with people everywhere, and a rather loud noise came from the surroundings.

After picking up the six lunch boxes on the table, I left the restaurant and headed toward the room.