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Marcel took a quick shower after his jog and got dressed and went downstairs to make breakfast. He was making breakfast when he heard the doorbell ring. He looked up from the frying pan he was using as he watched Adrian go get the door for the guest.

Two people walked into the house at that time, instantly drawing the attention of all the models in the house before they started talking to them with excited voices.

u003cWho are they?u003e Marcel asked Avian.

[They are veteran models. The man has been in the industry for thirteen years and the lady for eight years] Avian answered.

u003cOh,u003e Marcel answered as he plated his simple breakfast. 

"Oh my G.o.d, I'm such a huge fan," Chloe said as she held the lady's hands.

"It's a pleasure," the woman answered with a smile that Marcel could only describe as perfect for the camera.

Marcel silently stood in the kitchen as he watched his housemates excitedly hovering around the new people who came to the house. He got a fork and leaned over the counter as he silently had his breakfast and watched the commotion.

"Do you know who they are?" Adrian asked him as he got drinks for the guests from the fridge.

"Honestly, I don't," Marcel answered as he bit into the sausage that he had stabbed with his fork.

"Really?" Adrian asked in surprise.

"Mmh, I'm not very familiar with the industry. Technically, I properly entered it in the previous week when I did the music video with Sherry," Marcel confessed. Adrian raised his eyebrows in surprise before nodding in understanding.

"Well, the two of them are veterans in the industry," Adrian explained.

"Oh, is that so?" Marcel said as he maintained his ignorant expression as he looked back at Adrian.

"They've been around for almost a decade, I'm surprised that the program managed to have them appear today," Adrian said as he put the drinks in a tray.

"Ooh, they must be here to tell us about our first tasks," Marcel said.

[And ratings] Avian and Marcel nodded in agreement. Adrian didn't think much about Marcel nodding out of nowhere as he too nodded in agreement with what he said.

"We'll have to wait and see what it'll be about," Adrian said as he walked out of the kitchen. The girls were very enthusiastic about meeting the models compared to the guys who had their excitement under control.

Marcel smiled when he saw how Chloe was barely able to sit still on the sofa as she talked to the female model that was sitting next to her.

Marcel quickly finished his breakfast and washed the dishes before he joined them in the living room. Since the guests hadn't noticed him before, he ended up drawing their attention from the moment he joined them.

"Oh? This is?" the man asked as he looked at Marcel curiously.

"Sorry, I'm Marcel," Marcel answered as he nodded to both the man and woman. Since attention had been drawn to him, all eyes were suddenly on him.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Donovan, but I'm popularly known as Don," the man said with a slight tilt of his lips. 

"Marissa," the lady said, and Marcel looked in her direction. He was immediately hit with the sense of déjà vu.

"Nice to meet you," Marcel said as he smiled at the both of them.

u003cWhy does she look familiar? u003e Marcel asked as he tried to stop himself from staring at Marissa. However, he was met with silence even though he asked Avian the question.

Marcel didn't get upset, but he tried to remember where he saw her before. Her face was not easily forgettable, so he seriously started thinking about where he could have seen her.

[She was one of the people the old Marcel was exposed to.] Avian finally explained. The moment Marcel heard that, he vividly remembered the scenario that they were in. Marcel had been brought to a high-end club and was taken to a VIP room. For him at that point, he was still nervous about everything because he was not accustomed to that environment.

The room had about five people in it and the lady that was sitting in front of him was hanging off the arm of one of the men that were in the room. It was quite obvious that her agency had coerced her into attending that gathering. He had a wider perspective of things based on the experience that he had acc.u.mulated in his last life.

Marcel studied Marissa more carefully now that he had this bit of information with him. Although it may not have been obvious to other people, Marcel could see that her reactions were not genuine. 

u003cCan you get me info on her?u003e Marcel asked Avian as he tilted his head.

[Okay,] Avian said and went silent.

Marissa turned her head and ended up making eye contact with Marcel. Marcel smiled so that it wouldn't be awkward, but the way he was looking at Marissa almost made her break character.

She wasn't given much time to process what his gaze meant before they were called over by the staff. Some of the staff also came over to leave instructions to the contestants. As she was entering the room where they had had interviews in the previous day, she looked back at Marcel before going into the room.

"Your first task will be announced by Don and Marissa, they won't be the ones that determine who is going to win but your viewers will as they will be able to vote for the contestants that they want to win. When you win, you will have benefits when it comes to the next mission that you will do. Any questions?" the staff member asked.

"Are we allowed to involve our fans on social media?" Nick asked and the staff member nodded.

"Feel free to ask any questions later, tomorrow the first episode will air so your audience will already be prepared for the voting when the time comes," the staff looked at all of them as he waited for someone to ask questions in case they had one before leaving when he saw that everyone was still immersed in their thoughts.

[Do you want to hear the report now?] Avian asked when he noticed that Marcel was idle.

u003cMmmh,u003e Marcel responded as he focused his attention on what Avian was saying. His eyes slightly widened in surprise as he continued to listen to his words. He learned that Marissa's management was barely getting by because they did not have very successful celebrities, so to gain investments and cooperation from big companies, Marissa was put out there to entertain those big shots. Marcel was not sure how far she had gone with the entertaining part, but he learned that she was stuck in her company because of the ten-year contract she had signed with them.

u003cIsn't this exploitation?u003e Marcel asked as he thought about her circ.u.mstances in comparison to his own. He was just realising how generous Damien had been with him when signing him as a model in his company.

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