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u003cName: lumen

Level: 0

t.i.tle: None

Health: 100/100 Mana: 100/100

Force: 10 Agility: 10 Physical strength: 10

Willpower: 10 Intellectual power: 10

Remaining Stat Point: 0

Remaining Skill Point: 0

Characteristics: None u003e

"It looks similar!'

The status bar of Forgotten Legend was not that different from other MMORPGs that I played.

So, I was satisfied with that because this method, which I didn't see in the real world, clearly expressed my capabilities in specific numbers, such as force, agility, and physical strength, etc.

So, if the numbers increase, I will be strong proportionately.

"Open inventory."

Since I was almost done with checking the status bar, I opened the inventory right away.

u003cEntry-level light club.

50 crumbly bread

50 soft drinks

1000 golden rings.u003e

The inventory had only four items, including the sum of 1,000 golden rings whose monetary value I didn't know at all.

I took out the entry-level club that looked like a stick, and it was too slim to be called a club.

"Item confirmed."

u003cEntry-level light club (general)

A light club that anybody can use easily.

Striking power increased by three times

Durability: 50/50 u003e

"So, I need to increase by 5 levels with this club, right? Then I should grow by mastering the skills that I want."

Since I read something about it on the homepage of Forgotten Legend before I accessed it, I immediately grabbed the club and moved to the training field where there was a scarecrow.

When I was about to move, I saw the users partic.i.p.ating in the same closed beta appearing around me. But I didn't care about them and moved quickly by lighting up the village map.

I kept wielding the entry-level club at the scarecrow. Just like the mole rat-catching game, I wielded it toward those red spots. The more successful my attack was, the quicker the red spots appeared and disappeared. Then I finally lost the red spots.

u003cYou hit the red spots seven times in a row. Additional EXP has been rewarded to you.u003e

Currently, the maximum number of consecutive hits I could achieve was seven or eight.

When I succeeded with such combos several times, I heard a message beeping.

u003cYou have leveled up.u003e

u003cYou have achieved Level 5. The EXP you can receive has dropped with your attack against the scarecrow.u003e

u003cYou can attain skills because you have reached Level 5. Three initial skill points have been rewarded to you.u003e

A message appeared after I reached Level 5.

I stopped wielding the club at the message because my original goal was to achieve Level 5.

Then I left the other users who were busy attacking the scarecrow and moved on to learn the skills.

'By the way, there is nothing like restriction because the status bar doesn't show any occupation section.'

Usually, there is something like an occupation in most MMORPGs at the start of the game.

For example, fighter,, archer, wizard, shaman, etc.

So, there were predetermined characteristics, skills, and available items befitting each occupation from the beginning.

But there was nothing like that in Forgotten Legend.

The fighting style was determined by the way you marked your stat points or what kinds of skills you achieved.

According to the explanation as described on the homepage, any user could develop their own characters and even develop them into hybrid characters.

Of course, there was a comment by somebody that said, "The hybrid character ends up being erased at the end of the day," to which there were a huge number of 'likes.'

And I agree with the comment to an extent because I've been playing games for quite a long time.

When I think about the synergy effect in particular, it's much more effective to gather more people in the area in what they are good at.

But I've been soloing all along.

And that's why I liked the Forgotten Legend system. I wanted to make up for what I was lacking one by one, even though I might end up making a hybrid character.

Nonetheless, this character had the basic fighting style of exchanging strong blows, representative of elemental wizards

That's why I mainly played with lightning-type fighters or wizards in the games that I had played before. And I happened to encounter this ice-type wizard.

I could not help but get hooked on it because of its additional frostbite damage.

There were games without additional frostbite damage, but most of the games usually had debuffs that limited the frostbite moving speed.

Since I had to attack from a distance, I could enjoy the maximum effects of the debuff.

So, I had always chosen ice-type wizards since then.

The impact of its damage was certainly less than that of the games with fire or lightning, but I was competent enough to make up for that.

I'm going to try that again this time because I already confirmed that frostbite would give the debuff to the opponent stochastically.

I slipped out of the scarecrow training field in no time and approached a huge tower in the center of the village.

'I can attain skills here, right?'

Even when I didn't touch the tower in person, I heard a message when I approached it.

u003cThis is the tower that keeps the records of forgotten heroes. Attaining the skills is restricted by your abilities.u003e

"Search for the ice-type wizard abilities!"

Since I didn't want to confirm the enormous amount of skills here, I used the search function right away.

Then a message appeared before my eyes.

u003cIce-type wizard abilities are currently available.u003e

-1 Level Ice Ball (Active, 1 skill point and 100 golden rings are required.)

: It can throw a fist-sized lump of ice toward an enemy within ten meters

: Attack range and damage scale with intellectual power

: Can be upgraded to Level 2 and Level 3 Ice Ball

-1 Level Ice Shield. (Active, 1 skill point and 100 golden rings are required.)

: Installs a thick ice shield before its user

: The thickness of ice increases in proportion to intellectual power and willpower

: Can be upgraded to Level 3, Level 5, and Level 7 Ice shield

-1 Level Ice Weapon. (Active, 1 skill point and 100 golden rings are required.)

: It can inflict additional damage to the opponent by freezing the weapon

: Additional damage increases in proportion to intellectual power

: Can be upgraded to Level 2 and Level 3 Ice Weapon

-Minor Frostbite Occurrence. (Pa.s.sive, 1 skill point and 500 golden rings are required.)

: If all ice spells are applied to the opponent, it can cause minor frostbite with a constant probability.

: It can be upgraded to useful frostbite once you acc.u.mulate levels and EXP.

u003cPlease click SKILL if you want to view detailed descriptions of each SKILL.u003e

There were five skills on display, along with their summaries, which was not impressive at all.

Since I had already experienced Ice Storm and Blizzard in other games, I felt they were shabby, but I didn't care because I was a basic Level 5 beginner.

"Level 1 Ice Ball, Level 1 Ice Bolt, and Level 1 Minor Frostbite Occurrence."

I attained three skill points after achieving Level 5, so I chose the offensive Level 1 Ice Ball, Level 1 Ice Bolt and Minor Frostbite Occurrence to back them up.

I didn't feel any use for Ice Shield or Ice Weapon because I was thinking of attacking from a distance.

u003cYou have chosen Level 1 Ice Ball, Level 1 Ice Bolt and Minor Frostbite Occurrence.

- You need a total of 3 skill points and 700 golden rings.

- Do you want to attain these three skills?u003e

"Yes, I do."

There was an instant message that showed that I attained Level 1 Ice Ball, Level 1 Ice Bolt, and additional Minor Frostbite Occurrence.

Then I turned back from the tower for an actual try.

I was now standing outside the castle gate.

"It's only natural that I see them here because this area is for beginners."

Outside the castle gate, there were oaks and goblins that could be called the typical monsters at the lower level. Of course, there were other characters besides the monsters.