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cost: 1

combo: bug goblin, wolf

name: armoured wolf

description: a wolf coated in armour made out of chitin, this armour does not inhibit the flexibility of the wolf

building: by using the chitin plates from the bug goblin I was able to then incorporate them onto the wolf, in doing so the wolf now has pieces of armour fused to its skin


cost: 2

combo:horned rabbit, deer, dire rat, black dream scorpion, wolf, grey ooze

name: spiked wolf

description: a wolf with needles over all of its body where hair is present, it is able to mildly control these needles so that they can be flat against it so that items or creatures can touch its body without being damaged, or be spiked upwards to inflict damage

building: through the use of all of the creatures at your disposal with spikes of some sort placed on its body I was able to create fine needle like structures. And through the use of the grey oozes excellent control I was able to make it so that the wolf has some control over the spikes on its body

abilities: minor body control


cost: 2

combo: bug goblin, human, deer, wolf, horned rabbit, black dream scorpion, rat

name: beastman

description: will provide you with a random beastman variant of any creature in your possession. A beastman is a humanoid that has certain characteristics of the animal they are based after, be it physical or an ability

building: by using the bug goblins fusion I was able to create a basis for the fusion of creatures with humanoids. Any creatures in the combo list could become a variety of beastman, at this point in time I can only make it random as to which


cost: 1

combo: rat, bug goblin, worm

name: ant

description: an extremely small creature that can lift much more than its body would make you think, they have excellent grip and are naturally found in ma.s.sive colonies ruled by a queen

building: bug aspects from the bug goblin have been extracted, this combined with the small size of the rat and the digging capabilities of the worm have led to the creation of the ant

abilities: relative strength


cost: 1

combo: human, grey ooze

name: formless slime

description: a translucent creature that has a similar physic to the grey ooze, it has excellent control over its body, the body of the slime is an outer sh.e.l.l for a core

building: by simulating the grey ooze eating a human and gaining its ma.s.s, I was able to create the next stage of an oozes life, in this case being slime

abilities: minor body control


Qu couldn't wait to be able to get some more forms under her belt, the first one she chose was the ant, seeing that the relative strength could be very useful.

As soon as she selected the ant she was brought to the white s.p.a.ce that she went to each time she created a 'combo creature'. Once again ash was floating around her, but unlike last time, she didn't have to focus to be able to see the ash, in fact it was very obvious that it was there.

Before she could look around some more she was brought back to her body, except this time she was very close to the floor, and she was extremely small. And when she activated her flames her entire body lit up like a match.

She then chose the spiked wolf, and once again came back to the white zone, she looked around at the ash in the air, then it hit her. She activated her mana sense, and the entire area around her was filled with fire mana and fire mana alone, the ash in the air seemed to be packed with fire mana. So it seemed that this area was a representation of her soul.

Then once again she was back in her body, this time however she was much taller than the ant form, she seemed to be around the same height as her wolf form, except this time she felt as if she had control over her body a little, it felt as if her body was covered in extra tiny limbs that she could control.

Then after that she chose the formless slime, after waiting a few moments in her soul she returned to the world, it felt near the same as her grey ooze form except that it was just a bit larger.


"Due to owning two 'minor body control' ability they have been merged to create 'basic body control'. This allows for more control over your body as well as finer control over your body.


she then immediately switched back to her spiked wolf form, and indeed she felt as if she had greater control over her spikes, in fact it felt as if she had some minor control over the hair on her body.

After her little shopping spree, she transformed into her bug goblin form, she then headed down to the clothing shop she usually headed to and went to buy some clothes. She used the rest of her money (6 copper) on a new pair of trousers and a new shirt.

Once she bought them she then transformed back into her fire elemental human form and put on her clothes, and one of things she noticed is that she a finer control over her body, it felt as if she could get more out her muscles and even better yet it seemed she had better control over the flames produced by her body.

She then walked towards Para's house, once she arrived she then knocked on the door and waited to be let in.

Para didn't seem to be in a good mood, when she walked in and looked at him behind his desk he had a fierce scowl etched onto his face.

"Where have you been? I asked that you arrived as soon as you woke, and yet you have only just arrived" He said.

"Don't answer me, anyway lets get down to business. So you have paid me back for being, but now you must pay me back for saving your life, I fed you health to keep you alive and you better be willing to return the favour" Para said.

"But, I have only just returned from the last request, and as you know I nearly died. Could I at least have a couple of days off, I have friends to see, I need to continue to teach a boy, I have many responsibilities" She told him.

"Fine, fine. You have 4 days, and you better be ready, if I was you I would use some of your precious time to improve your abilities. But after that whatever happens, happens." He said

"I will contact you in 4 days time, you better be ready" And with that she was rushed out of the house and back onto the street.

She then began to through the streets until she reached the remains of the restaurant. She wanted to try and get lightning affinity before the area was closed off to the public.