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"Youre going to be locked up in here for a while,"

I said. "You up to it?"

"I could post a million in cash for bond if I wanted to, but Im afraid the nosy old IRS people would wonder where I got all that money. Dont you worry about me, baby doll. Ill be fine."

"Youre in for a bad run of publicity."

"Doesnt matter, sugar. The Junior League isnt ever going to ask me to join anyway."


"Theyll try to paint you as an immoral madame who uses young girls and preys on h.o.r.n.y men."

"You can clean me up. Youre a sugar pie."

The woman had an almost irresistible charm about her, not to mention a fat bank account. I shook my head and grinned.

"Okay," I said. "Youve got yourself a lawyer. But its going to cost you."