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Nowadays, the leaders of the two major forces in the Jianghu live in the w.a.n.g household, the Alliance Master and several seniors also live at w.a.n.g household, Fengxian Manor and Lingjian Pavilion have also transferred a lot of experts to watch guard. Others may feel that they are impregnable, but to Wenren Heng, hush-hush information is still very easy to pass into Lord w.a.n.g's place.

So two days later, the sky was not yet fully lit, and Ye You heard a noisy sound outside, accompanied by a woman's crying. He turned over and half-consciously rubbed onto a pillow, immediately his thoughts were blanked in a flash, and he suddenly sat up.

Wenren Heng was mistakenly recognized as a pillow. He had not been tempted to do anything, but he was ruthlessly abandoned. He couldn't touch shidi and only discovered he rubbed wrong or other reasons. He asked: “Didn’t sleep?”

Ye You listened to the sound of activity for a while and facing him, asked if he wanted to know if he dared do it.

Only this one glance, Wenren Heng understand which one is, and said: “If you don’t sleep, then rise, Lord w.a.n.g has not gone out for so many days. It's reckoned he's furious. Let’s go and see.”

The two men tidied up and went to the front courtyard by sound. It was not too late.

The front courtyard has long been turned over, and Lord w.a.n.g can no longer described with "furious". He obviously learned of the notices and was trembling all over. Perhaps because of the torture of the Lantern Extinguishing Poison, his cheeks are abnormally pale, his eyes are red, his eye sockets are sunken, his lips are cracked, and his look of anger is on display at the moment, looking very malevolent.

He shook his finger at the front door: “Open…Open the door, preposterous, this matter must be explained!”

w.a.n.g Family Head hurriedly supported him, for fear that of his great anger. Lord w.a.n.g puffed his beard, stared at him, and was very dissatisfied with his lack of clarification these days. w.a.n.g Family Head had unspeakably bitter suffering. In fact, his heart was uncertain. He was afraid that his old father had done things in the past, so he did not dare to rush action.

Ye You stood aside, watching Lord w.a.n.g push his son aside to go outside, and sighed softly: “A sin, Lord w.a.n.g is so old, the other party poisoning is not enough, but also sent a notice to provoke him, really lacks morality. "

Wenren Heng nodded. “The person who came up with this idea is also very wicked.”

Several people from Manor Lord Wei and Pavilion Master Ding also rushed to see Lord w.a.n.g actually get out of bed, and they were surprised. They didn't dare step forward to advise, fearing that the old man was angry. However, Lord w.a.n.g's determination has been set, and w.a.n.g Family Head can only obey and help the father to go outside.

The sky is getting brighter, and there are not many people on the street, but when the old man walks to Luoyin Bridge on the main street, people have already heard the news and surrounded it. Several elders of the Demonic Sect have come to the fore, and Miao w.a.n.g suddenly said: “I somehow think that person is a bit like Sect Master?”

Others immediately asked: “Which one? Where at?”

Miao w.a.n.g said: “It is the one around Wenren Heng, and his face is covered with cloth.”

Several people hastily raised heads, but at this time a large group of people came in and at this moment happened to obscure their line of sight. From here looking there could only glimpse in the crowd a sort of especially miserable "white lantern".

“…” They almost moved to tears collectively. “Where do you see it's like Sect Master?”

Miao w.a.n.g said: “The figure is a bit like.”

Several people always thought that he is not reliable, whispers: “Is it possible for Sect Master and him to be together? Previously, I saw them fight.”

“That's right.”

“But contrarily, Sect Master towards him there is some specialness, he had also said to us before not to act against him.”

They discussed and decided to have a look, but at this time Wenren Heng, as if aware, had his gaze swept over to them, they halted immediately, and pretended to earnestly appear to look at the Luoyin Bridge.

“I told you that he sometimes is really very terrifying.”


“…The old man is not here today for anything else. He wants to say a few words to the poisoner.” Lord w.a.n.g was still talking. He was poisoned and after a few sentences he will gasp a few large breaths. “The old man lived this entire life up to now, I have been sitting upright, I have a clear conscience before the heavens, I have a clear conscience before the earth, I have a clear conscience before the ancestors of the w.a.n.g family and its sect, and even clear conscience of my heart! You said that the old man has done bad things, then today, in front of the heroes of the world, come out to confront, if it is really is the old man's blame, the old man will immediately extend his neck for execution!”

Lord w.a.n.g was very popular with people. There were some people who did not believe the words on the notice. At this moment, they immediately expressed their support, which led to the reconciliation of many people. Ye You only saw it here and followed Wenren Heng to walk away. The elders of the Demonic Sect sneaked a few steps and felt he really resembled a bit.

But they were seen by Wenren Heng again and decided to avoid and look for an opportunity to confirm.

Lord w.a.n.g's words were not many, and after speaking he waited in spite of his pain. After waiting for a while, he waited until the body was somewhat finding it difficult to endure and he had to be supported going back. The sun went down, he waited but the poisoner did not appear.

Unconsciously, it has been two days.

The w.a.n.g family waited for the poisoner to come out. The Demonic Sect people continued to find ways to contact the “lantern”. The people of the whole city and the people of the Jianghu were watching and the situation remained unclear.

On the third day in the morning, Ye You usually received a small strip from Knife-Scar Man, and unfolded to begin to look at it. He and shixiong looked at each other, founded someone to invite Ge of the Dingtian Academy and Manor Lord Wei to come. Wenren Heng said: “Early morning, I heard last night there was a thief in Dingtian Academy, and fought with Ge. Is it okay?” Ge replied: “No problem, only a small thief.”

Wenren Heng said: “I heard that a few days ago, the Dingtian Academy also had a thief?” Ge looked at him: “Well, a few people whose hands and feet are not clean infiltrated.”

Manor Lord Wei heard some other meanings: “Xiao Heng, there is something to say.”

Wenren Heng said: “I think I know why the person poisoned Lord w.a.n.g, because there is ulterior motive, a diversion – declaring an attack on the east and striking the west.”

As soon as the voice fell, Ge's expression suddenly somewhat changed.