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A+ A- Chapter 350

Huan Qing Yan was dumbstruck, this fella got jealous just like that!

She had only begged Bai Chen Feng to ferry her because she had no other choice.

“You are giving me this bell? Flying Magic Equipment are said to be very special and expensive, and they are worth even more than storage rings. And I have nothing that I can give you in return….” Although she spoke those words, her eyes were locked onto that exquisite little bell without shifting away even for a single moment.

Ji Mo Ya’s gaze was charming and with an alluring voice, he said, “Giving me your hand in marriage will do.”

“You naughty rogue!” As she spoke, Huan Qing Yan gave him a kiss on his cheek.

Ji Mo Ya was displaying an expression of enjoyment, he turned his face to the other side and hinted Huan Qing Yan with his gaze.

Huan Qing Yan placed another sweet kiss on it.

The matter was settled with two kisses, the small bell was

hers, and she became a cute girl who also possessed a flying magic equipment.

He had whatever she lacked, basically a top-grade rich man!

So happy!

“How come I am unable to determine the color rank of this equipment?” The bell was not big, only the size of a thumb.

Ji Mo Ya lazily replied, “It’s an old item, you are unable to determine its color because it was too old. Just use it for now, it has the ability to expand and possesses a decent flying speed.”

Huan Qing Yan was not disappointed; although it was an old magic equipment, it was still a gift from Ji Mo Ya. It was good enough that it can fly, even if it could not fly, she would also like it.

She checked the item excitedly, “It’s fine as long as it can fly, thank you hubby.”


As Huan Qing Yan liked what she saw the more she looked at it, she gave Ji Mo Ya another peck to his cheek and

and said, “It has the same meaning as husband.”

This time, Ji Mo Ya reacted very quickly; before she could retract her lips, he bent down and sealed it with his lips…

He gently and carefully sucked on her smooth cherry lips, and only after covering her with his scent did he get satisfied and pry open her lips and suck on the sweetness within her mouth.

Huan Qing Yan placed her hand on his chest, and as she was hanging between resisting and letting him continue, Ji Mo Ya intensified his kissing; one of his hands circled her waist while the other habitually slid under her clothes and savored the softness and smoothness underneath…

He only released her after a long time, leaving a panting Huan Qing Yan with a flushed face and a racing heart.

“Although the term ‘Hubby’ sounded weird, it’s all right.” After sneak attacking successfully, Ji Mo Ya was feeling jovial.

This was not the first time that Ji Mo Ya had been sneaky, and

sneaky, and Huan Qing Yan had also slowly got used to it.

This fella might look cultured and graceful on the surface, but he was in fact a wolf, a lecherous wolf!

A total opposite from her, she only dared to speak boldly, yet this fella did not speak but used actions instead.

Wuu wuu wuu… At this rate, she would one day become that little lamb in front of a wolf’s mouth; she had planned to hold it till the day they got married…

So be it, she shall not think about this problem for now.

She calmed her breathing and laid within his embrace while appreciating and fondling her new bell equipment, “Is there a name for this equipment? Do I need to use my blood to bind it to me?”

Ji Mo Ya smiled, “It’s called Phoenix Feather Bell. There should be no need to bind it as it could be used without binding ownership.”

Huan Qing Yan thought that it could not be bound because it might be it might be a low rank magic equipment, or maybe because it was a damaged magic equipment. It was fine as well, and since it was not something very precious, she could accept it without too much stress.

“Okay! I will accept this. I will make delicious food for you from now on.” Huan Qing Yan stored the Phoenix Feather Bell within her storage ring.

Ji Mo Ya acknowledged her and replied, “What did you give my dragon spirit to eat previously? It seemed to suit his tastes really well, you should make more of those for it in the future.”

“Sure, it’s a type of medicinal food! Red Date Lingzi Soup. It is made from a rare spirit ingredient, the Black Jade Lingzi. I have it planted in my dimension, just that it has a rather slow rate of growth, so I do not have large quantities of it at the moment. However, give me some time and I will easily have more of it in the future.”