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The gnomes within were all wearing standardized leather jacket and busily moved about, on their heads they wore hats made from stone, while each of their hands held on to various small tools while they perform their respective tasks.

Occasionally, a large amount of ores would be dumped into one of the furnaces to be refined.

On the forging platforms there would always be several gnomes. .hitting and knocking at something.

Huan Qing Yan was holding on to Ji Mo Ya's sleeves as she stared with wide eyes and interest at the sights in front of her.

Even Ji Mo Ya himself had rarely seen such a scene.

The gnome king proudly said, "Young Master Ji Mo, what's in front of you is our kingdom's largest furnace room, inside is where our most experienced smiths would practice their craft… Please enter to have a look."

The two of them followed the king, the two princesses and the king guards into the room, and when they entered, they saw the room had a ceiling more than a dozen meters high and a huge furnace that was multiple times larger than the ones outside.

The gnomes within the room were even more densely packed and busier than the outside as well.

When they entered, a wave of hot air assaulted their noses as well.

Huan Qing Yan took off the green coat on her that covered her snow-white skin.

Ji Mo Ya silently and patiently took her coat and kept it inside his storage ring before casting a cleansing spell on her to clean away her sweat.