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"Then we're obligated to add catcalls to our ogling," Kasey explained.

"It really goes a long way to helping with their self-esteem," Sara added solemnly.

"It really does," Kasey agreed with a shrug. "We perform a public service of sorts."

"They're not going to let you ogle us," Jason pointed out as he walked past them carrying a large box.

"They're very possessive," Trevor said, shooting another hungry look at his wife's ass.

"No, we're not," Haley said with a shrug.

"You can stare all you want," Zoe added.

"How could you betray us like that?" Jason demanded. "I thought you loved me?"

Kasey grinned hugely as the woman shrugged indifferently, earning another gasp of outrage from Jason. They were a very entertaining family. She liked that. Too many times over the years she'd got stuck living next to some real jerks. This was going to be a nice little treat for her.

"If you'd like to join us in our ogling we have, beer and the best whoopie pies in the area," she said, gesturing to the picnic table.

"Whoopie pies?" Jason and Trevor asked in unison, shooting a hungry look towards the cooler. She noticed that the third man just kept on working, not bothering to stop and say h.e.l.lo or wipe that scowl off his handsome face.

"I'm sorry, guys, but they're only for the spectators. But, if you win our competition we'll give you one," she explained as she walked back to the picnic table and sat down. Sara sat down on her right and she was pleasantly surprised when the two other women joined them.

Sara handed out drinks while Kasey got comfortable and prepared for the gruesome ordeal ahead.

"You're going to judge us?" Trevor demanded, folding his arms over his chest as he glared at them.

"Of course," Sara said with a shrug as she handed Kasey a

"It is our civil duty to figure out which one of you is the hottest."

"You're going to let them do this?" Jason demanded of his wife.

Haley nodded as she pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose. "I think it's a good idea...unless you're afraid you'll lose," the woman said with a mischievous little grin.

"Lose? To him? Puhlease, my little grasshopper. That would be a cold day in h.e.l.l before I lose to-"

"d.a.m.n straight you're going to lose, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d. There's no way-" Trevor began, but she felt that it was time to cut them off and get them to focus on working so that they could properly stare at them.

"Yummy is in the lead," she felt obligated to point out.

Both men frowned down at her. "Who's Yummy?" Trevor asked.

She shifted to the side to point at the glowering man as he grabbed a large suitcase and threw it over his shoulder. "Him. He's at least five points ahead of you now."

"I'd say six points," Sara said, adding, "He's got a nice ass," when both men turned their glares on her.

Both men opened their mouths, probably to argue, when their wives said, "He really does."

"How could you?" Jason demanded in a hoa.r.s.e whisper.

Haley shrugged. "He does and if you want to win I'd suggest you get moving so we can see the goods in action."

"I'd give him two extra points for that Celtic tattoo on his shoulder. It's hot," Zoe said before taking a sip of her soda.

Trevor gestured wildly to his tattoo. "How the h.e.l.l can you think that's hotter than this? It's your name!"

Zoe shrugged. "I'm just saying...."

"Guys," Kasey said, drawing back their attention because really, she did have other things to do today, "if you could get back to work I would really appreciate it."

The men simply stood there glaring at her.

Deciding that perhaps the guys needed a visual, she reached back into the cooler and grabbed one of the large, overfilled whoopie pies and held it up. The men's glares instantly disappeared and were replaced by desperate need. They licked their lips hungrily as they took a step towards her.

"Sorry, guys, but you need to win these and remember the winner gets a bag of these," she said, giving them a shooing gesture to get back to work.

Jason snorted at that, seeming to come to his senses. It probably didn't hurt that she'd dropped the whoopie pie back in the cooler and out of sight. "We're not that you can buy with a few delicious looking baked goods."

Trevor shrugged. "I am," he said, leaning down to press a swift kiss to his wife's lips. "I better get an extra point for being willing to wh.o.r.e myself out for this competition."

"Two points," Sarah said and when Haley and Zoe murmured their agreements Jason stormed off, muttering something about home wreckers and a bad little grasshopper.

For the next ten minutes they watched the two men doing their d.a.m.ndest to win. When they awarded points for best set of abs Jason shoved Trevor into a bush. When they awarded points for best hair, Trevor put Jason into a headlock and brought the man down to the ground where an amusing fight took place and they ended up awarding points to Trevor for best fighter. That of course caused Jason to tackle Trevor to the ground and they decided to call it a tie on best fighter.

Whenever they awarded points for Yummy, and Kasey couldn't help but wonder if the third woman watching the kids in the house belonged to him, Jason and Trevor glared at him, but he didn't acknowledge them in any way except of course that little tic that went double time in his jaw when he won. He really was a yummy specimen and she wouldn't mind a summer fling with him, but he was also grumpy and grumpy equaled too much work for a fling. So, she reluctantly focused all of her attention back on the two men glaring at her as they carried more bags inside the house.

"These really are good," Zoe said, practically groaning in ecstasy as she took another bite of her whoopie pie.

"They really are," Haley agreed as she went to take a bite, but suddenly found her baked good ripped out of her hands. All four of them looked up to find Jason holding the whoopie pie.

He scowled down at his wife as he took a huge bite out of the delicious baked treat. After sending her one last glare he stormed off. Trevor stormed off after him, after he'd s.n.a.t.c.hed Zoe's treat and Kasey's cooler.

"I guess they realized that Yummy was winning," Kasey said, laughing with the other women as they all stood up and stretched.

"I have to get back to the office," Sarah muttered unhappily as she fixed her platinum blonde hair and smoothed down her blouse and skirt. She looked at Haley and Zoe as she said, "Thank you for the best lunch break ever."

"You're welcome," Haley said, grinning hugely as she looped her arm through Zoe's and the two women followed after their husbands.

Kasey waved goodbye to her friend as she grabbed all the empty cans and wrappers. Just as she finished picking up the last empty soda can she looked up and found a pair of deep green eyes watching her from the driveway. She sent him a wink as she walked away.

"See ya later, Yummy."

"The name's Reese," he said in an erotically deep voice that sent goose b.u.mps down her spine.

She looked over her shoulder and ran her eyes over his damp bare chest, rope after rope of golden muscles and shook her head. "No, you're definitely Yummy." With that she walked back to her house and prepared herself for a long night of work ahead of her.

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