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Chapter 631: Shrines from the Diablo World (Part One)

The Golden Leo Mountain was one of the 12 Golden Saint Mountains that Fei chose, and it looked gigantic and majestic.

It was situated four kilometers behind Chambord, and it was about 1,500 meters tall.

Although it was similar to other 11 Golden Saint Mountains in that they were all shaped like swords, extremely steep, and had no path on them, it was unique in a sense that it had a balanced and broad presence.

Also, there were several smaller mountains that were about 300 to 400 meters tall around it, looking like lion cubs around the Golden Leo Mountain.

As soon as Fei landed on the peak of the mountain, Lampard sensed it and dashed out of his stone palace.

The 12 Golden Saint Mountains were named by Fei, and there were no buildings on them.

Except for the beautiful view and great scenery, the living condition was simple and a little rough. However, the good thing was that the more powerful masters liked living in seclusion with nature, and it wasn't strange for some of them to sleep in the wild.

Lampard had a calm personality and didn't like noise. Therefore, he liked living on a mountain like this in seclusion, and he got used to it really quick.

In the last three days, Lampard already created a simple, small stone palace on the peak of the mountain using his powerful warrior energy and his level 8 combat weapon, [Black Lightning].

This stone palace was three meters tall and had a square shape, and there was an unfinished lion statue in front of it. Although this statue only had its rough outer shape, it was already shocking to the eye and had a unique aura.

It looked like this was Lampard's progress for the last few days.

The entire peak didn't look luxurious, but it had a unique mysteriousness and ancient feeling to it.

Fei could tell that in the last three days, Lampard already stabilized his Moon-Class Realm, which had completely transformed after nature's challenge, and even increased his strength a little. He was already a level 7 mid-tier New Moon Elite.

This speed of increase was insane!

"Huh? This power…… Could it be……" As the chilly night breeze blew by, Fei's eyes suddenly shone. At that moment, he sensed a very vague but mystic sensation.

It seemed like this entire mountain was enveloped by this mystic power.

"Yeah, I also discovered that. It feels like this entire Golden Leo Mountain could communicate with the stars in the sky." Lampard looked up at the bright stars in the dark sky and said, "When I'm on this mountain, my warrior energy could get some boost. It feels like a mysterious array……"

Fei closed his eyes and sensed for a bit before looking up at the sky.

Looking up from the peak of the Golden Leo Mountain, the many stars that formed the Leo Constellation were the brightest. It made people feel like the light of the stars was directly shining down on this mountain like a waterfall, communicating with this sword mountain that was more than a kilometer tall.

"Eh, you are right. It does seem like that."

Fei suddenly thought back to when Lampard was first appointed as the guardian of the Golden Leo Mountain. During the process, a phenomenon occurred, and a lot of starlights fell onto this mountain, merging with the surroundings. He realized that it was all connected to his miraculous skill - [Give], and he felt like his half-joking idea of developing saints according to the anime on Earth might actually work.

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Chapter 631: Shrines from the Diablo World (Part Two)

As he thought about that, Fei's eyes suddenly landed on a stone pillar in front of the simple stone palace.

"This is…… [Combat Shrine]? It…… those two mad scientists made it happen?"

Fei quickly walked up and caressed the three-meter tall, ordinary-looking stone pillar. The only thing that was unique about it was the six mystic magic runes on the top, and a vague cross magic symbol made from a sword and an ax could be seen.

Fei was very excited.

"Your Majesty, you also know about the magical properties of this stone pillar? Priestess Akara and Professor Cain came here yesterday and put down three stone pillars. Each of them has powerful properties……" Lampard was used to Fei knowing everything. Therefore, he briefly told the king about what happened yesterday when the two mad scientists came over.

"Hahaha! Of course! This is [Combat Shrine], and it could increase the combat abilities of the user by a lot for a short time. Haha, two more? Where are they? …… Oh, I see them. They are…… [Skill Shrine] and [Experience Shrine]. Huh? They seem a bit different……"

Fei laughed as he looked around, and he quickly spotted the two other stone pillars that had different mysterious magic runes engraved on them.

Players who are familiar with Diablo 2 know that there are shrines in the dangerous wilderness. Even though these shrines were from the ancient times and were dilapidated, they still had various Godly powers.

For example, the [Combat Shrine] could increase the damage of the player by 200% for 98 seconds, and the [Skill Shrine] could improve the skills of the player by two levels for a short time.

Also, there were all kinds of shrines such as [Experience Shrine], [Stamina Shrine], and [Armor Shrine] that gave different powers to the player. There were more than 20 of them, and they were scattered around in the wilderness.

Fei saw these shrines in Normal Mode, but his level was too low back then, so he couldn't understand the magic principles behind these shrines. Also, Akara and Cain weren't able to break down the power of the shrines and decrypt their secrets.

However, the situation took a turn after Fei completed Normal Mode and entered Nightmare Mode.

For some reason, Fei would suddenly have an epiphany after completing a quest in Nightmare Mode, and he would understand the magic principles behind one type of shrine. After he comprehended the theories, he was able to explain everything to the two mad scientists. Then, Akara and Cain were able to break down the magic powers of the shrines and create items that could hold similar powers in the real world.

Fei told Akara and Cain about his understanding of six types of shrines after he completed the quests a while back, but he didn't expect them to decrypt the magic runes and create new ones in only a little more than a dozen days. He thought this process was going to be slow, but the two mad scientists gave him a big surprise!

Fei was delighted and knew that the Chambord Kingdom underwent a drastic improvement. These shrines were crucial to Chambord. After more of them were produced in the real world, the explosive combat ability of the Chambord Kingdom could increase by three to four times for a short time!

To Chambord, the appearance of these various shrines was a revolutionary change!

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