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They sped the entire journey, the wind drumming within their ears, the gusts slapping against their faces. But how could Yao Si complain when it had been so difficulty just to escape that gigantic sand beast's attack range. When she could, she couldn't resist switching on her optical computer to check the rank of the beast that was almost out of their sight.

A few red words appeared: Level S+!


Something must have gone wrong, what is an S+ rank beast doing here, it isn't logical!

Zan Zichen flew for half an hour, only landing when he made sure that the beast was no longer in sight. Once on the ground again, he leaned against a rock, panting heavily. 

"Thanks bro!" Yao Si swiped the sweat off her forehead. Under such a critical situation, he still had went out of his way to bring her along, so he had to be a nice guy. 

Zan Zichen seemed to have exhausted all his energy. With a nonchalant wave, he brushed her off. When he finally calmed his breathing down, he said, "It's fine, you seem to be immune to the demonic energy, so with you around I won't have to worry about being invaded by that energy. I should really be the one thanking you."

He's making sense!  

The oppressing sensation from before had stopped at some point. It seemed to have realized her resistance against its constant invasion. Zan Zichen had stopped waving his sword against his surroundings as well. 

"I'm..." Just then, she recalled the promise made with Daddy Mu and swiftly changed what she was planning to say. "Si Yao, you can call me Si Yao!"

"Miss Si Yao." He sighed. "The demonic region runs far and wide, it'll be hard for us to leave. Besides, we don't even know the way, so we have to be extra careful..."

"I know the way!"

"Besides, the demonic beast… Wait, what did you say?"

"I have the map of the area, I can find the way out." To be more exact, she had a GPS. 


After a short while, Zan Zichen said, "Miss Si Yao! This may seem a little rude, but…"


"Are you perhaps a spy from the demonic race?"


Yao Si struggled to describe the Optical Network GPS in terms he would understand. As she did so, he stilled, then after a long while he nodded with a somewhat confused expression. 

"You mean you have a magical device that can lead us to our destination?"

"Er… It's something like that!"

"Is it perhaps… the map of Mountain He Luo!" His eyes widened. "That's a mythical device! I heard that it was created by a priest from above, only those of a certain rank are able to utilize it. " He wrapped his hands in a greeting while adding enthusiastically, "I apologize for my ignorance, do forgive this junior for not recognizing your rank." 

"He, hehe, hehehe..." Isn't the Optical Network GPS a standard accessory? "You're too kind, lets leave this place for now." She couldn't be sure what other beasts were present in this S+ area. 

"Yes, my senior?"

"Spare the formalities, you can just call me by my name."

"Yes, Senior Si."

"..." All right, whatever floats your boat. 

When she switched on the GPS, a screen popped up, showing the entire map of the Shadow Planet. There were even name markings on the various regions. She took a specific look at her location and couldn't help cursing. They really sent her to the wrong location! She was actually in the ninth region, whose area spanned over half of the planet. What's worst was that the four week old beasts were all at least rank S. Fortunately though, she was at the edge of the region. 

The celestials' transportation can actually go wrong!  She had to complain about it when she got back!

Yao Si tapped onto the third area, and the image made a rotation before it popped up from the screen. A soothing voice announced, [Welcome to the Virtuous Planet, it's my pleasure to be your guide! Your current trip is estimated to be 5567.33 kilometer long! I advise you to proceed with a miniature flying device!]

What? Er… This seems like an interesting map!