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Houshouin Seira and Oyamada Tsubaki ①

「Tsubaki, starting today in the house will have a new person」
「New person...?」

On my way back from school, Tsubaki's face shows a slightly complex when heard what I said.

「Other coming as a maid. She has the same age as you」
「Eh!...such a thing, did I make a mistake on something, Goshujin-sama?」

Tsubaki looks at me and asked with an anxious tone. Perhaps she thinks I don't need her anymore.

「Wrong, wrong. Tsubaki is doing very well. It's cute」
「Maa, I've been asked to keep her side me by all means. It'll be a little narrow,
please bear with it」
「If Master says so... I'm alright with it」

I said while caressing her head, she was also in a good mood when heard I said 「cute」also has been caressed her head by me becomes red. So cute my Tsubaki-chan. Eventually my castle came into view, the plain traditional apartment.
I go upstairs and came near the entrance as if I just remember it, said...

「Oh, That's right, the newcomer maybe Tsubaki also knew her」
「Eh? That...」

Gacha− I open the door.
There is a figure of a young lady knee and pushing three fingers welcome our in the entrance.
Like Tsubaki, She's dressed in a classic maid style.

「Welcome back, Goshujin-sama. I was waiting for you. I'll do my best with one's hearted devote to my duty, my best regards...」

When Houshouin Seira raised her face, behind me, Oyamada Tsubaki eyes wide open.


By the way, I also don't tell Houshouin Seira that Tsubaki lives here.
All I said was 「You be my maid to take care of my daily life」
Let out un lady's voice like, Seira, and tremble hide behind me, Tsubaki.
This's my scenario 「Doki~Doki☆ My half sister becomes a maid, Cleaning, Washing, Cooking, s.e.x! There is also cum shot!」 great operation.

I leak a sigh while sipping a cup of tea.
So tasty. It looks good to have a tea in this six mat room.
Haa I feel so relaxing... but it seems the other two are not relaxing at all.
Trembling Tsubaki hiding behind me and keep looking at Seira, as for Seira keep staring at such Tsubaki. Eventually Seira talking to me in a low voice...


I also let Seira call me 「Goshujin-sama」 too.

「Goshujin-sama... What do you mean? I haven't heard this wh.o.r.e's daughter living here!」
「No, she's not!... my mom... is not a wh.o.r.e...」

It's starting the quarrel between Seira and Tsubaki. Maa, I don't bring them for the quarrel with that kind of thing in this house.

「!! Ah, Yes... what would it be, Goshujin-sama?」

Although Seira who fly into a rage from her hatred towards Tsubaki, if I speak in a bad mood, Seira's body trembling in fear. I have not lifted off the hypnosis of Seira yet.

「Apologize to Tsubaki and get along with each other well」
「Seira, Do you know your own position?」
「I-I'm deeply sorry!! Oyamada Tsubaki, that... I spoke too harshly, I'm sorry」

When I pressed my words one more, Seira's body trembling with tearful eyes turn to apology to Tsubaki.
Tsubaki unbelievable to seeing such appear of Seira with own eyes. She can't believe
Seira would apologize her. Tighten, Tsubaki holding my hands tightly.

「Tsubaki also Seira, both of you are the same as my maid now, no matter what happened before, you two have to get along well, know?」
「If, If Goshujin-sama says so...」

Tsubaki is still hiding behind my back but to my words nod.
Thus, the story of me and two maids began.

「Goshujin-sama, here, an~... Delicious? Delicious? Are Seira handmade pies delicious?」

Seira in maid dress sat next to me and pressed her b.r.e.a.s.t.s on my chest. With a female in heat face, her fingertip circle around my chest while feed me with a slice of pie.
It seems Seira began to competition with Tsubaki. Maybe she on fire while doing it, she looks at me with a lavish eye.

「Um, It's delicious, Seira」
「I am happy. Goshujin-sama, here not only have pie if Goshujin-sama desire, Seira will...ufu」

Seira hides her blushed face with her hands.
And on the other side, Tsubaki also "An~" to me as if to counter Seira.

「Goshujin-sama, m-mine too. I have made bean cakes as well」

Tsubaki pushes her modest b.r.e.a.s.t.s against me, what a pity, it's lacking an existence compared to Seira. Maa, I think it good too, for me.
Tsubaki brings the bean cake to me, the other side, Seira laughs while looks at it. I will not say anything anymore because quarrel is prohibited.

「Here, a bean cake... Goshujin-sama...」
「Ah, I'll eat bean cakes Tsubaki made, it's delicious!」

I'm glad about this modest sweetness even though there are plenty of beans inside. Tsubaki who observation my state Paa− she redding her whole face instantly, but Seira unhappy looks at this... hmph! turn her face away.

I call out the Rimokon and check the status of them.

Etozawa Kotaro boost 3/3

Houshouin Seira 【CONCEIVE・MODE】ON
Affection… ■■■■■■■■■■ 100
Romance… ■■■■■■■■■■ 100
lust…          ■■■■■■□□□□ 55
Loyalty…    ■■■■■■■□□□ 71

Oyamada Tsubaki 【CONCEIVE・MODE】ON
Affection… ■■■■■■■■■■ 100
Romance… ■■■■■■■■■■ 100
lust…          ■■■■■□□□□□ 46
Loyalty…    ■■■■■■■■□□ 79

Both Affection and Romance values are MAX! Especially I haven't used the Rimokon.
The fear of Seira towards me has turned into love. Afterward, she was addicted to my c.o.c.k.
Originally the values on Tsubaki's status are high. However, the appear of a rival, Seira, Tsubaki's actively seeking skinship than usual passive attitude.

While enjoying the feeling of the two bodies are clinging to me, we have an afternoon snack, go to public bath, have a dinner and it was time to go to bed.
Seira in high spirits because this is her first time she goes to a public bath.

Before long deep into the night, it was about time to go to bed.
More or less I had decided when change the clothes time to go outside, so I was waiting for them to changed into nightwear outside the room.


Eventually the Seira's sweet voice was heard from the room.

「Did you change your clothes already? Saa, let's sleep... Seira, what's that?」
「Hehe... This's my nightwear I am always wearing. I can't sleep without this」
「Don't lie, You're so shy about it, aren't you?」

Two beautiful girls greeted me entering the room.
Tsubaki's wearing cute pajamas have cats drawn on it as usual, but the problem was Seira...

Pure white see-through s.e.xy babydoll lingerie.
Seira who have a good style when wears this, her beauty and s.e.xy are
beyond described.
Delicate long legs. Well-rounded b.u.t.t that invites all men. The beautiful curve waist, smooth and gentle abdomen.
And then

「Seira, I can see your nipples」
「I-I-I-I-I-I'm showing it! I'm always dressed like this when I go to bed!」

Seira puffs up her chest while her face glowing red. My eyes fixing on her stiffen pink nipples that pushing up her lingerie.
So great...

Tsubaki seems to be anxiously when see me fixing my gaze at Seira like this.
I felt that gaze so I stop looking at Seira and began to take off my jersey that used as nightwear.
When I take off the top and put my hands down, then Tsubaki 「Hyaa...」 Her face changed to crimson-red instantly hasty cover her face.

「G-Goshujin-sama, why are you take it off...?」
「Oh, because it's hot. I'll sleep naked today」
「So far you had never done such a thing...h-hyaaa!!」

I took off the jersey together with the track pant.
My c.o.c.k exposed itself to two beautiful girls. It was already rock-hard.
It was a short scream of Tsubaki when looking at my c.o.c.k, but I can see, Tsubaki steal a
look at my c.o.c.k from the gap between her fingers unconcealable.
Realizing the Tsubaki's line of sight make me happy, I strengthen the lower abdomen and shake my c.o.c.k.

「I-it moving...」

A stunning voice of Tsubaki. And next to her, Seira, she was mesmerized by my c.o.c.k staring at it don't put.

「Well, let's go to sleep like we always do」

When I say so, Seira begins to prepare futon happily.
Seira in semi-naked and me in birth-suit. Looking at such a form of us, Tsubaki
trembling but quickly as if has thought through of something, she starts to take off her upper pajamas.
Tsubaki's modest and cute b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

After Tsubaki took off her upper pajamas she hesitates for a moment then starts to take
off her lower part too.
I caught a glimpse of Tsubaki's slit. There's no hair growth there and it looks very
smooth and soft.
However, she quickly hides her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and genital area with her hands.

「I-I'm getting hot too!! T-Tonight I'll go to bed with this!!」

Tsubaki declares with a shameful redding face. I had no choice but to say 「I-I see...」 to such Tsubaki.

「J-Jaa... shall we go to sleep?」
「Goshujin-sama~, hurry up~」

 Turn off the light, the room lighted by the moonlight only. When I got lie down on the futon, both beautiful girls hurriedly crawled to my both sides.
 Both Seira and Tsubaki using my arms as pillows.

 The right side, I feel Tsubaki's small b.r.e.a.s.t.s.
 The left side, I feel Seira's smooth of the babydoll lingerie and the pressed of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s.
 The nipple of both of them stood erect.

 Now, I have been sandwiched by naked girls from both sides but I don't try to do something about it because it was interesting in what kind of action Seira and Tsubaki would take.

 Before long the room is quiet.
 My c.o.c.k keeps rock-hard there unchanged, but gradually drowsiness coming upon me. "I wonder if there is have anything happen...or should I sleep now..." when I thinking about those I feel someone hand touching my c.o.c.k. I open my eyes to look at this.

 It's Seira fingers are crawling on my c.o.c.k.
 When I looked over there, Seira was looking at me with a fascination face.

「Goshujin-sama's manly thing... it so big like this already... Do you hope to have a night-service, Goshujin-sama?」

 The white fingers of Seira stroking the corona of p.e.n.i.s and teasing the glans gently.
 I'm curious about Tsubaki on the other side, I look at her closely. She closed her eyes tightly seems to endure a great shame... apparently pretending to be asleep.
「Seira, Tsubaki here too」
「She must have been sleeping anyway...Nee~ Goshujin-sama, I've become like this already...」
 Seira using her crotch rubbing my thigh while leaking out a miserable sigh. She took off her pantsu before I knew it, Seira's raw p.uss.y touching my body and it was already wet.
 Yareyare, look like I need to give permission to Seira.

「It can't be helped... I allow you to use the mouth only because there is no bath」
「Hai! haa~a... Goshujin-sama's big...Nn...chuu~...」

 Seira smiles and crawling to my c.o.c.k joyfully.
 With the intoxication charming face, stretch out her tongue and starts serving to my rod. The feeling of the soft lip and the tongue of Seira that licking the glans is unbearable.
 The flesh inside her mouth squirting my c.o.c.k, Seira continues to serve me passionately.


 Seira licking and sucking my burning-hard c.o.c.k and holds it like a treasure, the lewd sound resounding entire room.
 As for Tsubaki already deep-red whole face but still continue pretending sleeping.
 However, the naked body of Tsubaki, the nipples at the top of her modest b.r.e.a.s.t.s are stood erect pressed against my body. Tsubaki is stimulated by hearing the sound of Seira's service.

 Seira got so excited just licking my c.o.c.k. She's stretching out her free hand to her crotch comforting herself while with a nasal voice she keeps calling out my name.
 And Tsubaki also began fidgeting the body while continuing pretending to be asleep.
 Erected nipples, a soft belly and a wet crotch pressing me. However, Tsubaki still keeps pretending fell asleep even after that.
 I hugged a nude pretty girl as an arm-pillow while semi-naked pretty girl licking and sucking my c.o.c.k.

 Even though Tsubaki stills pretending to be asleep, she starts to m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.e using my body. Interesting, I stretch out my hand and grasp her soft b.u.t.ts.
 Biku-! Tsubaki's trembling. Even if I grasped her b.u.t.ts strongly, she still won't let out a voice, but as I keep pinch and squeeze the movement of Tsubaki's body get bigger and bigger.
 Like this, she should know already that I've noticed her pretending.

 However, Tsubaki still pretends asleep.
 After having enjoyed the Tsubaki b.u.t.ts, I put my fingers kuchukuchu~ fooling around with her p.uss.y lips. A hot breath leaked out from between her parted small lips, but her eyes still remain close.

 ... I wonder how far she can continue pretending.
 This time I try putting my finger into Tsubaki's a.nus
 The tip of my middle finger is caring the Tsubaki anal hole.
 I've used Tsubaki's love fluids as lotion on my finger insert into Tsubaki anal hole. Bikubiku- Tsubaki body stiffens and her anal hole tightens seems to reject my insert.
 But I'll not quit. It's a rule to do any kind of things to the sleeping girls. For me.


 Cannot keep up with this Tsubaki let out a charming voice, but she still choice closed her eyes and keeps pretending asleep.
 Embraced the naked Tsubaki and playing her anal while Seira sucking my c.o.c.k. It's about time I'd let out my first-shot.

「... Seira, It coming!」

 Holding Seira's head with my free hand, I cumming deep inside her throat.
 Seira let out a pained voice but she still earnest to swallow my s.e.m.e.n.
 Shortly the e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n time end, I took off my hand from her head, 「Buha~a...」 then she lifts up her face look at me.
 While licking her lips, she stares at me with an enchanting look.

「Nn...Goshujin-sama's s.e.m.e.n... Thank you very much... fufu, You let out a lot, was Seira's mouth so pleasure this much, Goshujin-sama?」
「No, not at all」

 When I give a strange look, Seira enchanting express turn into unbelievable express immediately.

「I was excited about Tsubaki-chan than Seira's mouth. She's so cute, isn't it? Even now Tsubaki-chan still pressing her on me」

 The tremble of Tsubaki body stop. Did she think until now I don't know?
 However, instead of such Tsubaki, when I thought of Seira, Seira holding my c.o.c.k that had not lost its hardness yet and sitting on top of me.

「Oi, Seira...」
「...What is good about her flat-chest. M-My mine will be more pleasure than her, Goshujin-sama!」

 As soon as she said, she raises her hip and holding my erected c.o.c.k aim at her female hole. Really, although I told her only allow to use the mouth, what's a sow woman.

「Mmm...ah~...ha~a... Goshujin-sama's... come in...a~a...」

 My c.o.c.k being swallowed in her female hole. Just start inserting, Seira face melting from pleasure. Finally, my c.o.c.k swallowed deeply inside her meat hole.
 You can't believe she is an Ojou-sama of Houshouin Family.

「 is, Goshujin-sama~?... Seira is... already...」
「... Really is, what's a bad maid you are, who doesn't listen to your Master's order. I had said, here don't have a bath that why I only allowed to use the mouth only, right? Cannot endure and just took my c.o.c.k in yourself...」
「I-I'm sorry... but...ah~...haa」
「It's time for your punishment」

 It's good to insert this deep, but if more than this the intense pleasure will be raid on her so she can't move. I look at such Seira and push up my hip from below suddenly, immediately Seira leak out a bit.c.h cry and start to panting.

「Ah!Ah!!... Goshujin-sama, if you move so this intense...a~ah!!!」

 Her lingerie swinging, swinging, Seira lie down and clinging to me while I'm still making a dull face.

「Ah!! My Goshujin-sama!! Goshujin-sama's, so big...and... so st.u.r.dy... Seira's so happy...! More! please doting me... and love me... more- nn!!」

 As if show off to someone, she seized my lips sucking and licking make a lewd sound. Is she guard against Tsubaki?

「Nn...ha~a...ah! More than this poor child...ah~... Seira's are feel good than her, right? Nn...more...more...」

 While making a lewd kiss with Seira, I violate her meat hole to my heart's content.
 One hand still plug in Tsubaki's anal hole but it seems to get tighter whenever Seira says something? Well, she still keeps pretending asleep as away.

 Finally, it comes to my limit, I e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e in Seira's p.uss.y deep place. Even if Seira doesn't have the strength to talk, she still trying to mutter 「Ah~... My Goshujin-sama's s.e.m.e.n, I got a lot of Goshujin-sama's love...」.
 As for Tsubaki still pretending to sleep as alway.
 Clinging to me and fidgeting the body from time to time.

37: Houshouin Seira and Oyamada Tsubaki ①