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"Don't forget about me, okay?" I said.

He shook his head. "That could never happen."


"Kenzie, I love you. You'll be in my thoughts every moment of every day."

The words made my body tingle from head to toe. How did I get so lucky?

"I have a present for you." He pulled a tiny box out of his pocket.

Reaching for it, my heart raced with excitement. Inside was a silver cross necklace. "It's beautiful."

"Wear it to always remind you that you are a child of God."

I smiled, fingering the piece of jewelry. "Thank you. It's perfect."

"Here, let me help you put it on."

After he fastened it on my neck, Grandma hollered, "Mackenzie, It's time to go."

"It's not too late for you to stow away in my luggage," I teased.

"Or I can hide you in my bas.e.m.e.nt. I'm sure no one will ever notice." He chuckled.

"You don't know how tempting that is."

"Hey." He stroked my cheek with the back of his hand. "It's only until December. Then we'll see each other again and it'll be the best Christmas ever."

"Yeah, just don't go meet some gorgeous blonde who will steal you away from me."

"I'm already dating a gorgeous blonde." His eyes seared into mine.

"Mackenzie!" This time it was Mom. "We really have to go."

"I love you, Isaac." I pecked him lightly on the cheek and then turned away before he could see me crying again. I ran all the way to the car and never looked back until I was safely inside buckling my seat belt. As the car pulled out of the driveway I looked over at Isaac who stood at the curb waving. With tears spilling down my cheeks, I waved until we turned the corner.

At the airport, Grandma dropped us at the curb. Cutting the engine she came around the car and helped us pull our luggage out of her trunk. Once everything was out, she faced us. Her eyes were shining.

"Well, this is it." She spread out her palms in front of her. "Gosh, the time went by so fast. I can hardly believe you two are leaving."

My emotions were raw from all the goodbyes. I lunged at Grandma, wrapping her in a huge embrace. She let out a pleased chuckle and patted my back.

"Thanks for everything, Grandma."

"Don't mention it. You're welcome anytime." She looked over at Mom. "Both of you."

'Thanks." Mom hugged her swiftly, but I saw her eyes misting over. "I love you."

"I love you both. Now go on. Get outta here." She swiped at her wet cheeks. "I have to move my car."

"See you soon," I called as she got back in her vehicle.

The airport was a madhouse and I was so relieved when we finally boarded our flight. I tucked my carry-on in the overhead compartment and slumped down into my seat as other passengers filed past me. Pulling my headphones out of my pocket I shoved them into my ears grateful for the distraction. I didn't want to think about Isaac right now for fear that I'd end up bawling my eyes out in front of a plane full of strangers. Purposefully, I chose a play list that didn't include any sappy love songs.

Mom busied herself by pulling out her latest mystery novel and burying her face in it. Leaning my head against the seat I let the loud rock beat fill my ears and dull my senses. Passengers were still boarding and a steady stream of people continued down the aisle.

Suddenly, my heart stopped. Walking toward me, wearing a large grotesque grin was Wesley dressed like my dad. His evil black eyes locked with mine.

I grabbed Mom's arm. She looked up from her book, her eyebrows raised in a question.

"What?" she asked.

"Mom, it's him. He's here."



"Not this again, Kenzie."

She still didn't believe my story, even after Isaac brought me home from the bridge that awful night.

"See, look. He's right there!" I pointed at the man approaching me but it wasn't Wesley. It was just a man who resembled him. I blinked. Could I have just been imagining it?

"He's not there," I whispered, confused.

Mom shot me an irritated look.

"Sorry," I mumbled. Turning up the volume, I breathed deeply to slow my heart rate back down. I was sure that was Wesley. My mind was probably just playing tricks on me. I mean, it couldn't have been him, right? I scanned the passengers. He was nowhere to be seen. So, I resolved to let it go. I was safe now. I had to believe that.

Reaching up to my neck, I touched the silver cross that Isaac gave me. No matter what happened I would be alright now. I had found a power far greater than any other and I could call on Him at any time.

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