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Huan Qing Yan ignored it.

It looks like she would need to properly educate the pig spirit in the future, a lesson on giving and sharing from the elder to the junior…

"It had been a long day, let's rest first. Regarding your duo spirit treasures, it is better not to tell anyone about it. Keep it a secret so it could be used as a hidden trump card when needed." Ji Mo Ya gently suggested.

The eastern sky was becoming brighter, while homes that were rearing roosters were out and about, preparing to release their routine morning cry.

Huan Qing Yan looked at the graceful figure of Ji Mo Ya that was partially hidden within the darkness; various emotions were flying within her heart.

The grace she had gotten from Young Master Ya was something she did not know if she could ever repay fully in this life. She also hoped that there would never come the day where Young Master Ya would have fallen to a point that allowed her to repay his help.

Therefore, she collected herself and respectfully gave him a deep bow, "Thank you Young Master Ya, Qing Yan shall take my leave."

When Ji Mo Ya received her bow, his eyes squinted; his gaze also seemed to have turned heavy.

After Huan Qing Yan left, Mo Si suddenly popped out from the darkness.

"Young Master, this subordinate feels that it would be better if you seal her memories. Your blood is too precious; if news of it ever leaks, it would cause dire consequences to your overall safety in the future."

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Ji Mo Ya was silent. His slender figure was being reflected by the surface of the Star Attraction Pond; it looked as though a dark energy was surrounding him.

"Young Master, Mo Si has something to say but I do not know if it is appropriate or not…"

Ji Mo Ya replied, "If you don't know, then don't say it."

"If I don't, I will be unable to hold back. Young Master, this subordinate feels that you are focusing too much attention over this little fat chick. In the past, you placed your attention because you suspected her for being a Greater Demon. Now that it has been proven that she was not one, yet you still pay so much attention to her; this subordinate is unable to understand. Did that young chick catch your eye? This subordinate is unable to understand your unique taste of beauty… Aiyo! Young Master, this subordinate is wrong…"

Mo Si's voice came in the form of a mental message; his person had already been blown away by Ji Mo Ya's Cosmos Brush to God knows where.

It looks like he was sent flying out of the capital.

Yu Qi brought along thirty Feather Guards and surrounded the estate of Huan Lao San.

He immediately kicked opened the door and shouted, "This is an investigation by Young Master Ya regarding the Greater Demon murders within the capital, everyone is now under arrest! Anyone who resists will be put to death on the spot!"

The people within Huan Lao San's Estate were in a state of chaos as panic and fluster swept through them.

"What are you waiting for, quickly inform the Patriarch…"

"Quickly go inform the Master that soldiers have arrived!"

"Master, Madam…"


The servants were now crowded outside the building where Huan Lao San stayed; despite the huge commotion, their Master did not come out.

In the end, a few daring servants broke down the door, "Master, Madam, something bad has happened, there are soldiers outside…"

Before they could finish speaking.

The servants saw large patches of blood on the white sheets of the bed. Two piles of human shaped flesh were lying on top of the bed; their condition was extremely horrifying, it was as though some vicious beast had torn them apart…

Especially the male corpse, his chest was hollow as his heart seems to be forcefully removed, and his limbs were also badly damaged; there was no intact piece of meat on his body.

The female corpse was Huan Lao San's wife; she was also bitten to death, but her head was detached from the body.

The servants screamed in shock and ran out of the building.

"The Greater Demon was here! The human eating Greater Demon had come here before…"

"Help! Master and Madam were eaten by the Greater Demon…"


Not only Huan Lao San's place, the families of clan relatives that had suggested their sons to be adopted were all visited by the Greater Demon.

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