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"Ah! So expensive?" Then, help me exchange a copy, Elder Bro."

"Sure, however, Elder Bro does not have much credits and could only exchange one copy, so you have to rely on yourself to obtain the rest in the future."

"Thank you, Elder Bro…" A happy voice replied.

Huan Qing Yan took note of this information in her mind, 1000 credits to exchange for one technique, she would want to try it as well.

However, she did not know any acquaintance within Surging Wave Academia.

However, compared to that, she would rather ask the Goddess of Mercy to not give her any enemies.

When Huan Qing Yan wanted to continue eavesdropping on more juicy gossips available, the Elder Bro at the table beside her, suddenly collapsed violently on the ground.

The loud bang startled Huan Qing Yan into a jump.

"Elder Bro, Elder Bro! What happened to you?"

That yellow uniform senior laid on the ground while his body trembled; as though he was experiencing fits, his body was violently twitching…

"Someone, please help my Elder Bro!" The younger bro shouted for help panickingly.

As Huan Qing Yan was the nearest, the younger bro grabbed her sleeves, "Lady Huan, I can recognize you, you are a powerful person who is placed third in the rankings, can you please help me see what happened to my Elder Bro?"

Before Huan Qing Yan could react, everyone saw the yellow uniform senior suddenly stand up.

The originally gentle looking person was currently emitting a gaze filled with vicious killing intent; both his arms were in a strange stiff condition; his fingers were transforming at an incredible speed in front of their eyes, and it started to grow longer while the fingernails became hard as metal!

Huan Qing Yan and everyone gathered jumped in shock. She retreated a couple of steps as she instinctively felt danger.

The younger bro although was also startled, but he went up instead, "Elder Bro, what happened? Elder Bro?"


The yellow uniform senior stretched his hand; his nails that became as hard as metal went through the uniform of the younger bro and pierced into his shoulders, causing a river of flesh blood to pour out.

The younger bro quickly retreated.

The fresh blood seemed to have excited the senior even more as the viciousness in his gaze intensified; it seemed to be tinged with an animalistic glint.

He started walking towards the younger bro, one step at a time!

However, the way he was walking looked very weird. Most people would face forward while walking but this person was walking by side stepping; one leg would move to the side followed by the second leg following it, this motion was repeated as he moved…

This person was walking sideways!

The way he was moving was the same as how a crab would move!

When the new students saw this, they were all flabbergasted, that included Huan Qing Yan as well.

The h.e.l.l, what the f*ck is happening?!

It was unknown who shouted first, "Demonizing! He is demonizing! Run away quickly!"

"This is a Demon Man, a Demon Man has gone out of control, everyone run! Be careful, if you are infected by the Demon Man, you might also turn into that…"

At that instant, chaos befell the dining hall.

The new students had never seen this situation before; Demon Men were just topics of legends and rumors before this happened, causing all of them to scurry away in all directions due to panic and fear.

Suddenly, a loud shout came from outside the dining hall!

"No need to panic, that is not a Demon Man, no Demon Man could infiltrate our Surging Wave Academia that easily." The Hall Master of Alpha Hall, Kang Hao Ming's voice reached them.

As his voice reached them, his person had already entered the hall and reached the yellow uniform senior who was currently chasing the injured. With a palm strike, he knocked the senior unconscious.

Although the younger bro had managed to escape danger and was pale with fright, he was still concerned of his Elder Bro's safety, "May I ask the Hall Master, why did my Elder Bro become like this?"

"It may be due to too much stress, it made him lose control over his cultivation which led to this outcome; he will be fine after entering secluded closed-door training for eight to ten years." Kang Hao Ming's words were not only to calm him down, but to also calm everyone as well.

After he finished speaking, he lifted the unconscious senior and strode out of the dining hall.

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