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_Val._ Well said Black-brows, advance your torches Gentlemen.

_Unc._ Yes, yes Sir.

_Val._ And keep your ranks.

_Mer._ _Lance_, carrie this before him.

_Unc._ Carrie it in state.


_Enter_ Musicians, Fount. Hare. Bel.

_Val._ What are you, Musicians? I know your coming, and what are those behind you?

_Musi._ Gentlemen that sent us to give the Lady a good morrow.

_Val._ O I know them, come boy sing the song I taught you, And sing it lustily, come forward Gentlemen, you're welcom, Welcom, now we are all friends, go get the Priest ready, And let him not be long, we have much business: Come _Frank_, rejoyce with me, thou hast got the start boy, But I'le so tumble after, come my friends lead, Lead cheerfully, and let your Fiddles ring boyes, My follies and my fancies have an end here, Display the morgage _Lance_, Merchant I'le pay you, And every thing shall be in joynt again.

_Unc._ Afore, afore.

_Val._ And now confess, and know, _Wit without Money, sometimes gives the blow_. [_Exeunt._