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Third Dungeon Battle: End [That might’ve been the first time I’ve laughed so hard. As I thought, Kehma-kun is the best when it comes to being amusing. Ah, don’t worry, you haven’t been connected with the other teams since I started giving out your rewards.]  
“Hahaha, at least there’s that. My dignity as a man… seriously…”

I was able to take advantage of the situation to turn the topic away from skills. The result should’ve made it OK… but just remembering it makes me want to cry.
A lot of stuff was exposed, but I was able to confirm some worthwhile things through Haku-san’s investigation. I’ll verify it again myself when I return.

“Come to think of it, Kehma-san. Do you want the S-Rank adventurer title as a Hero?”
“… No.”
“Heroes are normally forced into being S-Rank though?”
“Haku-san, wouldn’t a Hero always staying at [Cave of Desires] bring too much attention?”
“Oh? I don’t mind much either way. It wouldn’t change much at this point. Rather, couldn’t you use it as a deterrent against unnecessary problems?”

… That really does sound like an attractive proposal. However, it would also come with the responsibilities of being a Hero.

“Don’t Heroes have to work for the country in the event of an emergency?”
“Yes. That is why they are given preferential treatment.”
“I’ll refuse. I’m not a Hero, I am a Dungeon Master.”

—That absolutely doesn’t want to work.
Ah, right. Maybe she’ll pardon me if I turn into Rokuko and ask nicely?
… I should stop. That might just make her mad.

“… Well, it’s alright. You are a Dungeon Master after all.”

Saying that, Haku-san returned to her chair.

[Father] gathered attention by clapping his hands. Monitors for Team Demon King and Team Dragon King appeared alongside the monitor showing [Father], so it looks like he communication to everyone this time.

[Now then, Haku, 5, 6. I’d like you each to say something.]  
“From me as the winner of this competition… 5, have you realized that you are just an ordinary lizard after all? From here on, please make sure keep that in mind and pay me tribute. You don’t have to, of course. That is, if you don’t think you can stomach the results of this competition that Otou-sama oversaw.”
[Ugu! … Gunuuun…]  
“… 6. Please, show more discipline. To have someone refer to you as Jiji-sama, are you intending to disrespect Otou-sama? Ah, perhaps it has the meaning where you are an old fool? In that case, I have no qualms with it. Fufufu.”
[Hmph. I’ll overlook that.]  

Haku-san, aren’t you just gloating!? I’d be troubled if you caused a war to break out over this. Ah, was this actually not a Dungeon Battle but a serious war between nations? That’s super troublesome. [1]

[I’m next then, I got second place… 89, no, Haku. We’re from the same series. Since I’m an old man, aren’t you an old hag? There’s no point making yourself appear young. No, maybe it’s due to your inability to grow up mentally that you’re still such a lass. Ha ha ha. I’m so envious of your youth! Not having to face the truths of life must be nice.]  
“Oh? What’s this coming from the loser?”
[Hmph. 666 may have lost, but she invested in an enhancement for herself. In the long run, the true winner will be 666.]  
“Fufu, so what are you saying? My Rokuko-chan preserved a considerable amount of the DP from this time. Enough to even do this another time.”

She’s adding fuel to the fire. We just settled down and now she’s trying to start it up again!
It’d be troublesome having to do this another time, so please spare me.

[Oi, it’s my turn next. Yeah? Good. This isn’t my loss. This happened because of these three handicaps I had to deal with, next time—]  
“Excuses are so uncouth.”
[The losing lizard that only knows how to beat things with force should just keep silent. It’s unsightly.]  
“Speaking of unsightly, 6—”
[Kakaka, that’s it, Haku, you—]  

Ah, he went quiet. And then Haku-san and Core 6 started verbally attacking each other.
… Aidi is looking at it happen from behind Core 6 like she’s envious. Huh? Is she seeing this as a caring chat or something? No way, even if you look over here with that slightly excited look and rough breathing, I’ll absolutely never have an argument with you like this one that could bring about a war!
Don’t even look at Rokuko either! But you’re friends, you say? No means no!

[Father] clapped his hands. With that, Haku-san and Core 6 immediately stopped their quarreling and looked at him.

[Otou-san is glad that everyone gets along so well. It’s regrettable, but it’s about time. Would you care to say your goodbyes?]  
[Hey 695… Rokuko! It may be true that your name was recognized by Tou-sama, but don’t get so! I won’t lose again!]  
[Oooi, 650! What are you doing, interrupting father while he’s talking!? Looks like I’ll have to educate you even more severely… prepare yourself! 651, 652, you guys will take responsibility for this too!]  
[P-please forgive me, 5-samaaa!]  
[Ha ha ha, I don’t mind. I did ask for their goodbyes after all. Please go easy on them for their education, 5.]  

When [Father] said that with a smile, 5 didn’t say anything else.
Core 650’s face was pale even though he’s a snake though.
By the way, Aidi appeared to be staring at Rokuko’s face with a smile. As for Rokuko, well, she just smiled back with the feeling that she was smiling at a friend, but—for some reason, it feels like Aidi has the same aura as Haku-san.
Right, let’s pretend I saw nothing.

[Well then, everyone, let’s see each other again at the next assembly!]  

The communication ended along with [Father]’s final words.
With this, our third Dungeon Battle has come to an end.

… It feels like it took a rather long time.


I don’t quite understand the third sentence from this line. It’s a rhetorical self-question, where Kehma is asking himself “Was it really a serious war between nations rather than several Dungeon Battles?” However, I can’t seem to figure out how that makes sense in context and how exactly to structure the sentence. Thus this footnote. Return Godly Comforter 1

Godly beddings.
Right, Godly beddings. As one of the rewards from this, in my opinion, it could be called the main reward.
The night that the Dungeon Battle finished, I hurried—dashed, even—to Rokuko’s bedroom.
Even though I say it like that, we went with the pattern of slipping away from the closing party separately and at different times. It was a two-day long party to both celebrate the Dungeon Battle’s end as well as a farewell party. Haku-san didn’t say anything in particular when Rokuko left.
When Rokuko left, she first made eye contact with me for an instant. A while after that, I slipped out of the room knowing full well what the meaning behind that look was and headed to the bedroom that Rokuko was using.

As a result, that’s why the two of us met up at her bedroom. Ku ku ku, this is something that a thickheaded protagonist would never be able to imitate. This task was accomplished due to the telepathy that exists between partners!
Naturally, I have no obscene intentions. None at all.

“Y-you’re here, Kehma! I was waiting.”
“Yeah, I’m here.”

Rokuko had already changed into her pajamas. I knelt before her.
And then—

“So, please, please show me the Godly beddings!”
“What’s with that no-hesitation dogeza!? You don’t need to do that, Kehma. Hey, look up. Let’s look at the Godly beddings together.”
“Ooh… are you an angel?”
“W-why are you comparing me to those dangerous things that stand alongside God’s Vanguards?”

Ah, so angels are like that from the point of view on the dungeons’ side huh. Angels are God’s subordinates after all… So what should I compare her to?

“A demon?”
“That’s a bit off?”
“A… Goddess?”
“W-what’re you talking about, Kehma! I’m not some existence that should be worshiped!”

Rokuko said that, but her face was red and she was waving her hands in the air. Looks like she didn’t dislike it.
Looks like Goddess is good. I’ll remember that. Come to think of it, Haku-san is said to be a white Goddess or something huh.

“Now then, please… show me the Godly beddings…”
“… Un.”

I’m finally going to see one of the Godly beddings, the [Godly Comforter]. I’m so nervous, my heart’s pounding like it wants to pop out of my chest. Rokuko’s just like me, she’s probably excited like how a child is when they open a present from their dad.
Rokuko took out a box wrapped with a ribbon—it looks just like a present box. It doesn’t look large enough to have a comforter in it, but it’s probably using a magic like [Storage]. Slowly, Rokuko untied the ribbon with her hands.
Continuing, she took off the lid… I gulped back saliva.

“… Eeei!”

Resolving herself, she took it off in one go. It shined for an instant, revealing a divine white comforter. Rokuko picked it up.

“… So beautiful.”
“Yyeah… I think so too…”

I wound up praising it involuntarily.
… This is a Godly bedding. This is the Godly comforter.

“To be honest, I underestimated it… No, really… for it to be this…”
“… It feels amazing. Kehma, try touching it too.”
“No, wait. First is the manual. There’s even the possibility that I won’t be able to return to this world just by a thoughtless touch. It’s probably better if I don’t even touch the box.”
“Y-yeah. It’s as Kehma says. Let’s be careful. Umm, where is it~?”
“Maybe it’s under the lid? Try turning it over.”
“Un. Like this? The comforter’s in the way, I can’t see anything. Kehma, do you see it?”

Still holding the Godly comforter in one of her hand, Rokuko turned over the present box’s lid.
… There it is. It’s a letter.

“Yeah. I see it. It’s where I thought it’d be.”
“Nn… this? … Opening it’s a bit scary, huh?”
“If you don’t open it, I won’t be able to see.”
“I-I know… Hey, can you see it now?”

Rokuko opened up the instructions. Inside it were notes on how to use the Godly comforter.

“… Rokuko, this…”
“W-what? What’s wrong?”

Inside it, there was the following in handwritten letters:

Name: Godly Comforter (Rokuko’s Use Only)

Will sleep incredibly comfortably. Will have a good dream.
No matter how tired, both physical strength and magical power will fully recover by sleeping with this.
Even if you do intense exercise before going to bed, it won’t hinder your work the next day.
One thousand year warranty!

(However, as this is a special item, anyone else using it will receive divine retribution.)

*Otou-san’s Supplement*
This is a Rokuko-only item. No one but her can use it, so be careful. If anyone other than the owner tries using it, they will receive divine retribution that would even cause God to pale, so Kehma-kun can’t use it alright?
… However, this function is to prevent theft and cheating, so this won’t happen if a couple that has full trust in each other use it. Well then, have fun.

Wow, that supplement… is super suspicious.
What’s with that ‘have fun’, oi.
Aah, but there were quite a few stories about cheating in Earth’s legends huh~. So there’s a cheat prevention system attached to this comforter. So then, no cheating~.
… But it’s okay if we fully trust each other, huh. Hmmm.

“In other words, it’s not a problem for you and me right? Or do you not trust me?”
“That’s not the thing I’m troubled about. It’s the ‘couple’ part. If it were simply cheating, you don’t have to be a couple for that…”
“Ah, right. I’m still Rokuko Labriheart. Should I be Rokuko Masuda from now on then?”
“Nope. No can do.”

Hold up, I’ve been completely locked on. It’s not like I dislike Rokuko, but it’s still only been a year since we met. I don’t want to speed things up so fast.

“… Y-yeah. It’s said that you aren’t recognized as a couple until you have a proper ceremony and report it to a community leader—ah, Kehma is a Village Chief though?”
“Eh? I think that in this case, we’d need Haku-san’s approval…”
“Mmm, but you know, Haku Ane-sama doesn’t look like she hates Kehma, so I don’t think there’d be any problems?”

No waaay! Haku-san would immediately remove me if I gave her the chance.
Just then, Rokuko clapped her hands.

“Wouldn’t it be alright if Kehma turned into me?”
“Turn into… Rokuko? … Ah, [Super Transformation] huh?”

I still have one more transformation left for today. If I use it to transform into Rokuko, wouldn’t I be able to use the Godly comforter?
… But really, can the Godly comforter be tricked? There might be a chance, but considering that the skill came from God, it’s a 50% at best.
However, I trust Rokuko, and Rokuko trusts me as well. Although we’re not a couple, that adds another 50% to it.

Booyah! That makes it a 100% success rate! Hyahoooh!”

“[Super Transformation]… Alright!”

I, who had transformed into Rokuko, touched the Godly comforter. It’s a 100% success rate, so I don’t have to worry about anything!
… Ahuhuuun. Just touching it makes my legs want to collapse…!

“Kehma, having a look like that on my own face is embarrassing!”
“—Sorry, was I making a strange expression?”

I might have drooled, so let’s wipe my mouth too.

“Does the transformation not break when you go to sleep?”
“It doesn’t seem like it. It should be okay so long as my magical power doesn’t run out and I don’t turn it off.”
“Okay. Let’s sleep together then, Kehma. Just in case, alright?”
“Ooh, paying attention to the details. As expected of my partner.”

If I’m sleeping together with Rokuko, that should halve the divine retribution even in the tiny chance it happens. In other words, my 100% success rate just doubled! That’s 200% success rate! 200! It’s definitely my win.
Rokuko got into bed and held up the Godly comforter, inviting me in.
… I got in next to Rokuko.

The sensation that the Godly comforter isn’t something that I could put into words.
If I were forced to describe it, it’s like that happy feeling you get just after you wake up, but having it last constantly.
I had a good dream too, but I don’t really remember it.
It feels like it was a pleasant dream where I was flying in the sky.

Godly Comforter 2

The next morning, I woke up staring Rokuko in the face.
… My head gradually cleared.

Holy craaaaaap! That was dangerous!
Alive, I’m alive! There’s no divine retribution? I’m alright? Aah, it might have a time delay…
The heck was I on about? 50% and 50% make 100%? My math was wrong there, thinking about it normally that makes 75% MAX. Moreover, the divine retribution has absolutely nothing to do with the success rate, was I so blinded by the Godly comforter’s allure!?

That wasn’t the only dangerous part. There’s also Haku-san’s presence. This was supposed to be Rokuko and Haku-san’s bedroom to begin with. In other words, it wouldn’t be off for Haku-san to walk in and see us like this right now.

For now, let’s get out of the bed. Phew, night sweat… there’s none. There’s just the cold sweat from just now.
There were no problems with [Super Transformation]. I’m still looking like Rokuko, a loli. Rather, I’m packed with magical power, there’s no signs of it switching back on its own. I guess I’m full of magical power due to the Godly comforter’s effect?

“First off, my life is safe. For now, at least.”

But still, it feels like there’s a good smell coming from my body. Sniff, sniff. The heck… ah, this is Rokuko’s scent? We did sleep together, but I’m transformed into her after all.
Oh c.r.a.p, I was just sniffing her armpits. I feel a bit guilty.

“Nnn.. huh? Why is there another me… oh, Kehma. Morning, Kehma.”
“Ah, you woke up? Morning, Rokuko.”
“… Are we a couple now?”
“What’re you saying so suddenly?”
“I mean, hey, Kehma is me, so doesn’t that make us one body and mind? I became physically one with Kehma overnight… so isn’t it basically an established fact? It’s all thanks to the Godly comforter!”
“Wrong! Absolutely wrong!”
“… Hey, how about it, Kehma? Want to go back to sleep? This comforter feels great, right?”

Her cheeks red with a smile on her face, Rokuko opened up the Godly comforter to lure me back in.
Kuh…! What a tempting offer! The way she’s opening the comforter, I can see her legs… what’s with this boom boom feeling deep inside my chest!? My head’s fogging up!

I-I get the feeling it’ll be no good if I stay like this.
… But if I undo my transformation, won’t I lose my countermeasure to deal with Haku-san? Even if I’m found by Haku-san, there’s a good chance I’ll be able to escape if I look like Rokuko. Thinking about that, I can’t switch back. At the very least, [Kehma] leaving this room would be very bad.

In other words, it’ll be fine so long as I don’t undo the transformation inside this room. There’ll be no problem if I return to my room first and do it there.

“Kehma, you’re not coming?”
“S-sorry, but I’ll continue after we return to our dungeon. This is Haku-san’s territory, so it’d be bad if I’m in this room. I’m going to head back to my room.”
“Aaw… alright. You’ll go back to sleep with me next time then, right?”

Shaking off my reluctance to leave the bedding, I left Rokuko and the room behind.


I exited into the corridor outside of the bedroom. I have to return to my room as fast as possible to undo the transformation.
It happened as soon as I took the first step.

“Oh? Rokuko-chan.”

My body bounced in surprise.
When I turned around, there stood Haku-san, her complexion bad and with her hand placed against her temple as though she had a headache.
No way, this is the divine retribution?

“Ah, umm, H-Haku, Ane-sama!”
“I’m sorry, but please don’t talk so loudly… it’s echoing in my head.”

Ah, whoops. I wound up inadvertently calling her Haku Ane-sama. Now there’s no choice but to deceive her.

“I’m sorry that we couldn’t sleep together last night, I somehow continued drinking. By the time I noticed, it was already morning… O-ow, ow.”
“Umm, do you have a hangover?”
“Yeah, it got a little better after I used recovery magic on it though—oh? That appearance.”

When she said ‘that appearance’, I looked down… I was wearing my jersey.
c.r.a.p, was I exposed already?

“You already went to bed and got back up, didn’t you, Rokuko-chan? … Mou. I’d love if you wore those cute pajamas I prepared for you.”
“—Nn? Umm, it sounds like you’re saying that I always sleep in jerseys?”
“What are you saying, you always wear—ow…”

Always wear them? They should be bought through DP then.
I haven’t seen Rokuko sleep much, but I guess she sleeps in jerseys when I’m not around? I don’t really get it, but that’s a convenient coincidence.

“Well then, would you like to take a bath with me?”

What do I do!?
Wait, there’s no way I could go! Let’s run away.

“S-sorry, Haku Ane-sama. I need to go to the restroom first, so…”
“Oh, no… shall I go with you then?”

I can’t even escape with the [I need to use the restroom] trick!?
Kuh, there’s no helping it. I’ll have to use my secret skill.

“Ah, I-I’m fine. Kehma called for me, so…”
“Oh? You’ll have to change first, then. You don’t want to meet him in that jersey.”
“No, umm, I have to go right now—”
“Dressing up before they meet a man is a lady’s enjoyment, you know? It’s not as though this is a dungeon crisis, if he’s in a hurry, he could tell you the matter through communication. Preparing yourself has the priority over rushing. Kehma will probably simply go back to sleep waiting, there’s no need for you to worry.”

Even my [I’m being called by my partner] secret skill didn’t work!?
W-what should I do…

“So, why don’t we go enjoy a bath first? You should change clothes after cleaning your body. I’ll even choose some cute clothes for you and do up your hair.”
“Eh, ah, I don’t want to take a bath right now.”
“… Kehma-san will dislike you if you’re sweaty, you know?”
“I-I wonder if Kehma doesn’t actually like the smell? And I’m in a rush, so I think I could just use [Cleanup].”
“Oh my, how wasteful. I have some new bath additive from Hero Studio. It’ll make your skin smooth and has a light lily scent.”
“Next time! Next time, we’ll take a long bath together!”
“O-ow… that echoed in my head. I couldn’t hear you that well, but you said we’ll bathe together?”

The heck? Haku-san just wants to take a morning bath with Rokuko!
While I was thinking that, Haku-san grabbed my arm.
As expected of an A-Rank adventurer, I couldn’t escape… I can’t run away!? What should I do, what should I do!?

3 Choices — Choose Only One:

Choice #1: The handsome me is suddenly hit by an idea on how to escape.

Choice #2: Be saved by comrades.

Choice #3: Escape is impossible, reality is merciless. Give up.

Me, a Dungeon Master specializing in ideas, would obviously pick number one!

“In that case, I’m going to quickly go and change, so please go and wait outside of the room.”
“? Why would you change right before getting into a bath?”
“It’s the same sort of thing as how eating a mouthful of something before a meal improves your digestion.”
“Is there something like that? But why wouldn’t we change together like usual?”
“For me, preparing my body before meeting Haku Ane-sama is just as important as doing it before meeting a man… That’s why, umm, I’ll be happy if you wait. I’ll be fast, so—”
“I’ll wait.”


“Well, please wait outside of the room, alright?”

I headed back into the bedroom.
Then, I—very, very regrettably—woke Rokuko up from her amazing sleep. It’s an emergency, please forgive me. Aah, everything considered, just being near this comforter is making me tired again.

“Munyaah, Kehma, eating socks raw will mess with your stomach… you have to cook them in the onsen first…”
“I beg you, wake up, please.”
“Fuah… what…? Were the socks tasty?”
“I don’t eat them. I didn’t eat them then, and I won’t next time. Please, wake up.”
“… Nn, Kehma…? So you want to go back to sleep after all?”

Unfortunately, no.
I explained the situation to Rokuko.

“Haaafuu, I got it. It’s fine if I just go and take a bath with Haku Ane-sama who’s standing outside the room?”
“Well, yeah—I had to wake you up, so I’ll absolutely make up for it.”
“You’ll do anything?”
“As long as it won’t cause a major problem.”
“… Oh well then, you owe me one okay?”

Rokuko said that in delight as she put the Godly comforter into her [Storage].

“Haku Ane-sama, sorry to keep you waiting.”
“Aaw! Rokuko-chan wore it!—Oooow, my head…”
“Are you alright, Haku Ane-sama? Let’s go take our bath.”

—The two’s footsteps faded as they left.
Did I somehow manage to avoid a crisis?

Once again, I returned to the room that was given to me.

Godly Comforter 3

Making it past Haku-san, I headed to the room.
Ichika was walking towards me, yawning.

“Ah, Rokuko-sama? Mornin~”
“Morning. Well—”
“Ah, wait wait.”

I thought that I’d be able to end it with a simple greeting, but she caught me by the shoulder.
The heck. You called the name out loud, now I how to pretend to be Rokuko again…

“Rokuko-sama… You were lookin’ forward to last night right!?”
“Wha—!? I don’t know what you’re talking about!?”
“You’re kiddin~. Ya spent a hot night together with Goshujin-sama yeah? I heard it with these ears~?”

Oi, are you a peeping tom?

“I couldn’t hear anythin’ through the door though. I learned about the super love love and filled myself up just by starin’, lookin’, lickin’, and touchin’ it~”
“I-I seriously don’t get what you’re saying! We just slept together in the Godly comforter, co-sleeping. Right, just co-sleeping!”
“You’re kiddin~. Well, I get that ya’re embarrassed. Ya were found and and ya’re still cheerful, was it that good?”
“It really did feel good, but I think it’s different from what you’re asking?”

Ichika looked at me (in Rokuko form) and grinned.
… What’s with those eyes that look like they’re staring at a cute animal?

“Well, long as you did what I taught you before. How’d it go? Did Goshujin-sama fall for ya?”
“U-umm? Un, he fell.”
“Nice! Grats~. I can tell ya even more stuff, just come ask me if there’s anythin’ else~”

Oi, Ichika. What did you teach her, seriously?
Ichika started leaving in satisfaction before I asked her.

“Ichika, wait! You absolutely can’t tell anyone else that we slept together alright!?”
“Yah~, I’ll cover for ya~”

… She left. Just maybe, this and meeting Haku-san was the divine punishment? It wasn’t enough to make God pale… but well, there’s the possibility that the Rokuko Correction alleviated it.

When I got back to my room, Meat was folding up the bed.

“Ah, Rokuko-sama. Umm, congratulations?”
“… Where did you hear it from?”
“Together with Ichika, through the door. I left the venue saying that I needed to use the restroom, so I had to return right after, though.”

The heck, even Meat…

“Ummm, should I explain?”
“You don’t need to worry. Also, I thought of some advice to give you concerning Goshujin-sama.”

Advice concerning me…? Eh, now I’m interested. Let’s keep this up a bit longer.

“First, this is something to know as a hug pillow, but you should use the restroom beforehand and not drink much water after that. Goshujin-sama rarely wakes up once he falls asleep, but even so it will be easy to get up at dawn or after he’s gone back to sleep after waking up. You can’t use the restroom until then, so it is can be difficult.”

Umm… it looks like she’s gone through hardships. Sorry. You can use the toilet when you need to.

“Also, Goshujin-sama won’t wake up once he’s asleep even if you lick or sniff him. That’s your chance.”
“You can even play-bite him. His taste is addicting. You’ll find the point that he won’t wake up if you watch his general reactions, so please pay attention to that. Ah, and it is important to dry him off if you lick him.”

Meat, the f*ck are you doing to me when I’m asleep…
No, that much is alright. It’s like having a playful pet. I also feel her dog ears after all.

“Next, how to respond when Goshujin-sama’s crotch stiffens.”
“Yes? What is it?”
“… Stiffens?”
“What sort of things men are, I feel like I heard about it from a senior. Ichika said it as well, that that sort of thing happens.”
“… So, what do you do if it stiffens?”
“First, you move his legs—”
“No, wait. I don’t want to hear it.”

What… why am I listening about what to do if my crotch stiffens from such a small child?
Oh God… is this the divine retribution?
Eh, I’m reaping what I sowed? The Godly comforter’s divine retribution has nothing to do with it? Yeah…

“… It’s something important, but I understand. It certainly is rather hard to put into words, so I will teach you while showing it.”
“What’re planning on doing!?”
“First, you move his legs so that they won’t get in the way and—”
“Sorry, I wasn’t asking. That was a rhetoric question.”

Surely, she doesn’t do something like work as [Meat] in the s.e.xual tool meaning. Surely.
I’m too afraid to ask. d.a.m.ned divine retribution. Everything is that guy’s fault!

“It’s alright, Rokuko-sama.”
“U-umm, what is?”
“If I can do it, Rokuko-sama will be able to.”

Be able to what…

“? Be a hug pillow.”

By the way, at what point should I turn back into my normal form?
… It feels like nothing good is going to happen if I stay looking like Rokuko. Grah, Rokuko’s super luck isn’t copied with [Super Transformation]! I can’t help but grieve over that.
Because of that, even though it’ll be ridiculously awkward, I decided to turn back.
Yep, I’m back.
The jersey I was wearing went back to fitting nicely.

“… G—… Goshujin… sama…!?”

Meat was shocked.
I was staring at her being shocked for a while, but then she abruptly sat down. And then bowed deeply.
She flowed into a beautiful dogeza.

“For now, please raise your head.”
“… Yes.”
“So, what are you doing to me while I’m asleep?”
“Eh, umm… play-biting, licking… a-and… I call you D-Dad…”

I see, so that’s it. Meat is still a child. She’s at the right age to miss her father. Besides, Meat only has vague memories of her past, she doesn’t even remember her parents.
Thinking about that, it’s natural that she’d want to call me, who has the same black hair as her, Dad. It’s not as though I’m that much older, but I am a man. Let’s just accept it at that.

“Got it. You can call me Dad if it’s just occasionally.”
“Eh…? It’s okay?”
“Meat, you are excellent and do your best. You never say anything selfish and you do what you’re told… honestly, I think it’d be fine if you took a few days off to take it easy. You’re a child, after all.”

I hugged Meat. Gently, like a father.
When I pat her head while I was hugging her, Meat’s tail started wagging back and forth.

“Alright then, is there anything you want to do? Dad will do whatever you ask.”
“T-then, umm… please, let me play-bite your ears.”
“… My ears?”
“Is that… no good?”
“It’s not that it’s no good, well, go ahead. No need to hold back!”
“… Okay!”

After that, she nommed on my ears in abandon. So much so that I accidentally let out a strange voice when she licked the inside of my ear.

Godly Comforter (Behind the Scenes)

I slipped away from the party to check on my present from Tou-sama.
I glanced over to Kehma… I’m fine with lending it to Kehma, but he can’t use it before me! Tou-sama even said that this is a present for me after all.
When I got to my bedroom, I summoned the [Godly Comforter] I received from Tou-sama. It popped out of the menu.

“Heeh, so this is the Godly comforter… it feels amazing~. But it doesn’t feel too amazing?”

An envelope fell down, as well as a box.
… Box? The envelope must be the instructions Tou-sama talked about.
Let’s put down the Godly comforter and open the envelope first.
It had some instructions written by Tou-sama in it.

“Let’s see, what’s it say?”

Name: Godly Comforter (Owner: Rokuko)


You can sleep with the person you desire.
Manipulates causality, allowing you to sleep until morning.
(If you cannot meet physically, you will only meet in a dream)
* This effect can only be used once every 8760 hours (365 days).
* Forcibly summoning the person you desire may result in confusing their minds somewhat, but this will be cured by morning.

Share a dream with the person you sleep together with.
The content of the dream can be set freely. The owner holds the priority in choosing.
* Moreover, the owner can specify whether the dream will be remembered.

If you sleep for longer than an hour with this comforter, both physical strength and magical power will fully recover.
Even if you sleep less than an hour, you will be completely recovered if you weren’t too exhausted.
(Injuries will not recover)
* In the case that the person is someone that the owner does not approve of, it will instead fully drain their physical strength and magical power.

Moreover, things that are convenient for the owner are more likely to happen.
The extent of this effect is dependent on luck.

*Supplement from your Otou-san*
This is Otou-san’s present to Rokuko! Ah, the present box is a freebie, so you should put it into it before showing Kehma-kun.
I added a fake set of instructions to show Kehma-kun, they’re under the present box’s lid. I wrote that anyone using this other than Rokuko and her husband would receive divine retribution, so do your best! It’d be great if you can make it an established fact or something.
Also, please note that this letter will automatically disappear.

“T-these effects are amazing. As expected of the Godly comforter… wait, eh, disappear?”

As it said, once she finished reading it, the letter vanished.

“… As expected of Tou-sama. I don’t understand!”

Let’s try using the Godly comforter right away.
I put my hands into the comforter… what should I do for the wish?
Let’s try saying it out loud.

“…. Comforter-sama, oh Comforter-sama. I want to sleep with Kehma.”

That was so embarrassing to say out loud.
But the comforter shined brightly. I guess it worked?

“Ah, with this, Kehma will be coming huh? I should put it into the present box…”

When I pressed the comforter against the present box, it went in slowly.
After that, I put on the lid. Preparations complete… Ah, let’s temporarily put it into [Storage] too.
Wait, I haven’t changed my clothes yet! I’m not done preparing! I have to change before Kehma gets here.
Ummm, my usual jersey is no good. It’d be embarrassing if I matched with Kehma. Maybe I should use the negligee Haku Ane-sama prepared? Wait, there was some pajamas too, so—ah, uu, hah, gah—Done!
Huh, isn’t this a bit risque…? Nn… it’s alright! I have underwear on after all.

Right, I have to wear cute socks since it’s Kehma. Aaah, I have to hurry! Kehma’s coming, aah, should I just go barefoot? Rather, we’re going to sleep so maybe barefoot is better! Ichika even said that showing off my feet is good!

I sat down on the bed in preparation, fidgeting while I waited for Kehma.
A while later, a knock sounded at the door.

“Who is it?”

He came! Kehma really came!
I opened the door.

“Y-you’re here, Kehma! I was waiting.”
“Yeah, I’m here.”

Quickly, Kehma dashed in front of me and—

“So, please, please show me the Godly beddings!”

Performed a stunning dogeza.
It’s Kehma, so I’m not sure if I should be confused or not.


I’m in a dream.
It might’ve been due to the Godly comforter’s effect, but I know that I’m inside a dream.
It’s a white room like the Master Room. Rather, this is the Master Room, isn’t it? I wonder if it’s showing this place since it’s a place that’s memorable for Kehma and I?

Kehma was laying down in his beloved futon in front of me. He wasn’t transformed into me, he was the normal Kehma.
… This is Kehma, right? The real one? I mean, we should be sharing dreams.
For now, it’ll be embarrassing, so I decided to have Kehma forget this dream.

Rather, why is Kehma sleeping inside a dream too!?
Just how much does he love sleeping? Really now. Humans have such a short lifespan that it’s a waste using it all up on sleeping.

“Kehma, wake up. Kehma.”
“… Funyaa…”

He’s not waking up!? Well, it’s alright, I have plenty of time!

“Hey, Kehma? Wake up~, wake uuup~”
“Nnn…. what, why’re you saying wake up right before I fall asleep…”
“It’s alright, this is a dream, so you won’t wake up even if you wake up.”
“The heck… eh, this is a dream? Aah, really. This feeling. A lucid dream.”

Kehma sat up and moved his shoulders about.
Then, he suddenly held up his hand and, without any kind of logical reason, shot out a beam.



“Yep, it worked.”
“Eh, what was that? Magic?”
“Ha ha ha, Rokuko. This is in a dream, you can do anything in it. There’s a trick to it though.”

Saying that, Kehma floated up with his futon.

“What do you think? Flying futon.”
“What’s the trick? It looks fun, tell me too!”
“It’s simple. You just have to believe that you can do anything since it’s a dream.”
“So that’s it! … It’s hard!?”
“Haah, such an amateur… well, that’s how it is. This is a Rokuko that my dream brought about… in that case, it’s fine to do what I want with her I guess?”

Kehma mumbled something to himself.
Ah, so that’s it? He knows that he’s inside a dream, but not that we’re sharing one… Eh? Then, can’t I let Kehma do what he wants? I’m curious about what he wants to do! What Kehma wants to do to me!

“W-what, Kehma? You can do whatever you want to me, you know?”
“… That so? Alright, get in my futon.”

I got into Kehma’s futon like he told me to. Ah, Kehma’s scent.
… It smells a bit like Meat’s scent.

“… Guu…”

He’s sleeping… why are you sleeping inside a dream!?

“Wait up, Kehma! Hey! Heeey, I said get up!”
“Mmm, so noizy, Rokuko. Let me sleep.”
“We’re in a dream, you’re already sleeping!”
“But sleep.”

No good, talking isn’t going anywhere. Rather, why did he have me get into the futon?
Eh, there wasn’t a deeper meaning?

“Mou, whatever! If that’s what Kehma wants, I’ll just do what I want!”
“Eh, what’re you planning, oi.”
“Futon confiscated!”

When I shouted that, the futon disappeared. Is this the power of priority?

“What… the heck… oi, Rokuko. My futon just disappeared.”
“What a strange coincidence. I just erased one.”
“… Hey, Rokuko, let’s TALK for a bit…”
“Wherever you want.”

And so, under the name of TALKing, an epic fistfight began.
This was a dream. There was no golem assist. This was a genuine fistfight. Kehma looked like he was going a little easy on me… no, he was entirely serious. Me taking away his futon was pretty bad, after all.

However, I won.

“Ow… I can’t accept it, my Dream Strength should have been the best. Why…”
“There is one reason Kehma lost… I believed that ‘it doesn’t hurt since this is a dream!’ can’t be believed in!”
“Wha… I was defeated in power of imagination? It’s my loss. Do what you want.

Kehma collapsed, his limbs splayed out.
… Do what I want, you say?

“Alright. Then first, change clothes!”
“Oi wait, what are these clothes?”
“Eh? It’s the place that sold clothes in the Imperial Capital though?”
“No, I mean, these are for women!?”
“I want to see what Kehma looks like when he’s wearing them! It’s alright, I’ll when them together with you!”

*** (Rokuko doing whatever she wanted) ***

Several hours later.
While I was doing whatever I wanted with Kehma, he suddenly disappeared.
He was saying something like ‘I can’t be a bride anymore…’ and was looking far away with an exhausted look, but he won’t die… probably?

“Ah, morning’s here… Bunny Kehma was so cute~”

It still didn’t feel like it was enough, but let’s be satisfied with that. Un, that was fun.
I should wake up now, too.