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Nan Gong Bei Cheng!

Being lanky, Nan Gong Bei Cheng towered over Huan Meng Yue and when he looked down, he saw the two b.l.o.o.d.y marks on both cheeks of Huan Meng Yue, he lifted his chin and said, "Which ugly girl are you, scram now, else you would scare this Daddy Bei Cheng."

After that, he saw the trembling Huan Qing Yan who was crouching under the chair and noticed that she was only covered in a thin layer of inner attire; tightly wrapping around her body, one could also vaguely see her undergarments underneath, then he looked at the torn clothes on the floor…

Instantly, the frivolous expression that this young master had turned into a solemn cold rage, and he quickly walked up to her.

"Little beauty?"

Huan Qing Yan shrunk herself underneath the chair again in fear.

There were some obvious footprints on her white inner clothes.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng's rage rose quickly, he quickly retracted his steps and pulled a still confused Huan Meng Yue, closed the door with a bang.

"Ugly girl, speak, did you mistreat her just now?"

Huan Meng Yue's face was burning with pain, if she did not apply medicine any sooner, it might scar; so she said hurriedly, "This senior, she is a demon man, while I am only a One-Star Spirit Master, how am I able to mistreat her? I am only watching over her on behalf of my master, yet she turned crazy and injured my cheeks, I need to apply medicine now…"

"Apply medicine? Do an ugly person need to apply medicine? There's no point in wasting the medicine! Jin Da Zhong that big oaf do not have such small feet; do you think this young master is stupid? You dare mistreat the person that this young master has set his eyes on, have a death wish do you?"

Huan Meng Yue forgotten about the pain on her cheeks for a moment as her heart felt a stronger pain, she shouted within her mind… another young master of a great family had set his sights on Huan Qing Yan! What's so good about her? She is just a wild b*stard!

Huan Meng Yue's negative feelings was expanding infinitely…

"You, take off your clothes and put it on her!" Nan Gong Bei Cheng ordered.

Before Huan Meng Yue could react, Nan Gong Bei Cheng had already strip off her outer robe, there was no intent of being gentle towards this fairer gender at all; and then he kicked her away.

Although Nan Gong Bei Cheng did not applied much strength but being a Nine-Star Spirit Master, the force behind his kick was hard for Huan Meng Yue to handle.

After which, Nan Gong Bei Cheng coaxed Huan Qing Yan with a gentler tone, "Little Beauty, come, your Brother Bei Cheng is here to put on some clothes for you, your Brother Bei Cheng is a good person…"

Towards Huan Meng Yue, his pair of eagle eyes were sharp and menacing; yet when addressing Huan Qing Yan, he was as gentle and as warm as the spring wind.

The vile character within Huan Meng Yue was turning into a raging apparition, she felt like she was going mad.

She started scrutinizing her entire life.

They were both raised in the Huan Estate, she had both the body and the pretty face as well; yet why in the end was she always considered inferior to Huan Qing Yan in everything?

Normal circumstances aside, now that Huan Qing Yan had turned into an idiot, there was still a man who likes her and treats her well…

On the other side, Huan Qing Yan calmed down under Nan Gong Bei Cheng's words and efforts, she came out and allowed Nan Gong Bei Cheng to carefully help her don the outer robe.

Huan Qing Yan was very obedient as she was helped into the clothes and showed no signs of attacking Nan Gong Bei Cheng as well.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng was very happy at that, "You truly have given your Brother Bei Cheng face, this brother is liking you more and more."

Huan Meng Yue once again felt the bile rising up her throat.

Her cheeks were bleeding, her heart was also bleeding…

During the night, the Flowing Cloud Carriage was flying through the night sky like a shooting star.

Ji Mo Ya's facial expression was hidden behind the shadow of darkness, preventing people from finding out what he was thinking but multiple veins on the tightly gripped fist peeping out from his sleeves could be seen; anyone could intepret that he was overwhelmed by emotions.

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