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Chapter 48.3: Worry

Hidden in that man's body, was an extremely powerful force that revolved around his heart's meridian. This meant that even if he were to be poisoned again in future, that powerful force would be able to suppress the poison very quickly, that would ensure that he would remain safe and sound for half a month's time. In the few hundred years that Bai Qiu had lived, he had never seen anything so amazing, and his astute pair of eyes glinted with a bright sparkle.

"The methods of that young lady from the low level lands are highly unique and different, employing ways completely unlike to those of our Divine Healers Sect, and it is clear that they are superior to ours." Bai Qiu said with endless praise. "Young and promising indeed. If she's here in our Cloud Heaven, she will surely go very far. What a pity."

Lou Jun Yao let out a low laugh. "Is Uncle Bai feeling rueful for such an outstanding talent? It's really rare that anyone can make you see them in such a favourable light."

"Truly a prodigy." At that moment, Bai Qiu's heart was moved by that young girl he had not even met before and his face could not help but sink slightly. "You were afflicted with that poison for close to a hundred years and not that it's suddenly been dispelled, I fear the hidden hands behind it would surely not just sit back calmly. I think that young lass would most probably meet with misfortune."

Lou Jun Yao's face immediately congealed up. "What do you mean?"

"The person who brought harm upon you was trying to control you and not to take your life. The blood curse in your body is named the Emotion Devouring Curse and as its name says, it is able to cause a person to become completely devoid of feelings and incapable of love but to only heed the orders of the person indicated by the one who laid the curse. The price to pay for laying such a curse is extremely great. No only will it cause the person who laid the curse to forever remain only under darkness and never to see the light of day again, it would take a very heavy toil upon that person's body. Can you then tell me, for someone who paid such a heavy price to suddenly find the curse they laid had been broken by someone, how deep a hatred would they feel?"

The shade of Lou Jun Yao's face immediately looked rather ugly upon hearing those words. [If that was true, wouldn't he have implicated the little fox and dragged her into all this! ?]

Although her battle powers might not necessarily be inferior to her medical skills, but the enemy was from Cloud Heaven afterall. Any child here with average skills in martial arts would be able to hang up and beat a powerful pugilist from the mid leveled White Fen Lands, what's more for that most insignificant and lowest leveled land.

Lou Jun Yao shot up from his seat with a whoosh to his feet. It should have been about twenty over days since he came back to Cloud Heaven and he did not know how the little fox was doing right at that moment. If she had really come to any harm because of him…..

"Uncle Bai, I came here this time because I wanted you to check the source of the Emotion Devouring Curse. From what that young lady told me, back when she was dispelling the curse for me, she was attacked by the other party and it made me think that it was an intentional act from someone."

Lou Jun Yao's brows furrowed slightly. In the several days since he came back, he had already summoned back most of his people from the Dark Regions. He had Mei Ji and the others holding the fort now and he wasn't all that worried about anyone daring to come up to their door to stir trouble. His mind was in fact feeling more worried for that tiny little fox.

At that moment, Lou Jun Yao might not know why he, who had always done as he pleased and went anywhere he wanted would suddenly come to worry about a person's wellbeing and safety.

Sometimes, weren't there certain things….. that actually came about just from mere interest?

The All Saints Day that happened once every three years. The scene that night was different from usual. It wasn't the fifteen of the month but the moon was large and round, with faints traces of gold and red light swirling over its surface, looking incredibly elegant and mysterious.

"I heard that Princess Ning Feng was born on All Saints Day, a day we celebrate with such a grand festival. She truly possesses the life like that of a phoenix from the day she was born!"

"She is already the Green Wave Kingdom's greatest lady prodigy and added to that, with such a unique and incredibly n.o.ble birth characters, it will be hard to find many women who can match a lady like her."

Seated within a horse carriage that was driving slowly towards the Imperial Palace, many of such statements could be heard. A young lady with a countenance of peerless beauty, a pair of beautiful and long narrow eyes like a phoenix's stared with a measured gaze into the dark night scene, before she then softly pulled down the carriage's curtains.

[Born to live her life like a phoenix?]

[Ha, a blood red full moon has always been an ominous omen.]  

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