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Chapter 1870: Orders of the Grand Elder

"Yes, sir!"

All the generals gathered in Yan Wuming's tent accepted the orders. Excitement filled their eyes as their battle intent surged. They liked to fight very much.

"Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons, I'll give you seven days to catch your breath. After those seven days, I'd like to see just what else you have to repel my attacks." Yan Wuming sat on the commander's seat. Killing intent and bloodthirstiness flickered through his eyes.

"After we wipe out the Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons, I'll personally visit the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. I can't just let this matter slide now that my people have died in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian."

On the tremendous southern region of the Cloud Plane, there were some plains far away from the Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons where the skies were always black. The scarlet land would never see any sun, and it was lifelessly barren. It was filled with a deathly silence as far as the eye could see.

A majestic castle stood in the depths of the land that never saw light.

The castle was extremely large. It was dark red as if it had been doused with blood. Even from a distance, there was a heavy smell of blood. The smell of death seemed to permeate the surroundings.

This castle was the headquarters of the Empyrean Demon Cult's Cloud Plane branch.

Even though the surroundings of the castle were barren, without any guards whatsoever, no one dared to approach where it stood. Even experts as powerful as Godkings would not dare to stand within a thousand kilometers of the castle.

Even people who had surpassed Godkings like Primordial realm experts that only existed in legends to most people in the Saints' World did not dare to stand within a hundred kilometers of the castle.

Even to Primordial realm experts, a range of a hundred kilometers from the castle was a forbidden zone that they could never set foot in.

At this moment, three people who were wrapped up in powerful demonic auras were on the highest floor of the castle. Only their figures were vaguely visible as they sat in the air.

The demonic aura the three of them gave off was enough to shake the world. Their presences were so terrifying that even the expressions of Godkings would change.

It was as if any single one of them possessed a devastatingly terrifying power within their bodies.

"Huai An, you've finally emerged from seclusion. You've been in seclusion for so long. Looking at your condition, you've made a full recovery," said one of the three people surrounded by demonic aura. He spoke calmly, without any emotion at all.

It was not difficult to tell from the ancient voice that he was an old man.

"Hahaha, you're a mighty Infinite Prime, yet you became so heavily injured by a mere Godking. It took you so long in seclusion to make a full recovery. Huai An, just that is enough for your name to leave a mark in history," said the second figure surrounded by demonic aura. Her voice was crisp and pleasant. She was female, and her voice was filled with mockery.

"Hmph. Yi Huayue, you probably won't even be able to do what I did if you fought against Duanmu. You might have even been slain by him," said the third figure covered by demonic aura. There was an evident sliver of annoyance in his words.

Yi Huayue giggled, "Huai An, do you think that I'm an idiot? You struggled so much even against a Godking. If I were fighting instead, I would have killed Duanmu with a flip of my hand."

"You think you can deal with Duanmu with your little tricks?" Huai An sneered. His voice was filled with disdain, and he said, "Duanmu did not make it onto the Godking's Throne, but that was only because he was unwilling. He's powerful enough to make it into the top one hundred ranks. Yi Huayue, it's not that I'm looking down on you, but with your strength, who knows who would be the one who ends up dead if you fought him."

The Godking's Throne recorded the most powerful, current Godkings in the Saints' World. Their strength was ranked among each other, and without a doubt, every single expert who could make it onto the throne, regardless of ranking, was an extremely powerful existence. Any single one of them could claim that they were supreme among Godkings. They were all famous.

Legend had it that the top one hundred Godkings possessed the power to take on Primordial realm experts.

Of course, these Primordial realm experts were naturally the weaker kind.

As for the people who ranked within the top ten, they would even have the supreme strength to kill Primordial realm experts directly.

"I heard as soon as I emerged that Duanmu, that kiddo, has a successor now. Huai An, since you exaggerate Duanmu to be so powerful, I'll warn you out of good intentions. Don't end up dying in the hands of Duanmu's successor after surviving Duanmu," Yi Huayue giggled.

"Enough. Stop bickering," an ancient voice rang out. The old man shrouded in demonic aura said, "Yi Huayue, Huai An, you must have received the grand elder's orders."

As soon as he mentioned the grand elder, Yi Huayue and Huai An immediately fell silent.

"The grand elder has ordered us to quicken our pace in collecting soul energy. Looks like we need to send out all nine armies," Huai An said gruffly.

"If we do that, we'll definitely raise the attention of all the powerful organisations on the Cloud Plane. Those empires won't just stand by either. They'll definitely try to stop us," Yi Huayue said sternly.

"Since the order comes from the grand elder, it must be the great elder's intentions as well. There's no need for us to fear. We just need to carry out the orders. Pass down orders to mobilise the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth armies. They will split off in three directions. Pass down orders for all protectors in the headquarters to emerge from seclusion and wait for further orders."

The Divine Kingdom of Qingyang possessed similar strength to the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. They also possessed two Godkings, but the divine kingdom had been around for much longer than the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

The Divine Kingdom of Pingtian had only been founded for several hundred thousand years ago, while the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang had already been around for over a million years.

The Divine Kingdom of Qingyang copied the forty-nine great planes and the eighty-one great planets of the Saints' World, so they divided their territory into forty-nine provinces and eighty-one major cities in hopes of borrowing the fortune of the Saints' World to keep on existing.

The Blue River province was one of the forty-nine provinces of the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang. At the same time, it possessed five provincial cities.

The five provincial cities were similar to the six great provinces of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. They were all places that possessed OverGods.

The Blue River province basically belonged to the Mo family. They were the absolute rulers there.

Suddenly, an extremely powerful presence rolled out and engulfed the entire Blue River province.

At the same time, a resplendent sword Qi shot over from the thick clouds with a dazzling glow. It disappeared into the province with lightning speed.


A deafening sound immediately rang out from the provincial city of the Blue River province. The entire city shook violently.

The protective formations of the city activated as soon as possible and engulfed the entire city.

However, the formation shattered right after it appeared. Under the powerful energy ripples, countless buildings in the city collapsed, and thick cracks filled the streets.

"Ancestor of the Mo family, get your ass out here," a cold voice rang out in the sky, echoing through the provincial city.

A white-robed young man stared at the city below him coldly. He directly emerged from the clouds, slowly descending from the air.

To no surprise, he was Jian Chen.